A New Book & My Dirty Homage To Grey Sweatpants

***WARNING!!! Very naughty excerpt involving naughty adult gay men. You must be at least 18 and love naughty gay men!***

Dearest Pervy Reader,

  It has been a while. I’ve been very busy and I’m hoping you’ll forgive me. I’m super excited to share some news though. I have a new book! I’m crossing my fingers and doing my best to get it published this weekend. I won’t sidetrack us with details and stuff. I’m skipping straight to the dirty bits. And this is such a dirty bit. If we hang out on Twitter, you know I’m a sucker for grey sweatpants. Don’t make that face. Puns are my favorite. Anyways. Saint’s a sucker for them too. Enjoy this rough excerpt as I edit.

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***WARNING!!! Very naughty excerpt involving naughty adult gay men. You must be at least 18 and love naughty gay men!***

Finn was about to get up when Saint tossed his pants at him.

“Just those,” he said before he turned and inspected Finn’s books. Finn nodded slowly as he studied his rather unremarkable grey sweatpants.

“Ok,” Finn mumbled as he got up and pulled them on. A moment later, Saint returned to the couch with The Odyssey and Finn’s brows shot up. Saint raised a shoulder as he stretched his legs and crossed his ankles on the table.

“I was supposed to read this in high school and never did,” he murmured. “Maybe I missed out on something,” Saint said and Finn stared for several moments before he reached for a book. He was about to kick his feet onto the table when Saint looked up from his book. “Go ahead and lay back, you can put your feet in my lap,” he said and Finn wondered if he’d injured his head at some point in the evening. Saint gave him an impatient look and gestured for Finn to get on with it.

Finn reclined and carefully set his feet in Saint’s lap. The whole thing was a bit awkward, his body was stiff as he stared unseeing at his book. Then Saint’s large hand closed around Finn’s foot and began to knead. Finn’s eyes flared and he slowly lowered the book and peeked over the top of it at Saint. He appeared totally engrossed in the book and may not have been aware of what he was doing to Finn’s feet.

Whatever. Warmth was spreading up Finn’s leg and all the bones in his body were melting. He pulled his lips in to keep from moaning, not wanting to disturb Saint. When Saint  flipped a page and switched to Finn’s other foot, he knew that Saint was aware of what he was doing. Which made Finn’s body warmer and heavier as his muscles turned to jelly. Finn didn’t know what was going on but he realized he was in the midst of one of the best nights of his life. He went ahead and hummed happily as his eyes became too heavy to keep open.

“Finn…” It was a deep, intoxicating rumble and Finn’s lips curved as his eyelids fluttered but failed to open.

Strong hands glided up his thighs and Finn groaned as his cock pulsed, hot and hard against the front of his sweatpants. There was a soft growl and heat seeped through the fabric and Finn hissed as firm pressure gripped the sides of his shaft. Finn’s eyes snapped open and he moaned at the sight of Saint’s teeth playfully gnawing at the bulge in his pants. He slid his fingers into Saint’s hair and whispered his name as he watched Saint’s lips cruise up and down his length.

Oh! He likes the sweatpants, Finn realized. As far as epiphanies went, this was a wicked one. Finn hooked his thumbs under the waistband and pushed it down just below his hip bones and Saint’s eyes flashed. He raised his head but his eyes were locked on Finn’s hands. Finn pushed the pants lower, revealing the dark hair at the base of his shaft and Saint growled softly as his hands flexed around Finn’s thighs. Finn bit his lip as his erection throbbed in response and lifted the waist his pants and shifted his hips. When he released it, the head of his cock was exposed and the next breath Saint released came out a swear. Finn’s sack pulled tight and Saint’s eyes widened as a bead of pre-cum formed in the slit and glistened in the soft light. Finn reached down and collected it with his finger. He let it hover in the air between them and Saint’s lips fell open. Finn shook his head slightly before raising his finger to his lips as his tongue flicked out and licked the drop. A weak groan rattled in Saint’s throat and Finn reached for the waist of his pants again. He pushed them down until they rested beneath his sack and Saint’s hands tightened around Finn’s thighs. Finn gripped his cock and slowly began to stroke.

“Fuck.” It was strangled and gravelly as it slipped from Saint’s lips.

Finn watched Saint as he continued to tug at his length. It was like watching a line being stretched and waiting for it to snap as it became more and more taut. Finn slowly slid his hand down his hip and into his pants. He reached deep, pushing his hand between his legs so he could tease his hole as he worked his shaft and Saint broke. His hands locked around Finn’s ass as his head dove and Saint’s lips wrapped around Finn’s cock.

“Saint!” Finn yelped as his cock was engulfed in searing wet pressure as Saint sucked hard.

Saint’s nails dug into the cheeks of Finn’s ass as his head rose and fell rapidly. Finn’s balls tightened as his nerves coiled and flickered. Heat and pressure pushed up his length and Finn’s shoulders came off the couch as his body shattered. Come pumped from the head of Finn’s cock and Saint hummed as he swallowed. Finn twitched and hissed as Saint’s tongue pushed into the slit as he sucked, seeking every drop of Finn’s release.

“Jesus! Ok, that’s it!” Finn exclaimed as his body twisted and his hands pushed at Saint’s shoulders. Saint chuckled as he looked up at Finn.

“Are you sure?” He asked and Finn nodded drunkenly as his body became limp and weak.

“Yeah. I’m completely spent,” Finn announced and Saint sighed as he adjusted the waist of Finn’s pants and sat up.

“Just as well, I have to get going. It’s late,” Saint said as he stood and Finn frowned as he reached for his phone.

“What? How long was I out?” He asked.

“Almost three hours,” Saint called from the kitchen and Finn stared at his phone in confusion.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled as he set his phone down and rubbed his eyes.

“Why?” It was in his ear and Finn shivered as Saint’s beard tickled his neck. “I didn’t mind,” he said before he nipped Finn’s ear lobe. Finn lowered his hands and looked up at Saint. He was wearing his shirt and his hair was pulled back again.

“It must have been pretty boring,” Finn said and Saint shook his head before his lips tugged at Finn’s.

“It wasn’t,” Saint said before he stood up straight. “I’ll see you later,” he announced and waved over his shoulder as he went through the kitchen and pushed the back door open.

It shut behind him and Finn stared for several moments before he turned and fell back on the couch. He frowned as his eyes went to The Odyssey. It was opened and face down and if Finn didn’t know any better, he’d say that Saint must have read most of the book. A moment later, Finn shook his head, dismissing the thought as his eyes shut and he gave into the heaviness of his limbs and let his consciousness fade.

Just a few more days and they’re all yours. If you haven’t yet, you can distract yourself with my other naughty guys while you wait.



A New Book & My Dirty Homage To Grey Sweatpants

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