New Boys And A Filthy Excerpt…



Oh, my Pervy Readers!

I’m so stinking excited about For One Night Only! Lex and Truman might be one of my all time favorite couples. This book starts off with a bang. Ha! Because I love you and can’t wait for you to meet my new boys, I’m sharing the whole first chapter. It’s a doozy, Perverts. And it was also a risk. I challenged myself to start hot and find a way to keep them burning through the book. I hope it worked. But I love, love, love it.

I’m expecting For One Night Only to be available early this week, so you might see something in the next day or two. I’ll definitely keep you posted. While you wait, here’s the mostly edited first chapter:


     “Which bed?” Lex panted as he licked and sucked on Truman’s lips as they crashed into the room. Truman shook his head as his fingers worked at the buttons of Lex’s shirt.

“I don’t care,” he murmured then hummed as his hands pushed the halves of his shirt wide then glided down Lex’s chest. “I love your tattoos,” he said before his tongue swirled around Lex’s.

Lex wrapped his hands around Truman’s face and kissed him urgently as he backed him through the room to the nearest bed. Everything about Truman was so right. Lex couldn’t stop staring at him during the silent auction in the hotel’s ballroom, he had a serious weakness for nerds and Truman was the hottest nerd he’d ever laid eyes on. He reminded him of Clark Kent. He was tall and muscular with an obscenely square jaw and an adorably sheepish smile. He even had the classic brown parted hair and thick framed glasses. Lex almost fell to his knees and thanked the gay gods when Truman asked if he wanted to find someplace quiet to have a few drinks.

“Would you mind letting me suck your cock then fucking me?” Truman asked as he dropped onto the bed and attacked Lex’s belt. He immediately regretted the whimper laugh that burst from his throat.

“I think I can handle that,” he said as his fingers clawed at Truman’s shirt, pulling it up his chest. Truman made an impatient sound as he sat back and quickly unbuttoned his sleeves and collar so he could pull it over his head. He tossed it at the dresser behind Lex then whisked his undershirt off. “If I can last long enough,” Lex groaned as his hands swept over Truman’s shoulders and down his back. “You are so hot!” He cried. Truman was pale but obviously worked out, his shoulders were broad and the muscles of his chest, stomach and back flexed and twisted as he eased Lex’s boxers and trousers down his legs.

“I really need you to fuck me,” Truman said as his eyes drank in Lex’s hard-on. They were heavy and dark as they slowly slid up Lex’s body until they met his eyes. “It’s been so long and I need it so bad.” His voice was gravelly and deep, it made Lex’s balls throb.

“Whatever you want,” Lex said as he kicked his pants away. Truman’s hand locked around his hip as his lips slid down Lex’s cock, taking him deep in his throat before he sucked hungrily. Lex gasped as his head fell back and his vision blurred.

Truman’s hands were everywhere, sliding over Lex’s skin, pulling at his back, kneading his balls and stroking his erection in time with the rise and fall of his head. Lex didn’t know where Truman had been hiding or how it was possible he could have gone any length of time without getting laid but he seemed determined to make up for lost time. Soft wet heat and exquisite sucking pressure engulfed Lex’s cock as pleasure swirled in his groin. Heat washed over his body as it tightened and his nerves flickered. He needed to slow Truman down or he was going to be disappointed. Lex curved his hand around Truman’s jaw as he pulled his hips back and Truman blinked up at him in confusion.

“I wasn’t finished,” he complained and Lex laughed softly as he bent and lapped at his lips.

“My turn,” he whispered as he dropped to his knees between Truman’s legs. He pushed against his chest until he fell back on the bed and quickly tugged his belt free and unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers. Lex groaned as he slid them down Truman’s thighs then tossed them aside. Truman’s cock was hard and large as it pushed against the front of his sheer black boxer briefs. His eyes swept up Truman’s body and Lex groaned as he watched the ridges of his stomach ripple as he breathed rapidly. “Lord almighty, you just might be the man of my dreams,” he drawled as his fingers curled around the elastic of his briefs and slowly drew them down, revealing the head of his cock. Lex hummed in delight as he lowered his head and licked the slit. A tiny bead of nectar burst on his tongue as Truman hissed and Lex sucked gently until he coaxed another from him.

“Lex!” Truman cried as his hands hovered around Lex’s head and shoulders as his chest heaved. Lex purred as he eased the elastic just a little lower. His tongue flicked at the exposed length and Truman began to sound desperate. Lex rubbed his lips back and forth over the head and collected another drop.

“I could do this all night, you’re sweeter than a honeysuckle,” Lex murmured and a ragged groan slipped from Truman.

“Please!” He whimpered and Lex shushed him.

“You just lay back and relax,” he crooned and an anxious laugh burst from Truman. Lex grinned wickedly as he teased the waist a little lower. His lips cruised down Truman’s length slowly until they pushed against his sack. It was warm and tight beneath the smooth fabric and Truman jumped as Lex bit gently. He rubbed his lips up the length of Truman’s shaft until he reached hot, exposed skin then lapped and hummed silkily. “Fuck, if your cock isn’t perfect…” He said then wrapped his lips around the end and sucked. Truman pulled in a shuddering breath and his hips twitched restlessly as he clawed at the bed.

A thin, tortured moan filled the room and Lex knew he was done tormenting Truman. He slipped his underwear off and greedily licked as his hand pumped his shaft. Truman’s head thrashed on the bed as he begged Lex’s name and his fingers tangled frantically in the duvet. Lex continued to stroke as his mouth glided down his length and he nuzzled his lips and nose in his sack. He smelled warm and soft and Lex was in heaven as he took one of his balls into his mouth.

“Jesus!” Truman squeaked then screamed around a knuckle as he twisted on the bed.

Lex chuckled as he settled Truman’s legs over his shoulders and tilted him so his tongue could slide into the cleft of his ass. A long gasp spilled from Truman and his shoulders came off the bed as Lex’s tongue swirled and probed, washing over his puckered flesh. He was even sweeter there and Lex’s fingers dug into his thighs as he feasted. Lex held on tight as Truman bucked and cursed until drool dripped down his chin and his tongue was numb.

“I don’t know what you’re made of but I could never get tired of tasting you,” he said as he sat on his heels and pulled a condom and a packet of lube from the pocket of his pants. It took him seconds to sheath and coat his cock despite his shaking fingers. He couldn’t remember being so turned on, his dick hurt and he could still taste Truman. He stood and set a knee on the bed as he stretched toward Truman’s lips. “My granny had a naughty saying about boys and tractors,” he purred against his lips as he hooked Truman’s leg around his waist.

“I’m not sure if you should be thinking about your granny right now,” he said and Lex laughed then grunted as the room turned and he found himself staring up at Truman.

“A good southern boy knows his manners and the proper way to plow a field,” Lex said and Truman pushed off the bed and nodded as he settled his knees outside Lex’s hips.

“Are you a good southern boy?” He asked as he gripped Lex’s shaft and lowered. Lex licked his lips as his hands dragged down Truman’s chest.

“I do try to be,” he said then chuckled as he rose on his elbow and nibbled on Truman’s chin. “I was going to ride you like a tractor but it seems you’ve got something else in mind,” he whispered.

“You can do that later,” Truman said then his jaw fell as the head of Lex’s erection pressed into his tight hole. “Haaaaaaa…” He breathed and Lex nodded in agreement as he held his breath. The muscles gripping the tip of Lex’s cock relaxed and Truman hissed as he took more of his length into his passage.

“That’s really tight,” Lex said shakily and Truman’s head snapped back as he dropped and his ass settled on Lex’s groin. “Fuck!” He moaned as he fought the urge to thrust.

“Just a minute,” Truman panted as his chest heaved and he was the most beautifully erotic thing Lex had ever seen. Lex’s hands worshiped his chest and back as he begged his body to be patient.

“I’ve got forever,” he said soothingly and there was a warm glow in the center of his chest. He’d only known Truman for about three hours but something about him felt like Lex might need forever.

“I don’t,” Truman said as he rose on his knees and pleasure and heat streaked through Lex’s limbs as the tight perfection of Truman’s ass clung to his shaft. “I think I’ve got about two minutes,” he predicted then slid back down.

“This might be the best two minutes of my life,” Lex decided.

He was mesmerized as he watched Truman. He found a slow, steady rhythm as he swayed above Lex, taking him deep then rising until the tight ring of his ass gripped the head of his cock. Euphoric pleasure and heat flooded Lex’s groin as Truman moaned rapturously.

“Oh, God! You’re so hard. So, so hard!” He sobbed as he lowered and his thighs hugged Lex tight as he rolled his hips. His breath hissed in and out as he switched to rocking and grinding and his body became taut as the muscles around Lex squeezed tight. “There, there, there!” Truman chanted as his eyes rolled. His passage clenched and a long, shuddering sigh fluttered in his throat as a string of come shot from the end of his cock and Lex hissed as it landed in scorching drops on his skin. He drug his finger through a fat puddle next to his nipple and slipped it into his mouth. Tart, softly salty sweetness coated Lex’s tongue and he moaned deliriously.

“How can you taste this good?” He asked in disbelief but wasn’t sure Truman heard him. He was insensate, mumbling curses and gasping as he continued to ride, slowly grinding as his passage milked Lex’s shaft.

Lex’s nerves wound tighter and tighter as his skin became slick and his toes curled. Every cell in his body hummed with pleasure as his nails dug into the quivering muscles of Truman’s thighs. Pressure throbbed in his sack and the base of his cock and his back arched as he screamed Truman’s name.

“I’m going to come again!” Truman cried and Lex bucked as ruthlessly tight heat gripped his length.

“Good Lord!” He shrieked as hot, stinging pressure rushed up his shaft and his nerves exploded, sending sparks of electric pleasure through his veins as molten come filled the condom, causing Lex to twist and gasp on the bed beneath Truman.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Truman yelled as he bowed and jerked as come steadily dribbled from the head of his erection. The rocking of his hips slowed as his chest heaved and his body trembled. Lex shivered as another tremor of pleasure swept through his body then reached for Truman. He pulled then laughed drunkenly when Truman collapsed on his chest.

“Definitely the best two minutes of my life,” Lex said breathlessly and Truman raised his head and swatted at the clock on the nightstand. His hair stood in wild spikes and his glasses were crooked and Lex thought he was adorable.

“Actually, I think it was twenty minutes,” Truman muttered and Lex laughed again as he pulled Truman’s lips to his. Their tongues twirled lazily until Truman sighed and rested his forehead against his. “What’s Lex short for?” He asked and Lex winced.

“Lexington. I was conceived in that fair city,” he said and a snorting giggle burst from Truman as he rolled onto his back next to him.

“Straight people…” He shook his head and draped his arm over his eyes and Lex hummed in agreement as his hand found Truman’s and pulled it to his lips.

“Truman?” Lex asked and his lips curved.

“My maternal grandfather,” he said and Lex smiled as he kissed the back of Truman’s hand.

“I can’t believe you’ve been to this benefit every year and I’ve never seen you,” he said and Truman chuckled.

“I usually sneak in and bid on everything and write a check then sneak out,” he said and Lex rolled onto his stomach and pressed his lips to Truman’s shoulder and inhaled. The clean, soft floral and pepper scent of his cologne melded with the crisp smell of his sweat and sex and it was intoxicating.

“I’m glad you stayed this time,” he murmured then licked. He tasted divine.

“I wasn’t planning to until I saw you,” he said as the back of his hand grazed Lex’s ass. “You look insanely gorgeous in a tux but all I could think about was seeing you naked,” Truman said and goosebumps spread across Lex’s skin.

“I prefer you naked too,” Lex said then licked his shoulder again. “So, do you work in the industry or know someone with a child in the program?” Lex asked and Truman growled as he rose and straddled Lex’s back.

“Do you have another condom,” he whispered against the nape of Lex’s neck and he groaned as Truman’s teeth grazed his skin.

“There’s two in my pants pocket,” he stated hoarsely as Truman’s cock slid along the cleft of his ass.

“You had big plans for the night,” he teased and Lex shook his head then reached for the edge of the mattress as Truman’s tongue trailed down his spine.

“I ran to the gift shop like my tail was on fire while you were at the bar getting that last round,” he admitted and Truman hummed thoughtfully as he bit into Lex’s ass cheek.

“Your tail?” He breathed as his lips slipped into the cleft and Lex could only nod as Truman pushed his knee toward his elbow.

Truman was very thorough as he explored Lex’s ass with his lips and tongue. Then, he was very demanding as he urged Lex to fuck him hard and fast. Twice. A few hours earlier, Lex would have claimed he was in his prime in his late twenties. He had to rethink that assumption. Even at his supposed peak, he never fucked someone and came three times in one night.

“Thank you,” Truman said before his mouth stretched into a yawn as his fingers trailed lazily up and down Lex’s back as his body draped bonelessly over Truman’s. “You’re a very good southern boy,” he murmured drowsily and Lex laughed into the corner of his neck before he drifted off.

“Lord, I can’t believe I’m still in one piece,” Lex mumbled groggily into the pillow as his hand reached across the mattress. It spread across cool, empty sheets and Lex frowned as he swatted at the pillow next to his. He pried an eye open and his frown grew as he stared at the empty stretch of bed next to him. “Truman?” He asked and there was only the distant hum of the ice maker in the hall. He squinted at the clock and muttered a string of curses. It was 5:47, there was no reason a decent, sane person would be awake at that hour.

Lex sat up and groaned as he pushed a hand through his hair then swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood. His eyes narrowed as they caught on his neatly folded clothes on the dresser before he turned and scanned every surface in the room. Disappointment settled in the pit of his stomach. Truman didn’t leave a message or his phone number. Aside from the bedsheets and his aching but aroused body, there was no evidence of the soul shatteringly erotic events of the night before.

“Asshole,” Lex grumbled as he shuffled back to the bed and fell face first into a pillow.



I hope you loved it. I love you and thank you so much for your support.

New Boys And A Filthy Excerpt…

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