Gird Things, My Perverts!

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Gird Things, My Perverts!

6 thoughts on “Gird Things, My Perverts!

  1. Jessica Wade says:

    Why K.? Why? Why you do that to us? Lost In You needs a sequel where Adley becomes a Caretaker and becomes lost for Sebastian. And they go into eternity together. Of course it needs to happen when all of Adley’s family are gone and in the future or something. But that’s sooooooo sad. If you love us, we need a real HEA where they’re together. Together, TOGETHER, not Sebastian is alone forever and Adley is in a loop.

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    1. I’m sorry, Jessica! I know this one was tough to read and it wasn’t easy for me to write or publish. But I truly believe that any other ending would have sucked the heart right out of this book. It was always meant to be about Sebastian’s sacrifice and it wouldn’t have been as dramatic if they lived happily ever after. If he just became human and got to have lots of sex and be perfectly content, we’d wonder why all caretakers didn’t leap into the physical world. And the story would have just gone to inane and predictable places if they made it to California. My hope was that readers would go from the epilogue to chapter 1 and reread the book. I believe it feels like a very different story, the second time through, when the reader understands that they’re in Adley’s loop. And we shouldn’t assume that Sebastian wants Adley to leave his loop. He knows he’s happy and they’re together forever. Sebastian was always going to lose Adley. Either to illness or old age. This way, he’s young and he’ll always exist at what was probably the high point of his life. If it makes it any better, I don’t plan to kill off another character again. I did go back and forth with Lane a few times and I’m glad I didn’t. I have a feeling the hate mail would have been much worse. Please forgive me and know I truly appreciate hearing from you. I hope we can still be friends.


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