A Naughty New Man!

Hey, Pervy Readers!

I’ve been very busy. I’m just over 40,000 words into my sixth K. Sterling book. It’s coming along very well. If you’ve been with me on Twitter, you’ll know I’m finally doing a gay cowboy. I’m so excited. I think you’ll love him. I thought I’d drop in a give you a peek at my new guys. I’m going to be super generous too because I’m on my second Trenta Vodka and Tonic. These early, unedited excerpts are mostly Camden. He’s not the gay cowboy. He’s my city gay and he’s very cranky and sarcastic. I’m doing the love/hate trope in this book and having a lot of fun with it.

So, meet Camden:

Camden cursed as frigid wet spilled down the back of his coat. He frowned as he looked up. He’d walked under the edge of the awning just in time to catch the last heavy drips from the storm that was retreating from the city. Camden cursed as he popped up his collar and turned toward his apartment. He wasn’t surprised, that was the sort of luck he had. Despite waiting out the storm in a bar, he still made it out just in time to have his back drenched with icy, filthy runoff water and nearly piss his pants. It was late spring but the temperature had plummeted just before the skies opened. Through layers of cold, wet clothes, Camden felt something hard dig into his back.

“In the alley.” A heavy rasp commanded as a hand pushed Camden deep into the dark space between two buildings.

Fuck my luck, Camden thought as his face and chest were thrown against hard, cold brick. The smell of wet concrete, urine and garbage surrounded him. There was the cool, hard pressure of the pistol’s muzzle against Camden’s temple and he froze. He felt a hand patting his ass before it dug into his pocket, removing his wallet.

“Come on. Not my fucking phone!” Camden argued as he felt it slide from his pocket. He grunted as pain exploded in his lower back from a hard blow.

“Shut the fuck up.” His breath was a sour blend of cigarettes and beer. Camden gagged as it flooded his nostrils. The muzzle pressed harder into his temple again. “You got a watch?” He asked and Camden raised his hand and it shook. “Take it off.” The voice ordered. Camden’s fingers fumbled at the clasp before he could finally open it and slide the watch off. Camden held it in the air and prayed it was almost over when the watch was snatched from his grasp. There was a click and Camden’s body trembled so hard, he was sure his teeth would crack and his body became slick with sweat. “I want to do it.” The voice behind Camden whispered loudly. Excitedly. “It feels good, knowing that all I have to do is give this a little squeeze and I get to end you.” There was a husky chuckle and Camden’s blood froze. “Beg me. Tell me about your wife and kids.” He urged and all the air left Camden’s lungs in a loud whoosh.

“I don’t have anyone.” Camden admitted. He suddenly wanted to weep. Not because he was afraid of dying but because he realized he had nothing to live for. “I have nothing.” Camden whispered. Nothing. Aside from the gallery and more money than he’d ever need, Camden had nothing. He got rich selling other people’s work. He’d never got around to setting up his own studio and getting serious about his own art. Camden never got around to having a real relationship with someone he could actually stand to be in the same room with longer than it took to pull his pants back up. “I have nothing.” Camden repeated.

“Maybe I’d be doing you a favor.” The voice sounded almost disappointed. Camden sagged against the wall and shut his eyes.

“Maybe.” He breathed, not sure if he deserved to live. He felt like a failure.

“Hey!” A voice yelled from the far end of the alley.

The voice behind Camden swore violently and Camden gasped as panic swelled within his chest. Before he could pray or beg, darkness exploded and Camden was gone.

“Hello?” Despite the softness of the voice, it ricocheted inside Camden’s skull and he groaned as he squeezed his eyes shut. “Can you hear me?” It asked again and Camden nodded and forced his eyes open.

“Yeah. I hear you.” He grumbled as he blinked rapidly, trying to focus. Three faces became one almost handsome hispanic face. Large brown eyes searched Camden’s as thin lips pulled into a concerned frown.

“How do you feel?” He asked and Camden cringed.

“Is my skull intact?” He asked as his fingers fluttered against his hair and he hissed as he touched a damp mound at the back of his head and a roar of pain filled his head as nausea bloomed.

“Pretty sure, though you probably have a concussion. That’s going to hurt like a son of a bitch for the next few days.” The man that Camden had identified as a paramedic declared. Camden nodded weakly in agreement. Which was more than he should have done. A wave of light, pain and dizziness swept through him.

“Did he shoot me?” Camden asked. He knew it wasn’t likely that he’d survive a bullet to the head and wake up on a sidewalk chatting casually but the incredible pain was a bit misleading. Maybe the bullet just grazed the back of his head.

“No. He cracked you over the head real good, though.” The paramedic offered as he pressed something cold against the back of Camden’s head. Camden gasped as he reached for a gel compress. He realized he was still sitting on the ground. Vomit mingled with the other smells in the alley and Camden hoped it was his. If he was sitting in someone else’s vomit, he’d beg his attacker to come back and finish the job.

“I need to go.” Camden mumbled as he tried to find someplace clean to put his hand so he could push himself off the ground.

“Careful.” The paramedic said as he hopped to his feet. He wrapped a hand around Camden’s arm and pulled him up. Camden reached for the wall as the ground tilted. “You have to give a statement and we need to get in touch with someone that can help you get home and keep an eye on you.”

“Fine. Can we hurry?” Camden asked as he stumbled toward the street.

An officer was leaning against his car, talking to someone Camden assumed was a witness and taking notes. Camden ignored the clenching of his stomach at the thought of going home and being alone. As much as he hated the idea, he couldn’t bring himself to admit it to the paramedic. Camden gave the cop his statement and pretended his voicemail was his sister when the officer let him borrow his phone. He couldn’t bring himself to pretend he had a boyfriend. The cop gave Camden a ride home when he lied and said that his sister was home with a baby.

Once Camden locked the door behind him a wave of sadness mingled with new nausea washed over him. He stumbled into the bathroom and cried as he threw up. Sharp, shrieking pain tore through his skull and he fainted on the cold, clean tile. When Camden woke up the sun was shining, making his eyes burn and ache as he rolled and got his knees under him. Camden crawled to his bed and panic streaked through him as he missed his phone. Everything was on his phone. He didn’t even have a landline. Camden took a deep breath and focused. The laptop. He stretched toward it, on the bedside table and sighed in relief when he hugged it to his chest and fell onto his side. Camden quickly shot off an email to his assistant and went back to sleep.

Then, Camden meets Blake:

When Camden got his first glimpse of the ranch at the end of the tree lined drive, he was pleasantly surprised. He was expecting something more rustic and ranch-y but the house was large and modern and the stable mimicked the house’s style and appeared open, airy and clean. Camden knew absolutely nothing about horses but was impressed by the facilities. He parked the car in front of the house and was getting out when his attention was drawn to the stable. Camden lost his breath as what appeared to be an actual fucking cowboy rode in from one of the fields. Holy shit, he was beautiful. Even from a distance, Camden could tell he was perfect. Camden watched, mesmerized and mouth hanging open like a moron as horse and rider came to a stop in front of the stable and a young woman greeted them. The rider swung a leg over the horse and dropped down, providing Camden with a stunning display of a perfect, round, rock hard ass and muscular thighs in tight, well worn jeans. He patted the horse’s neck before he took off his obligatory cowboy hat and wiped his brow with a forearm that was corded and glowed a warm brown from hours in the sun. He laughed as he placed the hat on his head and handed the reins to the woman before he turned toward Camden.

It took Camden a moment to realize the cowboy was striding in his direction. Camden’s eyes widened as he looked around nervously. Why was what Camden could only describe as a wet dream straight out of a Man Of The Month calendar here, on his ranch? Why was he quickly approaching Camden? Without thinking, Camden took several steps backward. What are you going to do? Run away? He frowned as he popped the button on the key, opening the trunk and prayed he’d disguised his retreat. Things only got worse as the cowboy got closer. His white t-shirt was drenched with sweat, nearly transparent and clinging to wide, firm pecs and sculpted abs. You have got to be kidding me. Camden complained and hoped that all of Dr. Leary’s staff didn’t look like strippers. Camden felt his khakis pull tight and he leaned against the open trunk to hide the hard-on that was going to be very obvious if he didn’t get it under control.

“Hey! You must be Camden Wells.” The cowboy said as he offered his hand. The smooth, deep voice and twanging Texas accent rolled through Camden and he clenched his jaw, stifling a groan as the smell of warm sun and wind bathed skin, sweat and soap reached him. Camden nodded as he accepted the cowboy’s hand. It was large, strong and calloused as it wrapped around Camden’s.

“Yeah. Is Dr. Leary around? He’s supposed to meet me with the keys.” Camden said as he scanned the yard behind the cowboy. The cowboy laughed as he pushed a hand deep into his pocket. Without thinking, Camden’s eyes followed that hand and his cock throbbed and pushed against the front of his pants. Camden cringed as he watched the cowboy’s eyes drop. Camden knew he’d caught sight of his hard-on and he cursed under his breath as he reached for one of the suitcases.

“I’m Dr. Leary but you can just call me Blake.” He grinned as he held out a set of keys. Oh, Jesus, no! Camden begged and he almost dropped the keys when their warmth filled his palm.

“Really?” Camden groaned and Blake’s head tilted and a brow rose as he watched Camden.

“Really.” Blake said as he pulled the other suitcase out of the trunk and shut it. “Did I miss something?” He asked as he looked at Camden expectantly. Camden shook his head as he went to the side of the car to grab the other suitcase and his overnight bag.

“No. Never mind.” Camden mumbled as he shut the door and locked it. “Thanks for keeping an eye on things. Everything looks great.” He said as he pulled the strap of the overnight bag over his shoulder and grabbed the handle of the suitcase. Blake nodded as he picked up the other two suitcases.

“Not a problem. Let me help you get these inside.” Blake drawled. “It’s a beautiful place, you’re going to love it here.” He announced as he nodded toward the front door. For a moment, Camden considered arguing that he could manage on his own but Blake was already bounding up the front steps. Camden sighed as he followed. Camden unlocked the doors and swung them wide. He shut his eyes and stifled another groan as Blake stepped past him. Blake’s arm brushed against his chest and Camden leaned against the door as heat poured off of Blake and pooled in Camden’s groin.

“You can just set those down.” Camden squeezed his eyes shut when his voice cracked. Blake shook his head and it jerked to the left.

“The master bedroom’s this way.” Blake stated as he easily carried the larger suitcases down the hall. Camden frowned as he followed. Helpless, his eyes clung to hard biceps and the stretching and bunching muscles beneath Blake’s damp t-shirt. Blake set the suitcases down and leaned against the door frame as he watched Camden set down his bag and suitcase. Blake pulled off his hat and offered a lazy grin. Fuck me, he’s gorgeous, Camden’s eyes widened as they drank in a chiseled jaw and cheek bones, large, drowsy blue eyes and wide, full lips pulled in a teasing smile. Blake ran a hand through golden waves before he swung his hat toward the hall. “I went ahead and put some food in the fridge and the pantry. I figured you wouldn’t be in the mood to do any grocery shopping when you got in. There’s a couple of cold beers and a few days worth of food.” He added before he pushed away from the door frame and went into the hall. Camden’s feet decided he needed to follow.

“Thanks.” Camden said and was about to offer his hand to send him off when Blake swept past the front door and went through the living room, into the kitchen.

“If there’s anything you need, I’m just on the other side of the pool.” Blake waved toward the floor to ceiling windows and glass doors. Camden’s brows pulled together as his eyes went beyond the large pool to the small cottage.

“I doubt I’ll need anything.” He mumbled as he noted the cottage windows that faced Camden’s living and dining area. The back of Camden’s house was almost entirely glass. Like the stables, the cottage was designed to match the main house. There were a lot of large windows and only a pool between them… “I won’t be cooking.” Camden sighed as he turned and looked back at Blake. He was leaning against the kitchen counter and his boots were crossed at the ankles and looked amused.

“Not much of a cook?” He asked as he crossed his arms over his chest. Camden shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck, silently hoping he could find a quick end to the conversation and get Blake out of his house.

“No. The only things I make are cocktails.” Camden said as his eyes scanned and he felt a ripple of relief when he spotted the bar. It was well stocked and he didn’t waste any time crossing the room. “In fact, I plan to drink myself into a long-ass nap. I’ll just order a pizza if I wake up before morning.” He decided as he opened a decanter and sniffed. It was really good scotch and Camden hummed happily as he reached for a glass. Blake’s brows fell.

“You don’t want a tour of the house and the property?” He asked in disbelief and Camden shrugged as he poured a generous amount into the glass.

“I don’t know the first thing about horses. Don’t really care, if I’m honest.” Camden took a long drink and sighed. He was too tired and wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do about the fact that Wild Bill Big Cock lived in spitting distance from his back door. Camden snorted and shook his head. He didn’t actually know what Blake was carrying in his holster but his presence was making Camden’s dick hurt. “Maybe tomorrow.” Camden lied as he gestured toward the front door. Blake frowned as he followed and Camden pretended not to notice. “After four days in the car, sitting in my underwear and eating a pizza sounds like heaven. If I ever go back, I’m selling my car and flying.” He pulled the door open and offered half a smile as Blake went through.

“Well, if there’s anything you need…” Blake paused when Camden shook his head.

“You’ve done more than enough.” Camden said quickly. “I’ll see you around.” He offered a stiff nod before he shut the door. “Alone at last.” Camden whispered as he lifted the glass to his lips.

Camden sipped as he made his way back to the bedroom. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it on the bed before he went into the bathroom and hummed softly as he peed. By the time he got his shoes and socks off, he was ready for a refill. Camden padded back to the living room and hugged the decanter to his chest as he fell back onto the sofa. He nodded as he looked around. Everything was bright, clean and modern. With the exception of his very attractive and distracting tenant, the property was perfect. Camden tried to recall how much notice he was required to give before he could evict Blake. If Camden decided he couldn’t deal with having Blake as a neighbor.

Camden was aware that just about every gay man in America would gladly cut off an arm to trade places with him. For Camden, it was just a complication. There was a good chance Blake was straight but if by some incredible twist of fate he wasn’t, the odds were slim that he’d be interested in Camden. Not that Camden wasn’t attractive. He was objective enough to admit that he was a good looking guy but he didn’t have a gym perfect body like Blake. Camden frowned as he looked down at his half naked, slouching body. He was tall and lean, he ran and did just enough yoga to stay ahead of all the junk food and alcohol he consumed. Camden ran his hand down his stomach and wondered if he had enough of a six pack to show through a t-shirt. He snorted as he took a long sip. Probably not.

Even if Blake had a thing for mortal men, it would take about two minutes for Camden to say something stupid or offensive and any interest would go up in smoke. Camden was an asshole. Even when he tried, terrible things just fell out of his mouth. So, he rarely tried. Most people would assume it was Camden’s parents and life that made him a miserable bastard. He came out just before graduating high school and his parents kicked him out. The few friends Camden had turned their backs on him as well. If it hadn’t been for Aunt Beverly, Camden would have been homeless and never would have gone to college. But Camden had always been a shit. He was a shit as child and he just got worse as he got older. His parents had been lousy. Maybe it was an inherited trait, like his mother’s dark features or his father’s drinking.

It doesn’t matter. You came here to get away from everything and work. You don’t need a distraction. If you do fuck him, you’ll have to deal with whatever comes after. And he’s practically on your doorstep. You’ll have to live with being awkward and uncomfortable every time you look out the window or leave the house. Camden nodded in agreement and poured another drink. A large yawn stretched his mouth and his eyes became too heavy to stay open. He drained his glass in three big gulps and sighed happily as his head fell back onto the sofa.

I want to hug him and tell him to knock it off. So does Blake. I can’t wait to show you the rest!

If you’re in the mood for more, I’ve got a lot of lovely mens over on Amazon. Head on over, if you haven’t met them yet.



A Naughty New Man!

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