New! Naughty Excerpt from In The Kill by K. Sterling

***WARNING!!! Very Adult Excerpt Below Featuring Gorgeous Adult Mens Behaving Very Badly. WARNING!!!***


I love you, Pervy Reader. I try to say it often because I truly do and I don’t think you hear it enough. If we’ve met here, on Twitter or the Facebook page I’m awful at remembering to check, you know I live for my friendship with my readers. I love talking to you and learning about you. One of the things that tickles me the most is the pictures. It’s fascinating to see if the characters in my head resemble the men you create in yours. I get photos and illustrations from readers and we’re often fantasizing very similar guys. A lovely reader named Brandi suggested I write an assassin a few months ago and despite initially wrinkling my nose at the idea, a rather dapper, dangerous gentleman started lurking in the shadowy corners of my brain. Oh, Pervert… He became quite irresistible and deliciously dark. I always worry that I didn’t translate the picture in my head well enough, once I turn my guys over to you. I really hope I did Lavender justice. He might be my new favorite and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. I thought I’d share an early excerpt from In The Kill so you could meet him. Enjoy.

***WARNING!!! Very Adult Excerpt Below Featuring Gorgeous Adult Mens Behaving Very Badly. WARNING!!!***


Sage wasn’t sure if it was the three cocktails he drank or the Xanax Lavender gave him but he was in a much better frame of mind six hours later. He showered and felt unusually relaxed under the circumstances as he wrapped himself in a plush robe and strolled from the bathroom into the living room. Lavender was seated on a couch watching a muted news report. He looked elegant and urbane in a crisp white shirt and black trousers.

“Dinner has arrived,” he murmured as his eyes followed the stocks at the bottom of the screen. He waved at a collection of covered dishes arranged on a table in front of a window overlooking downtown Chicago. There were two more cocktails on the table and Sage hummed happily as he reached for one. He couldn’t remember what they were called but they were one of the hotel’s signature drinks.

“Do you want one?” Sage asked as he held up his glass and Lavender shook his head.

“I’m not really a drinker,” he said absently and Sage frowned.

“You drank last night,” he argued and Lavender raised a shoulder.

“I was working and I didn’t drink as much as you thought I did,” he said and Sage’s head pulled back as he considered. He could remember Lavender taking a sip here and there but he mostly recalled refilling his own glass over and over again.

“It seems I’m an inconsiderate lush,” he muttered under his breath then took a long sip of his drink. He felt tingly and warm. It was much better than feeling sick and terrified so he decided to go with it. He lifted a cover and nodded in approval then peeked under the rest. There were two starters; mussels and gnocchi and a large salad, a pasta dish of some sort and a gorgeous steak. “There’s only one entree,” he pointed out and Lavender nodded as he switched to a different news channel.

“As there’s only one person in this room, it would be odd to order two entrees. I’ll finish whatever you don’t eat,” he said and Sage’s lips twisted.

“Are you going to join me?” He asked and Lavender finally looked away from the television.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d be comfortable dining with me,” he said and Sage set his drink down and selected the pasta and a fork then went to the couch. He dropped onto the seat next to Lavender and crossed his legs then inspected the pasta. It appeared to be a mushroom ragu. He tasted it and moaned rapturously then scooped up a bite and offered it to Lavender. He was very still as he stared at the fork and Sage raised a brow, daring him. He opened his mouth and Sage leaned closer as he slid the fork past his lips. It felt like offering a bit of raw meat to a tiger but also naughty and exhilarating.

“I’m still a little scared but I’m also really attracted to you,” he admitted and Lavender licked his lips and grinned.

“The Xanax might have something to do with it,” he said and Sage shook his head.

“I was attracted to you when I thought you might kill me but the Xanax is making it hard to worry about the rest. Why do you have it?” He asked and Lavender tilted toward him.

“I don’t always enjoy flying. Especially long overseas flights,” he confided and Sage nodded in agreement.

“I hate flying and the one time I went overseas, I got miserably airsick. Here, have another bite,” he said as he held out the fork and Lavender narrowed his eyes as he let Sage feed him. He chewed then held up a hand.

“I try not to eat too many carbs,” he said and Sage snorted.

“You can definitely afford the carbs. You’re nothing but muscle and bone,” he teased and Lavender’s brows fell.

“Do you think I’m too skinny?” He asked and it was oddly vulnerable. Sage laughed and shook his head.

“You look amazing naked. Actually, you look amazing in your suits too but stupid hot when you’re naked.” He was kind of ready for Lavender to be naked and had to shift a bit as his cock started to throb. Lavender’s pupils spread as they clung to Sage’s lips and he still couldn’t tell if his eyes were just a very dark shade of brown or actually black as they grew darker.

“I did enjoy seeing you naked as well,” he murmured and Sage shivered. He loaded the fork with another large bite and scooped it into his mouth before he rose and switched the pasta for their dessert. He dipped his finger into it and licked it clean then groaned. It was a rather divinely luscious mascarpone mousse with an espresso sauce. He went back to the couch and curled up next to Lavender. He skipped the spoon and swirled his finger through it again and stuck it in his mouth. He hummed loudly as he sucked on his finger and Lavender cleared his throat as the hand around the remote tightened.

“This is lovely,” he said and Lavender’s eyes followed his tongue as it swept across his lips. Sage felt even bolder and more flirtatious. He coated his finger again and raised it to Lavender’s lips. His jaw twitched before his lips parted and Sage bravely slipped his finger into his mouth. He sucked and a weak moan escaped from Sage as he felt the soft tugging in his sack.

“Very nice but I don’t eat a lot of dairy,” he said as he angled his head and leaned closer. His lips glided along Sage’s jaw then brushed his earlobe. “There isn’t a thing on that table that would satisfy me right now. Either go and eat or let me take you back to the bedroom,” he whispered and Sage bit his lip as need and heat rushed through him. He set the plate on the coffee table and turned back to Lavender.

“I want to know your name. I can’t yell Lavender while I’m having sex,” he argued and Lavender shook his head.

“You probably shouldn’t yell anything. I’m meant to be alone in here,” he scolded and Sage clicked his teeth as his hand dragged down Lavender’s chest.

“Nice try. Tell me your name,” he insisted as he stretched toward Lavender’s lips. He pulled them away as he turned off the television.

“Pick any name you like. I don’t have one,” he said then carefully eased himself from Sage and stood. Sage frowned up at him as he straightened his sleeves and ran his hand down the front of his shirt. “I’ve taken the master bedroom. You can share it with me or sleep in the other room,” he stated as he went to the table and reached for a glass of water. He took several long sips then left Sage highly aroused and confused.




He’s cool, right? I think you’ll love him. You can find him here:


New! Naughty Excerpt from In The Kill by K. Sterling

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