How About New Naughty Guys?

Holy Shit, Pervy Readers!

Courage In Love is killing it on Amazon. You’re all so amazing and I’m so grateful. Look at what you’ve done!

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I’m not just geeking out over stats and reviews. I’m working. Well, I’m doing my version of work. I’m pleased with what I’ve got so far. Since you’ve been so lovely, I thought I’d share a peek at my two new dudes. Blake’s a bit of a cowboy. I know! Drool. So much drooling. Camden is the crankiest city asshole you’ll ever meet but Blake’s working on him. These two are so fun. Half the time, Blake can’t stand Camden. The rest of the time, he’s getting into Camden’s pants every way to Sunday. Camden just wants to be left alone. When he’s not having his way with Blake. I’m currently working on a really naughty moment.

Here, take a look:

**Warning! Yummy Adult Gay Men Doing Super Yummy Adult Gay Men Things! Be An Adult 18+!**

Blake pushed the door open and his eyes immediately went to Camden. He was stretched on the sofa and asleep. Blake leaned against the door and drank him in for several moments before he shut the door and silently emptied the bag on the kitchen table. He’d gone into town to grab a few groceries and planned to make a meatloaf and chocolate cake. Camden was very fond of both and his mood had been especially pleasant the last few days. Blake leaned against the table and watched Camden for a few more minutes.

Having Camden around was better than Blake had imagined when Camden first messaged him and said he was moving from New York, into the house. Camden liked that he was getting away from the world and hiding out. Blake liked being able to see Camden whenever he wanted and seeing so much of him all the time was bliss. Blake had snuck away from the stables the day before and found Camden napping by the pool on the double chaise. Camden’s trunks were still wet and plastered to his thighs and a semi hard bulge. Blake wanted to take him right there.

Camden’s skin was golden, it glowed and glistened as the sun clung to him. His hair was tousled and still damp and fell in soft waves over his brow. Blake’s erection became heavy as he shut the gate. He surveyed around them to make sure they were alone before he pulled off his shirt and dropped to his knees between Camden’s legs and crawled up his body. Camden’s trunks were pulled low on his waist and the soft curls at the base of his stomach taunted Blake. He let his chest glide against Camden’s body as he lowered and pressed his lips to Camden’s jaw and let them slide toward his mouth. Camden had one arm flung over his eyes and Blake felt Camden’s other hand sliding up his back and desire raged within Blake.

“I need you, Camden.” Blake groaned as he sucked at Camden’s lip. He felt Camden’s lips curve gently and he shook his head.

“Not here, you savage.” Camden rumbled. “Get up and put your shirt on before someone sees you.” He commanded and Blake felt Camden’s hand slap his ass playfully. His eyes flared in shock as his head pulled back and he stared down at Camden. “Hurry.” He ordered and Blake jumped to his feet and snatched his shirt off the ground as Camden’s body crashed into his and pushed him toward the patio door.

By the time they made it into the house, they were both impatient. Camden tackled Blake to the floor by the kitchen table and ripped his jeans open in his haste to get at Blake’s cock. He was urgent and demanding, he sucked and licked greedily until Blake begged. Camden rolled Blake onto his stomach and rode him hard and deep. He gasped and moaned Blake’s name against his shoulders and neck and promised to never stop needing him. Camden drove into Blake relentlessly with deep, rolling thrusts and Blake shrieked and clawed at the floor as he felt his cock become harder and throb as Camden’s strokes ground against the spot inside of Blake that made him see stars. Searing heat streaked up his shaft and Blake cursed breathlessly as come burst from the head. A moment later, Camden screamed against Blake’s skin and started to convulse against him. When Camden melted over Blake’s body, Blake realized their fingers were intertwined and he smiled drowsily as he felt Camden’s cheek rest against his.

Blake lips titled into a grin as he stared at the floor and the memory had his cock hardening. He approached the sofa silently. Blake’s fingers trailed over the ridges of Camden’s stomach and he groaned as he came awake. Blake traced the smile that curved Camden’s lips. Camden licked Blake’s fingers before he pulled them between his lips and began sucking. Blake hissed and his erection became insistent.

“Bedroom.” Blake commanded and Camden nodded as he rose to his feet. He continued to suck on Blake’s fingers as he backed him down the hall.

That’s as far as I’ve got with that. You’ll have to wait for the rest.

If you’re in the mood for more, you can check out one of my books on Amazon, if you haven’t already.


How About New Naughty Guys?

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