I’ve Got VERY SPECIAL New Gays!

Oh, my Pervy Readers,

My fingers have been very busy. I’m half-ish way through my next book and it’s kind of a big deal. Did you know that we are rapidly approaching my twelfth book in twelve months? I know, right? Pity my family but yay for us! In honor of Twelve In Twelve I’ve decided to do something fun with this blog post. I come bearing gifts.

An acquaintance once said “You seem to really like boys.” She could not begin to fathom how much I like boys. Especially when it’s two boys. Together. Doing super naughty things. I think you’re aware of how that goes down in my head. If not, stay tuned and hang on to your butt. BUT, I do love boys and I have a serious crush on a certain boy at the moment. He’s brilliant and he’s a for real fellow this time, Perverts. Do not worry, my husband is very ok with this. This boy has a blog (here: http://bit.ly/1WhO1xi ) and it’s given me countless giggles because he’s snarky and naughty and I adore him, he’s so damn rotten. He also reviews The Gaurdian’s Blind Dates and they’ve become a highlight of my weekend. One post in particular stuck with me.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.25.53 AM

  It took up a great deal of space in the cluttered junk shop that is my brain and ultimately came to my rescue. I wrapped up Falling For Disaster and for the first time ever, I did not have my next book worked out in my head. I didn’t even have a couple cavorting or fighting in the fevered depths. There was just the random taxidermy prairie dog, empty chip bags and cat gifs. Then, I remembered The Guyliner’s review of Liam and Dee’s date and his comment that he’d had a similar experience. I was vicariously pissed over a lovely date with a lovely man that ended with the bombshell that he was moving to Canada. Who does that?! How do you salvage the evening after that? Would you even bother?

  And like that, Twelve was born. It’s always a vignette that gets me started. In my head there were two absurdly gorgeous boys (because this is erotica and my fantasy, after all) on a blind date. As my boys often do, they get very touchy and there’s licking of lips and looks of longing (again, erotica). It is a perfect filthy first encounter and they’re half way in love when Boy #1 breaks down and tells Boy #2 that he’s moving in a few months. Very far away. Boy #2 is extremely disappointed but pragmatic. He has needs and what are the odds that they’d even be interested in each other a few months down the road? Shenanigans ensue.

  Obviously, I have an excerpt. But this time, I thought it would be fun to pay homage to The Guyliner and The Guardian’s blind date that gave me these two adorable boys. If they were going to be featured, their Blind Date would look a little like this:


(Not actually Landon and Ben. Two hot mens I stole from the internet)

Landon on Ben

What were you hoping for?
The exact opposite of every other guy I’ve ever dated.

First impressions?
I considered offering my face as a seat.

What did you talk about?
Everything. I kept him talking because his voice made things tingle.

Any awkward moments?
I kept staring at his lips and couldn’t focus.

Good table manners?
We met for drinks, so no food. But he was polite to the bartender and waitress. Bonus points.

Best thing about Ben?
Did I mention his lips? And his voice?

Would you introduce him to your friends?
We have a friend in common. I’d introduce him to my parents.

Describe him in three words
Gorgeous, Kind, Fascinating.

What do you think he made of you?
I came on a bit strong but he seemed to like it.

Did you go on somewhere?

And… did you kiss?
Very early on. It was easier to focus once we got it out of the way.

If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?
I wouldn’t have had to tell him that I’m moving to California. It almost brought the evening to an end.

Marks out of 10?

Would you meet again?
We’ve met quite a few times.

Ben on Landon 

What were you hoping for?

Drinks with my future husband. I’d heard really good things about him.

First impressions?

So much better in person. To be fair, the picture I’d been given was old and he was shit-faced.

What did you talk about?
I have no clue.

Any awkward moments?
Landon told me he’s moving to California. That wasn’t fun.

Good table manners?

Best thing about Landon?
He’s brilliant. He couldn’t stop himself from flirting. It was adorable.

Would you introduce him to your friends?

I’d love to.

Describe him in three words
Perfect (minus the leaving soon), Funny, Magnetic.

What do you think he made of you?
Attractive and Interesting? He wanted to know everything about me.

Did you go on somewhere?
We did. We had an amazing night.

And… did you kiss?
A lot.

If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be?
He wouldn’t have told me he was moving to California.

Marks out of 10?
8 ( -2 points for taking a job on the other side of the country)

Would you meet again?
I don’t think the date has ended yet. Technically.

 Landon and Ben met at Frampton’s on Lexington.

Now, the excerpts! Because it’s a special occasion and you’ll want to know more about our blind daters, you’re getting a very big (early and unedited) peek at my guys!


“Thank you soooo much, Landon!” Lindsey threw an arm around Landon’s neck as she stretched for his cheek. She kissed it loudly then pushed a box against his chest. He frowned as he looked into it.

“Is this everything?” He asked as he stared at bags of bedding, food, various treats and assorted toys. “Hamsters play with toys?” Landon asked as he watched his sister pick up the cage. She laughed as she guided it through the door.

“Molly thinks so,” she said as she looked around the apartment. “Where do you want this?” She asked and Landon shrugged.

“Outside?” He suggested and she rolled her eyes.

“I’ll put him in your office, you’ll enjoy the company,” she said and Landon shrugged again as he followed.

“I don’t have to actually play with it, do I?” He asked as he dropped the box onto the coffee table next to the cage and bent down to look at his guest.

“Just toss one in now and then. I think the variety keeps her life from being one endless cycle of eating, shitting and sleeping,” Lindsey explained and Landon nodded in agreement and secretly, a little sympathy. Lindsey sighed as she stared at the cage. “Molly refused to go on this cruise until you agreed to watch Keith. You saved us, Landon,” she said and he chuckled.

“I’d do anything for Molly. Though I was kind of hoping she’d dig in her heels and I’d get her instead of Keith,” he admitted and Lindsey grinned.

“You’d have ended up with both of them and pulling your hair out in a few days. Enjoy Keith, she’s sweet. But she does likes to run at night and her wheel is obnoxiously loud,” she warned and Landon shook his head.

“That won’t be a problem, I’ll just turn on some music or jump on the treadmill and run with her,” he mumbled and Lindsey nodded as she planted another loud kiss on his cheek.

“That’s what I was thinking, I know you’re up at odd hours and wouldn’t have much going on. I need to go. We have to be at the airport in two hours and I’m sure we’re forgetting a milliondy things,” Lindsey announced as she threw her arms around Landon for a quick hug. “I’ll buy you something tacky!” She promised and Landon nodded then waved as she rushed out the door. He crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at the fat ball of fluff sleeping in its food bowl.

“I could have lots of things going on. She doesn’t know,” he grumbled then his lips pulled tight. “I have nothing going on, Keith,” Landon admitted. He sighed heavily then went around the table and dropped onto the sofa. He propped his elbows on his knees and leaned toward the cage. “Seen anything good on Netflix lately?” He asked.

Maybe she’ll like green beans, Landon shrugged as he tossed a few in a bag then dropped it in his basket. Keith would end up even more spoiled or dead by the time her family returned from their cruise. Landon was a little ashamed to admit that the hamster had been the most entertaining thing to happen to him in years. He’d spent the last week experimenting, gleefully offering random bits of food and making little doodles of Keith’s reactions. Landon was pondering a book titled Shit Keith Eats. Then, a follow-up book, Shit Keith Won’t Eat. Landon chuckled to himself as he reached for a bunch of bananas.


He looked around as he placed the bananas in his basket and smiled as Jason Weaver waved and headed in his direction. Landon held out his hand and Jason grinned as he took it.

“I’m so glad I ran into you!” He said and Landon raised a brow. He’d known Jason since college. They were fraternity brothers and had been roommates for three years. Neither cared for the raucous atmosphere in the frat house and had enjoyed a more peaceful existence when they found a place off campus. And Landon knew Jason well enough to know that if he was happy to see someone, it meant he had an ulterior motive.

“What’s up?” Landon asked warily and Jason waved dismissively.

“Nothing bad, I promise!” He said but it didn’t put Landon at ease.

“We’ll see. I have plans, so out with it,” he said and Jason rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. You’re either working, working out or catching up on your ironing,” Jason said and Landon narrowed his eyes.

“You don’t know,” he insisted. “I do…things,” Landon said and Jason looked at him expectantly.

“Do you? What are you doing, then?” He asked and Landon shrugged casually.

“I’m hanging out with Keith tonight,” he said and Jason’s face fell.

“I didn’t know you were dating anyone,” he said and Landon shook his head.

“We’re just friends,” he explained and Jason looked relieved.

“That’s great. I’ve been telling someone about you and he seems really interested. I was planning to call you and give you his number,” he said and Landon shook his head.

“Come on, Jase,” Landon groaned. “You know how much I love it when my friends meet a random gay guy and decide they have to introduce us. I don’t call you every time I meet a straight woman,” he argued and Jason waved his hands in protest.

“It’s not like that, I swear. He’s a great guy. I’ve been seeing his sister and he usually ends up tagging along.” Jason pulled out his phone and started tapping. A moment later, Landon’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He gave Jason a pointed look before he reached into his pocket.

“Ben?” Landon said as he glanced at the phone number Jason had sent. “So, you’re dating some chick and she’s got a pain in the ass brother that’s always hanging around and you thought you’d dump him on me?” He asked and Jason shook his head again.

“No! He’s definitely not like that. He’s cool and I love the shit out of him,” Jason insisted and Landon raised a brow. Jason laughed and leaned closer. “He’s kind of overprotective and I wouldn’t mind a little more time alone with Michelle,” he admitted. Landon couldn’t help but give Ben some points. He got the whole overprotective brother thing.

“If he’s so cool, why is he single?” He asked and Jason shrugged.

“Why are you?” Jason asked and Landon’s lips twisted as he considered.

“I don’t know. Just got tired of dating the same immature guy over and over again,” he said and Jason nodded.

“Same with Ben. Michelle said that he’s been in a lot of short relationships but doesn’t have patience for head games,” Jason said and Landon sighed.

“I’m sure he’s great but I’m moving in a few months,” he said and Jason’s brows pulled together.

“What? Why?” He asked and Landon couldn’t help but smile.

“PixelWorks offered me a job. We’re working out my contract and I put my apartment on the market,” Landon said and Jason gasped.

“That’s awesome!” He said then pulled Landon into a quick hug and patted his back. “I mean, it sucks that you’re leaving but that’s great news!” Jason added and Landon nodded.

“It’s kind of insane but I couldn’t be happier. So, it’s probably not a good time for me to start dating. I’m sure Ben’s really cool but what would be the point?” Landon asked and Jason shrugged.

“It’s just a date, Landon. It’s not that serious. Maybe you hit it off and go out a couple of times. Or, it could go nowhere and you just have a few drinks with the guy. What have you got to lose?” He gave Landon sly look as he leaned closer. “If I were into dudes, I’d think he was really hot. What if you just get lucky a few times before you go?” Jason offered and Landon rolled his eyes.

“Why are you thirty-two and still a man-whore?” Landon asked and Jason laughed.

“Why aren’t you? You’re still single. You can be celibate after you’re married,” he joked and Landon snorted.

“Maybe I should call Ben and warn him,” he said and Jason grinned as he shook his head.

“It’s not necessary this time. I really like Michelle and things are pretty close to perfect. We’ve been dating for almost four months,” he said and Landon pulled his head back in surprise. For as long as he knew Jason, he’d always been a player. He’d date a girl for a few weeks but it never went further. And it never took him long to move onto another girl.

“Wow. Let me know where you’re registering,” Landon murmured and Jason grinned.

“You joke, but I’m actually considering it with her,” he said and Landon’s eyes widened.

“That’s…” Landon had no words. “Something,” he mumbled and Jason nodded in agreement.

“It gets old, doesn’t it? Just dating a lot but being alone most of the time,” Jason said and Landon chewed his lip for a moment.

“I don’t know about the dating a lot part but being alone gets a little old,” he said, mostly to himself and Jason nodded in agreement.

“See? That’s why you should send Ben a text. Just get out and have a little fun before you take off for your dream job. You know you won’t have a life after you get there,” he said and Landon raised a shoulder.

“I’ll think about it. I do have to get going, Keith’s waiting for me,” he said and Jason smiled and grabbed his shoulder.

“Do it!” He insisted as he gave Landon’s shoulder a quick shake before he saluted and took off toward the wine aisle. Landon frowned as he watched Jason go.

“Too bad Keith can’t drink wine. It kind of feels like that sort of night,” he said under his breath as he turned toward the registers.


“For madam, we have a piece of melon, a corner of a cracker and a few oats,” Landon drawled as he placed his smallest saucer in Keith’s cage. “The gentleman will be enjoying the linguine tossed with shrimp and snow peas in a light white wine sauce,” he said as he sat on the floor and grabbed his bowl.

Landon twirled his fork as he watched Keith scurry down a tunnel and roll onto the bedding in her haste to get to her dinner. She quickly worked her way through the melon then blinked up at Landon as she nibbled on an oat. He raised a brow as he stared back.

“I could have gone out tonight, I just didn’t want to,” he said defensively. Keith’s nose twitched before she picked up the piece of cracker. “Don’t judge me, Keith. I chose not to date anyone for the last six months. The last guy was so…” He waved his fork in the air as he searched for the right words. “I don’t want to say childish but he was more into video games and his hair than doing anything interesting or having a conversation with actual substance,” Landon explained. “I’m not holding out for a sensitive artist with soulful eyes or long walks and holding hands or falling asleep in each other’s arms. I’d just like to find someone who can sit through a movie without trying to put his hands down my pants or force me to spend an hour helping him shop for the perfect shirt online. I keep attracting shallow, horny guys that obsess over picking the right outfit. I’m over flashy bars and noisy, crowded clubs,” he explained and Keith shoved the rest of her dinner in her cheeks and ran back into the tunnel that led to her bed. Landon sighed as he set the bowl on the table then fell back onto the floor. “I have missed the hands in my pants lately, if I’m honest. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hand down there that wasn’t mine,” he admitted.

“What if you just get lucky a few times before you go?” Jason’s question floated through Landon’s brain and he nodded softly as he considered.

That wouldn’t be terrible and if he was as cool as Jason said, it might not be boring and disappointing. Landon nodded firmly. Why not? People go on dates just to have a good time. It doesn’t have to mean anything. Even if you don’t get laid, it’s better than spending the night with a hamster. Probably, he decided as he reached for his phone. He silently prayed that Jason wasn’t trying to unload his girlfriend’s obnoxious, clingy brother. Landon’s eyes narrowed as he considered. Jason might have been a bit of a player but he’d never been an asshole and he’d never screwed Landon over. He took a deep breath as he found Ben’s number and typed a message.


      Hello, this is Landon. Jason gave me your number and I was wondering if you’d like to meet for drinks sometime. 

He hit Send and immediately regretted it. He should have waited for Ben to respond before he suggested drinks. That probably sounded too eager. Or desperate. Landon was about to attempt another message, something explaining that he wasn’t eager or desperate when his phone vibrated.


      That sounds great! Jason keeps talking about you and I was about to text you        myself just to shut him up.

Landon laughed. Jason could be pretty determined once he got hold of an idea.


      Sorry. You’ll either be sick of me by the time we meet or disappointed. If I know Jason, he’s built me up to be Mr. Perfect.


     He has but I’m tempering my expectations, he has terrible taste in movies and beer.

Landon laughed again. Both were very true.


      What’s a good night/time for you? I’m pretty much free whenever.

He cringed. He was seriously off his game. Landon might as well have put “I’m lonely and desperate”.


      Are you busy tonight? They’re going to the movies and my sister is begging me to go with them. I tried to lie and say that I had to catch up on my ironing but she isn’t buying it.

Landon’s mouth fell open. He fought down a swell of anxiety at the thought of rushing to get ready and Ben’s ironing. It was one thing to have a lot in common but Landon didn’t want to date himself. His eyes flicked to the cage and Keith stared back.

“What do I do?” He asked and Keith blinked several times before she turned her back on Landon and scurried to her water bottle. Landon nodded. “Right. I’ll go out for drinks,” he mumbled.


      Meet for drinks? There’s a nice bar on Lexington called Frampton’s. Want to meet there?


      Sure. I’ve wanted to check it out for a while. 8:00 work for you?


      Perfect. See you at 8:00! 

Landon groaned. He had a little less than two hours. Luckily, Frampton’s was just a few blocks away. He could walk there in about ten minutes.


     Sounds great. See you soon.

The phone landed on the floor with a soft thud as Landon jumped to his feet and skidded into the hall. Somehow, he was going on a date and he was never going to make it in time.


The front door swung open and Michelle gasped as she nearly slammed into Ben and her arms flailed as she came to an abrupt halt in front of him. He raised a brow at her as he fixed the cufflinks on his sleeves and she frowned as she put her hands on her hips.

“You’re a bit overdressed for the movies,” she pointed out and he shook his head.

“I’ve got other plans, you’ll have to enjoy Fast and Furious 20 without me,” Ben said and Michelle’s lip pushed out into a pout.

“Where are you going?” She asked and Ben debated whether or not to tell her. It only took a second for him to realize it was pointless to try and hide it. She’d find out through Jason eventually. And she could be tenacious when he tried to hide things from her.

“I’m meeting Landon for drinks,” he mumbled as he checked the mirror by the door. “I was just on my way out after I stopped by to let you know,” Ben said, ignoring the giant grin that spread across Michelle’s face. She punched his arm.

“Exciting!” She announced and she brushed invisible lint off of his sleeve. “Where are you meeting him?” Michelle asked and Ben rolled his eyes at her maternal tone.

“At Frampton’s. He suggested it. Do I have a curfew or can I play after the street lights come on?” He asked and she tapped her lip as she stared at him through the mirror.

“Will you text me and let me know if he’s hot or a creep as soon as you can?” She asked and Ben pretended to give it some thought. They both knew he’d text her a dozen times through the night. They never went more than a few hours without talking unless they were asleep.

“Fine,” he said with a mock sigh. She laughed as she turned him around.

“Now, me!” She said as she stood on one foot. “This?” Michelle asked and gestured at her foot. “Or this?” As she hopped and put the other foot up. Ben shook his head as he pointed at the foot with the flip-flop.

“Go with the kitten heel. Flip-flops say that you’re already at that comfortable stage where you stop shaving,” he said and Michelle gasped.

“This is a nice flip-flop! It’s got leather straps,” she argued and Ben shrugged.

“Still a flip-flop. Are you going to a buffet for dinner?” He asked and she scowled.

“He said he likes that I’m low maintenance,” Michelle grumbled and Ben laughed.

“That means he likes that you don’t complain when he wears a t-shirt when you go out and you’d give it up for a bucket of chicken.” Ben hooked his arm through hers and guided her toward the door.

“Hey! A bucket of chicken and a bottle of wine!” She argued in the hall.

“Wear the heels and bring me a box of Junior Mints,” Ben said as he locked his door. Michelle gave him the evil eye as she pushed her door open.

“I might not after what you said about my flip-flops,” she humphed and Ben pointed at her in warning.

“You wouldn’t want me to have to come over bright and early and borrow a cup of milk or see if you’ve got the paper, would you?” He asked and she glared.

“What if I came over? It’s your turn to get caught the morning after,” she announced and Ben rolled his eyes.

“Not going to happen. I never do it on the first date and I never let them sleep over,” he said and Michelle pursed her lips before another huge smile filled her face.

“We’ll see. From what Jason told me, I’d be surprised if you two can keep your hands off of each other.” With that, she slammed the door and Ben’s brows pulled together as he stared at the panels.

His twin sister could be an airhead now and then but she had a way of reading people and could sense when something was about to happen. And she knew him better than anyone else. Ben shook his head, dismissing a whiff of nervousness. He’d managed to stay relaxed and kept a “just go with it” attitude while getting ready. Getting anxious and sweaty just as he was about to meet Landon was not what he needed. Especially in a slim-fit powder blue shirt. It would cling to him and the sweat stains would be noticeable from a mile away.

“Calm down, you’re just going out for a few drinks. You saw a picture of him. He’s really cute but it’s not like you’re meeting a Hemsworth,” he mumbled to himself as he pushed the button for the elevator.

Landon And Ben

***WARNING!!! Very naughty excerpt involving naughty adult gay men. You must be at least 18 and love naughty gay men!***

“Here.” Landon jumped and turned. Ben smiled as he pressed a glass into Landon’s hand.

“Thanks,” he mumbled as he raised the glass to his lips. He took a cautious sip and then hummed in delight. “God, that’s good,” Landon said as he held the glass up. Ben nodded as he leaned against the window and watched Landon.

“It’s a whiskey sour. I use a small batch craft whiskey and make my own sour mix,” he explained and Landon sighed and shook his head before he took another long sip then cursed under his breath.

“You’ve just ruined every other whiskey sour I’ll ever drink. For the rest of my life,” he complained and Ben laughed.

“Sorry?” He asked and Landon narrowed his eyes.

“Liar,” he said and Ben shrugged then drained his glass. He waited for Landon to finish his then set their glasses on the table.

“I’ll make you as many as you want. Later,” he said as he took Landon’s hand and tugged as he backed toward the hall.

Once again, Ben’s lips became the center of the universe as they made their way down the hall. When Landon finally looked away, he was in the middle of Ben’s bedroom. His eyes flicked around and a pulse of anxious need had him exhaling loudly as he reached for Ben. He refused to look at the bed behind him. If he did, he’d start to think and lose any semblance of smooth he had left. Jumping up and down like a six year old or clapping would probably kill the mood, so he stayed as still as possible as his hand slid around Ben’s neck. Their lips brushed and clung as Ben guided Landon toward the bed. They stopped and Landon was glad the light was low and Ben couldn’t see his hands shake as he reached for the button at his throat. Ben shook his head and Landon groaned as lips slid from side to side along Landon’s.

“Let me,” he breathed as his hand covered Landon’s and pulled it away. “I want to undress you,” Ben whispered as his fingers slipped the first button free and Landon nodded as he let his hands fall to his side.

Ben should have said “unwrap”. He undid each button with such excruciating slowness and reverence, Landon was almost frantic when Ben finally slid the shirt over his shoulders and down his arms. It fell to the floor and Ben’s fingers delicately traced the backs of Landon’s hands. Landon shivered as they slowly skated up his arms. Ben’s head tilted as his eyes followed his fingers and they were dark and large when they reached Landon’s. His hands worked with mesmerizing grace at Landon’s belt and Landon held his breath as Ben pulled it through the loops then sighed when it dropped. Prickling heat washed over Landon as he watched Ben’s fingers flick at the buttons of his trousers and he had to pull in a steadying breath as they slipped beneath the edge of his undershirt. Somehow, Ben managed to carefully pull it over Landon’s head and toss it aside without touching Landon’s skin. There was a rumbling groan and the muscle in Ben’s jaw twitched before he raised his hands and lightly traced Landon’s shoulders. Landon shut his eyes and silently begged for strength as Ben’s fingertips glided over his collar bone and down his chest. They settled into the grooves of his stomach and Landon’s erection throbbed as they swept toward the waist of his pants. Landon almost protested as those fingers swept around his side as Ben circled him. They glided down the back of his neck and Landon let his head fall as they splayed and trailed over the taut muscles of his back. When they slid beneath the waist of his pants and pushed, sending them down Landon’s legs, he was comforted by the loud hiss that escaped from Ben.

“Holy shit.” Landon felt the words against his shoulder and a cocky grin pulled at his lips. It died when he felt tugging at his boxers and they slipped past his knees. He swallowed hard as Ben’s hands curved over the cheeks of his ass and cupped. A squeak tickled his throat as a feather soft caress traced the cleft of his ass before Ben circled back around. His eyes were heavy when they found Landon’s then swept down his body. “Fuck,” Ben gasped when they reached Landon’s cock. His gaze was intense when it snapped back to Landon’s face. “I hope you don’t have to be anywhere any time soon,” Ben murmured and Landon shook his head. Ben grinned as he stepped close. “Good. I’m going to need hours,” he warned as his hands gently pushed on Landon’s shoulders until he was sitting on the bed.

“Hours?” Landon repeated as he watched Ben drop to his knees.

A soft laugh was the only answer he got as his shoes and socks were quickly discarded. His pants and boxers fell to the floor and Ben tugged his tie free as he stood. Landon’s eyes grew wider and wider as he watched Ben rapidly shed his clothes. Nothing he imagined could have prepared Landon for the body before him. Ben looked like he was carved from stone and his skin gleamed in the soft light as he approached the bed. Landon’s eyes drifted down Ben’s body and heat exploded as he took in the long, thick erection that hung heavily between his thighs.

He’d never asked but Landon imagined that it was the same with every gay man when they first found themselves naked with another man. He would never consider himself a size queen and appreciated men of all shapes and sizes but he automatically compared his partner’s cock to his own, regardless of his intentions. And Landon knew he was blessed, he rarely came across anyone larger. But a lifetime of stereotypes led him to assume that Ben was going to have the bigger dick between the two of them. As Ben kneeled on the bed and crawled over Landon he quickly compared and had to suppress an entirely inappropriate and childish giggle as he realized he was just a touch longer and wider.

Landon’s little victory was quickly forgotten when he found himself on his back staring up at Ben. He’d never seen anyone so beautiful or potent as Ben hovered over him. When Ben lowered and his body covered Landon’s, a current of heat and lust coursed through him as his arms and legs wrapped around Ben. Gasps, curses and moans poured from them as they pulled and writhed, trying to get closer and feel more. The smell, warmth and feel of Ben was intoxicating as Landon’s hands gripped and glided urgently. He was so hard yet miraculously velvety smooth and hot. There was a huff of steamy breath in the corner of Landon’s neck before the lush slide of Ben’s lips traveled up his throat and Landon groaned as his hand slid up Ben’s back. Landon tilted his head away, begging Ben to take more. Ben’s lips slid along his jaw before they swept under his chin and down. Landon arched when they glided across his chest and he hissed as they circled his nipple. Landon whimpered as Ben nibbled and sucked and had only a moment of relief before the muscles of his stomach flickered and bunched as Ben’s lips slowly traced every ridge and hollow on their way down. Landon’s hands were fisted in the duvet when Ben’s hand brushed down his rigid length as he settled between Landon’s thighs. Landon rose on his elbows and he licked his lips nervously as he watched Ben’s head fall.

“Oh, God! Please, don’t!” Landon whispered and Ben’s head snapped up. His brows pulled together as his eyes searched Landon’s face.

“You can’t be serious,” Ben said incredulously as his lips hovered over Landon’s cock. Landon’s sack tightened as Ben’s breath fluttered against his flesh. He bit his lip and groaned.

“Your lips have been killing me all night. I mean, seriously driving me out of my mind. I’m about to come just thinking about them around my cock,” he warned and things only got more painful as said lips spread into a wicked smile.

“That’s kind of the point, Landon,” he purred as he pressed them to against the base. “If you think there’s any way you’re leaving here before my lips have covered every inch of this, you’re insane.” The words were damp and hot as they traveled up his length. “And I intend to make you come in so may different ways before I let you go.”

You’re going to have to wait for the rest. If you need something to keep you busy until I finish with Ben and Landon, I’ve got plenty of adorable, dirty men to entertain you. You can find them here, if you haven’t already:



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I’ve Got VERY SPECIAL New Gays!

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    1. Thank you! I do my best with the editing. I don’t have an email list but if you follow me here, I think you’ll get notifications when I post to this blog. I’ll post excerpts and announce new books. You can also see what I post to the blog on Amazon, through my author page. If I do get organized enough to manage an email list, I’ll definitely include you. I appreciate your lovely words and can’t wait to see what you think about Landon and Ben!


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