Coming Soon! Our boys are back…

“This is all I need,” Lane murmured softly into Aiden’s hair and Aiden had never felt more content in his life.

“Me too, you’re everything, Lane.” Aiden exhaled slowly and the last of his consciousness melted.

A shrill cry cut through the cocoon of warmth and joy and Aiden’s eyes snapped open as his blood chilled. Lane’s arms tightened around Aiden as he shushed soothingly. Lane rolled them and groaned as he pushed off the mattress. His forehead rested on Aiden’s as he nipped at Aiden’s lips.

“Everything’s fine. It’s Henry,” he said gently then backed off of the bed. “He probably needs another bottle,” Lane said more to himself as he pulled on his pants.

“Why do people want this?” Aiden complained as he pulled the duvet over his head and burrowed into his pillow. He heard a soft chuckle from Lane.

“I’m sure it’s different when it’s your own child. I’ve heard that the precious moments outweigh the times they make you want to pull your hair out,” Lane explained and Aiden shrugged as he tried to make his ears stop hearing.

“I’ll take your word for it. I like when it’s quiet and just us,” he grumbled.

“I agree,” Lane said as he pulled open the door and slipped into the hall.

A few minutes later, the wails of tiny rage stopped and Aiden cautiously lowered the duvet. He rolled toward the dresser and his eyes went to the tiny screen on the monitor. He sat up and squinted in the dark as he leaned closer. Aiden’s head tilted as he watched Lane rocking from side to side as he held Henry in his arms. Henry’s chubby little hand pressed against Lane’s cheek as he drank from a bottle. Lane’s lips curved softly and he looked so relaxed and happy as he hummed a song under his breath. There was a faint ache in Aiden’s chest and something that felt a little like longing fluttered within him. Aiden’s hand trembled as he reached for the monitor and he froze.

“No. Fuck that,” he whispered loudly as he turned away and pulled the duvet back over his head.

Coming Soon! Our boys are back…

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