Go Get Them, Perverts!

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Go Get Them, Perverts!

4 thoughts on “Go Get Them, Perverts!

  1. Judi says:

    Oh my naughty girl, this one threw me, not what I was expecting for sure. The naughty things were smoking hot hubby definitely thought so too. I’ve read some of the reviews on Amazon I’ve never left one on there rather just be one on one with you. I reread all of your stuff a few more than is probably normal lol, this one I’m half way through. Anyway I just adore you. I’ve never been disappointed or felt cheated, and I’ve felt that way with others. So with that said I’ll be stalking this page as usual.
    Big reader hugs. Judi

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    1. Oh, Judi! You’re a treasure. You might want to reserve judgement until you’re finished. I’ve been expecting a lot worse from readers on this one. We’ll see how you feel at the end. I love you so much though!


  2. Judi says:

    Oh my naughty girl, first thing that comes to mind is a dream is a thought your heart makes. Probably not what you were going for but it’s more or less the way I felt. Still great just felt like a dream. Perfect naughty scenes though. I will not judge you cause I’m not in your head to see your thought process. What fun would that be, I’d have nothing to look forward to. Still stalking your blog lol.
    Hugs. Judi

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