Need A Dirty Pick-Me-Up?

***Warning! Very Adult Language And Yummy Gay Rubbing Together Of Bathing Suit Areas! Be 18+ And Ready For Dirty Things!***

Hello, Pervy Readers!

I know, it’s been a while. I’ve been life-ing a lot lately. Our summer vacation is over and the Bawdy Babies are back in school today. I’m trying to get back into the “normal” pace of my days and expect a bit more of a delay before I can get back to book #6. Not that it isn’t simmering in the back of my brain at all times…

Also, I’ve decided to get serious about this writing thing. No more lounging on the couch or the bed with my macbook, like a teenager. I’ve ordered a desk and will write like a goddamned adult from now on. Also, I’ve got a collection of gifts readers have sent me that I keep saying will “go in my office one day”. So, I’ll be able to display those things to cheer me up and keep me motivated.

Anyways, I have much to do today. I can’t be lolly gaggling about right now. Enjoy this very “rough”/early excerpt from #6:

“A few more weeks and you should be ready to run again,” Blake said as he latched the stall door shut then patted Wind Dancer’s mane as she nuzzled at his chest. He saw Camden rush into the breezeway and sighed as he stepped back and wiped his hands on his jeans. He could tell from the way Camden was glaring, it was going to be good. Blake leaned against a post and crossed his arms over his chest as he watched Camden approach. “What can I do for you this morning?” he offered a lazy grin because he knew it would tweak Camden’s nerves. It worked. Camden’s lips pulled tight and he pointed at Blake. Fuck, Blake hated when people pointed at him.

“You can move that filthy, big ass, piece of shit truck out of the driveway. The movers are delivering my stuff from New York today,” Camden shouted and Blake raised a brow.

“You could have just told me this morning or sent me a text. There’s no reason to storm in here and act like a raging dick,” he argued and Camden fumed as he advanced on Blake.

“I didn’t see you this morning and I told you days ago that your truck was in the way,” his hands were waving, gesturing angrily and Blake knew it was his Spanish roots coming out. He couldn’t decide if it was pissing him off more or turning him on. “Do you need me to draw a cave painting for you to understand?” Camden yelled and Blake’s temper surged.

“If it will save me from having to talk to you, go for it,” he pushed away from the post and they were almost nose to nose. Camden’s chest rose and fell as he seethed.

“I could think of about a hundred things I’d rather do than waste my time talking to you,” Camden returned as he stepped closer, bumping Blake’s chest with his.

That was it. Blake growled angrily as his hands wrapped around Camden’s face and backed him against the stall door behind him. His mouth crashed into Camden’s and Blake’s tongue slipped between Camden’s lips when he gasped in shock. Blake felt Camden’s hands fist in his shirt, pulling him closer as Camden angled his head and took the kiss deeper. Heat exploded and Blake groaned as he slid one hand around Camden’s neck and the other glided around his chest then down his back until Blake got a handful of Camden’s ass. Camden moaned into Blake’s mouth as his tongue twisted urgently around Blake’s. Camden’s hands slid down Blake’s chest, clawing at his pecs and abs as his hips thrust against Blake’s groin.

Their lips and tongues fought angrily as they gripped and pulled at each other. It was hot, hard and frantic as they bucked and writhed, trying to get closer. Blake wrapped his other hand around Camden’s ass and lifted him as he settled his hips between Camden’s thighs, grinding hard as he pinned him against the door. Blake’s hat hit the dirt as Camden’s hands tangled in his hair and he pulled as their tongues dueled fiercely. Camden’s cock was hard and Blake felt the heat of it pressing against his own throbbing length as Camden locked a leg around Blake’s thigh and rocked his hips. Blake pulled back on a gasp and stared at Camden, completely in awe and panting with more desperate lust than he’d ever experienced.

How? Why? He wondered as his eyes searched Camden’s. Everything about Camden was perfect. His body locked against Blake’s as if they were matching pieces and his lips and tongue tasted like honey and mint. Blake had never wanted someone so completely, so intensely. He knew that if he stripped off their clothes, Camden’s body would feel like heaven in his arms and fucking him would be a life changing experience. Camden was perfect. Until he opened his mouth, then he was perfectly awful. As if on cue, Camden licked his lips.

“What the fuck was that?” his voice was thick and low and Blake felt it against his skin. He shook his head and groaned as his lips brushed against Camden’s.

“It was this or drive my fist into your nose.” Blake admitted and Camden nodded faintly.

“Good choice,” he murmured before he sucked on Blake’s lower lip.

Sweet Lord, Blake complained as he covered Camden’s lips with his and was just about to lose himself in another kiss when a loud bang filled the stable. Blake and Camden jumped and looked toward the stable doors. Audrey’s eyes were huge and her mouth hung open as water pooled around her feet from the bucket she’d dropped.

“Blake?” She whispered as her hands slowly rose to cover her trembling lips. “How could you?” It was a wisp of breath that floated through the air just before she turned and bolted through the doors. Blake’s brows pulled together and his lips opened and closed rapidly as he struggled to make sense of what had happened. Camden cleared his throat as he stepped aside and away from Blake.

“Did the two of you…?” Camden asked as he studied Blake. Blake shook his head.

“No. Never!” he promised and Camden nodded.

“Did you know that she…?” he asked and Blake pushed his hand through his hair and his cheeks puffed as he exhaled loudly.

“She what? I don’t know what the hell is going through her head,” he complained as he bent and snatched his hat off the ground. Camden’s brows shot up and he stared for a moment before he shrugged.

“Well, good luck with that,” he nodded before he turned on his heel and walked quickly from the stable. “Don’t forget to move that fucking truck,” Camden called. Blake threw his hands up and swore loudly before he went off after Audrey.

Now, off you get. I’m sure you have better things to do as well. If not, feel free to check out one of my already completed books, if you haven’t already.


Need A Dirty Pick-Me-Up?

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