We’re getting closer…

***Warning! Excerpt with Adult Language and some sexual content. You should be 18 or older.***

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***Warning! Adult Language and some sexual content. You should be 18 or older.***

Here’s a peek as I begin editing:


“It’s a fascinating read, Dr. Aiden Sharp,” the reporter said and Aiden nodded in agreement at the camera as he wondered how much longer the interview would take. At least it was being done remote and he was in the study and not some studio. “Could you explain why you didn’t mention Gavin Langley?” She asked and Aiden’s attention focused.

“It’s a book about the relationship between killers and the amount of blood present at their crime scenes,” he said and was aware he sounded annoyed. He was getting tired of Gavin Langley and the fact that every reporter found some way to bring him up. No more interviews for a while, Aiden decided. “As Langley killed exclusively through arson, there was literally no reason for him to be included,” he pointed out and the reporter shrugged.

“I’m sure you could have worked him in. He has to be the most interesting case you’ve ever been involved with,” she insisted and Aiden shook his head.

“No. I’ve had several cases that were more interesting. I was involved with the case of a serial killer that posed his victims as Venus DeMilo and left their arms crossed elegantly at their feet. I mention Walter Riley in the book. He’s much more interesting,” Aiden said and her lips twisted as she considered and he hoped she would let go of Gavin Langley.

“But there’s the romantic link between you and Gavin that’s so compelling,” she argued and Aiden’s lips pulled in as he shook his head.

“There is no romantic link between myself and Mr. Langley,” he corrected and she laughed.

“He’s made his interest in you very public, Dr. Aiden Sharp. You have to admit that it would be quite a story if the two of you became involved,” she said and Aiden’s head pulled back in confusion.

“I can’t see why,” he murmured. “I’ve been happily committed to my husband for seven years and Mr. Langley is in prison for serial arson. He’s a dangerous criminal and I don’t understand why anyone would imagine I could be romantically interested in someone like him,” Aiden mused and she deflated.

“But it would be so fascinating and Gavin is so… charming!” She said in a manner that suggested his attractive personality outweighed his very serious crimes.

“He’s a criminal. He’s serving several life sentences and I have had no involvement with Mr. Langley for over a year. In fact, I’ve refused to communicate with him because I don’t think it’s wise to encourage a person with his degree of mental illness,” Aiden explained and she waved dismissively.

“He’s not that ill,” she argued and Aiden’s brows pulled together. “I’ve interviewed him a few times now and he’s been so pleasant and intriguing,” she said and Aiden shook his head.

“Excuse me, we’re done here,” he said as he reached for the microphone clipped to his shirt and she waved for him to stop.

“Dr. Aiden Sharp! I have more questions and we still have a few minutes to fill,” she urged and he shrugged and waved off a tech that rushed in his direction.

“I agreed to discuss my book, not Gavin Langley. I’m tired of talking about him and I find it unsettling that he has so many acolytes among the media. He’s a dangerous criminal and belongs in prison. My life has moved on and I refuse to waste more of my time or energy discussing him,” he announced as he reached for the mic pack behind him and tossed it on the desk as he stood. “We’re done, Mrs. Brooks,” Aiden said firmly.

“It’s Mrs. Brink!” She yelled from the screen and Aiden frowned as he looked at the producer and wondered why she thought he cared. “I’m Amanda Brink!” He heard her say before he pushed through the bodies blocking the door.

“Please be out of my home in no more than fifteen minutes,” Aiden mumbled as he walked through the living room and Lane’s lips pulled tight as he set the TV remote on the coffee table. Aiden held up his hand before Lane could scold him. He knew Lane watched the segment from the living room and didn’t understand why he wasn’t more upset.

“They’re going to accuse you of having a fit and storming off like a diva,” Lane warned as he followed Aiden into the kitchen and he shook his head.

“I don’t care,” he insisted as he pulled open the fridge and stared into it as he seethed. “Why is it I can see how absurd and improper it is for her to suggest that I could have a romantic relationship with him but no one else can?” Aiden asked and Lane pushed the door shut as he turned Aiden.

“It’s a cheap and easy angle,” he said and Aiden frowned at him and Lane laughed softly as he squeezed Aiden’s hand. They never touched each other affectionately when camera crews were in the house or released pictures of themselves as a couple. “You have to admit it’s pretty sexy,” he sang. “Hot doctor falls for the hot celebrity criminal and they have a forbidden, impossible romance…” Lane teased until Aiden elbowed him in the stomach.

“Why don’t you have a problem with the media’s obsession with me and Langley?” He asked and Lane shrugged.

“Because I know there is no you and Langley,” he said softly as his eyes held Aiden’s. “I know where you’re sleeping at night and who you’re sleeping with,” Lane added and Aiden couldn’t keep his lips from curving as he leaned closer. “I know that as soon as they’re gone, I’m going to rip off your clothes and get my tongue so deep in your ass…”

“How much longer are they going to be here?” Aiden asked loudly and one of the camera men glared at him as he carried a case through the living room. Lane pushed Aiden’s shoulder as he groaned.

“You can’t keep acting like that,” Lane warned. “Don’t get a bad reputation with the media or turn them against you.”

“I don’t see why it matters,” Aiden grumbled. “They’re not interested in anything I’ve done since Langley,” he complained and Lane sighed.

“You don’t want to make them more sympathetic toward him and you still have books to sell and future cases to discuss,” Lane said. “If you keep walking out and are too hard to work with, they won’t interview you when you need them to,” he cautioned and Aiden chewed on his lip as he raised his shoulder. He knew Lane was right but he didn’t want to admit it. The Brooks woman had been completely out of line and the reporters were only getting worse as Langley did more interviews. Aiden suspected Langley was doing more interviews because he thought it was his only means of communicating with him. They might get some relief if he returned Langley’s emails but he was just so creepy and insane… Aiden shivered.

“I just wish he’d go away and everyone would forget about him,” he said and Lane laughed as he reached around Aiden and pulled the juice from the fridge.

“I’m sure he’ll get tired of waiting for you and move on. And I’m sure the media will lose interest in him,” Lane said and Aiden nodded.

“I hope you’re right.”

We’re getting closer…

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