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**Very Adult Excerpt Below, Intended For “Adults”**


Happy Friday, Pervy Readers! I’m just about done writing and I expect to start editing tomorrow or Sunday. Sigh. I won’t bore you with more complaining about editing. The whole world knows how much I hate editing by now, I’m sure. But, I love you! So, I’m going to just give you the goods. Parker and Ross are awesome. They’re very sweet together and the sex is crazy hot. I can’t wait for you to read this new book. Obviously, I haven’t settled on a title but I’m hoping I’ll have one and a new cover by the end of next week. Anywhoooo, here’s an unedited peek at how Parker and Ross spend a yucky day together:

**Warning! Graphic, Delicious Adult Gay Sex And Very Adult Language! Please Be At Least 18!**  

It didn’t look like the kind of day to be out and about. Parker watched Ross frown at the sky on the other side of the window as they drank their coffee. Despite the miserable morning, they got out early and were sitting in their favorite coffee shop. Ross took a long sip of his coffee before turning to Parker.

“We should cook something today.” He announced and Parker’s brows pulled together.

“You want to cook?” Parker asked slowly and Ross shrugged.

“Why not?” He gave Parker an expectant look and Parker leaned back and crossed his arms.

“I don’t know, because neither of us knows how?” He offered and Ross waved dismissively.

“I’m sure that between the two of us, we can manage.” Ross countered and Parker rolled his eyes.

“Fine. I have stuff to make peanut butter and jelly’s and some boxes of mac and cheese. If you’re really that desperate to fend for yourself. We’d need to get some butter and my milk’s probably spoiled.” Parker said and Ross shook his head.

“No. Let’s find a real recipe, go buy everything we need and then go home and make it.” He suggested and Parker bit his lip and he considered.

“That sounds like a lot of work. Couldn’t we just buy a game or a movie and get take-out from wherever you want?” He asked and Ross shook his head again.

“Come on. It’ll be fun.” He promised and Parker wondered if he’d lost his mind. Ross laughed softly as he leaned over the table and took Parker’s hand. Parker already knew he didn’t stand a chance but he raised a brow and waited for Ross to “convince” him. “How about a lasagna?” He asked as he raised Parker’s hand to his lips. They were warm and soft against Parker’s palm.

“I’m pretty sure you can buy those pre-made and frozen.” Parker murmured. Ross rolled his eyes before his tongue discreetly traced the line down the center of his palm and Parker suppressed a shiver.

“We can make it from scratch. We’ll look online and find a recipe and make a shopping list. It’ll be an adventure.” His teeth grazed before he softly bit the heel of Parker’s hand. Parker’s thumb brushed along Ross’ cheek.

“I’m pretty sure I can do a lot of things but that doesn’t mean I have to.” Parker was certain that if he held out a little longer, it was going to pay off. “I can learn to remove my own appendix but I’d rather leave that in more capable hands.” He explained and Ross grinned.

“There’s a very big difference between making a lasagna and surgery. Or, so I’m told.” He kissed Parker’s wrist then leaned close and Parker sighed.

“I think lasagnas take a lot of ingredients and a lot of time to put together.” He complained and Ross nodded in agreement as his hand wrapped around Parker’s neck. Ross angled his head forward so that his lips hovered next to Parker’s ear.

“It’ll be great. We’ll make a salad and garlic bread, drink a lot of wine…” His breath was hot and damp, coffee scented steam in Parker’s ear. He bit back a groan as Ross’ hand wrapped around his thigh under the table and squeezed. “We’ll get some tiramisu, too. And I’m pretty sure that lasagnas take a long time to bake. We’ll have to find some way to pass the time. Maybe we’ll take a bath. You know how hungry baths make me.” He whispered and Parker nodded weakly as his cock got heavy and started to throb. The last time they took a bath, Parker found himself bent over the sink as Ross’ tongue-fucked his ass until he came all over the front of the cabinet.

“Ok.” Parker breathed. “We’ll make a lasagna.” He agreed. “Do you want to look for the recipe or should I?” His voice shook and Ross’ smile was brilliant as he sat back.

“You can look. Just don’t pick one of those meatless ones with lots of spinach.” He stipulated and Parker nodded, still too distracted by the idea of a long “bath”.

“Got it. With meat and no spinach.” He mumbled as his thumb slid over the lock screen on his phone.

An hour later, Parker was doing his best to pay attention and look interested as they stared into a dairy case at the grocery store. Ross had his phone and was studying the shopping list.

“I don’t want a diet-ie lasagna, so let’s get the whole milk ricotta.” He mumbled as he bent forward grabbed a tub. Parker’s eyes widened and he looked around nervously as Ross’ ass pushed against his groin. Ten minutes later, Parker gasped as Ross’ cock pressed into the cleft of his ass as he reached around Parker for the lasagna noodles. “It says ‘No Boil’ noodles. I think these are it.” Ross’ voice was a low, deep rumble in Parker’s ear. Parker elbowed him as he stepped to the side.

“Knock it off.” He warned as he gave Ross a stern look. “We’re going to get thrown out. I’m definitely not going to be in the mood to cook when we get home, if you keep this up.” Parker said under his breath as he turned and headed down the aisle.

“The recipe reviews suggested substituting some or all of the meat with sausage. Let’s do half.” Ross said as he reached for a package of Italian sausage. He winked at Parker as he dropped it in the cart. “I do love sausage.” He said and Parker snorted.

“Oh, my God. That’s not even a little bit of a turn-on. Unless you’re fourteen.” He grumbled then shuddered. “Oh, ew.” Parker complained and Ross laughed.

“I’m definitely not fourteen.” He grinned as his hand pressed against the middle of Parker’s back and pushed gently. A moment later, the hand curved around Parker’s ass as they turned a corner. Parker gave Ross an impatient look. “What? No one saw.” He insisted and Parker rolled his eyes.

They found the rest of the ingredients for the lasagna, garlic bread and salad, then a tiramisu from the bakery. After a little more research, Parker picked two bottles of a syrah/malbec blend. In line, he frowned at their cart as they waited to check out.

“What’s wrong? Did we forget something?” Ross asked as he rubbed Parker’s shoulders reassuringly. Parker nodded.

“Yeah. We forgot that last weekend I almost cut my finger off trying to slice an apple for us.” He said as he reached into the cart and began to place items on the belt. “This looks like shit a for real Nonna would buy.” Parker complained and Ross dipped his head and kissed Parker’s cheek before he moved past him to get to the register.

“Quit worrying. I’m excited.” Ross said before he grinned at the cashier. She offered Ross a disapproving glare.

“Do you think that’s appropriate behavior? There are children in here.” She announced a bit too loudly. Ross shrugged before he craned his neck, obviously studying her name tag.

“I don’t know what you’re referring to, Vera.” He said even louder. “Would you find it inappropriate if a man kissed a woman affectionately on the cheek? Or, are you offended at the concept of anything other than a chianti served with lasagna?” Ross teased and she gave him a hard look.

“Would you like paper or plastic?” She ground out and Ross gave her a warm smile.

“Paper, please.” He purred and she pretended to become absorbed in the hunt for the produce code for the garlic.

Parker shook his head in disbelief as he continued to empty the cart. He wouldn’t have handled that with as much grace. He would have demanded to see the manager and asked if Vera’s behavior was in keeping with the store’s policies. Parker would have made a scene, he would have wanted to make everyone aware of the hypocrisy and the double standard. Instead, Ross kept up a polite banter and thanked Vera as they left.

“You know, I would have made a scene back there.” Parker said as they loaded bags into the back of Ross’ car. Ross shrugged and reached into the cart.

“That would have been fine, too.” He announced as he wedged the wine bottles between heavier bags to keep them from rolling. “Sometimes, I don’t feel like being a poster boy or an activist. Sometimes, I just want to pay for my groceries and have a chill kind of day with the man I love.” Ross said as he wrapped his arm around Parker and lowered his head to peck at his lips. “Sometimes, I like when people feel like shit when you respond with calm kindness. I like to be the Ambassador of the High Road, now and then.” He explained and Parker’s chest filled with warmth as happiness and admiration bloomed.

“You’re going to have a hard time convincing me that I should do anything but keep you in bed all day.” Parker said as he backed Ross against the car and dove for his lips. Ross hummed happily as he fisted his hands in Parker’s shirt and their tongues tangled. Parker couldn’t stop his hips from rocking as his erection pushed angrily against the front of his jeans. Ross’ head snapped back and he groaned as his hands wrapped around Parker’s shoulders and he pushed him back half a step.

“Now who’s getting carried away?” Ross asked as he stood up straight. “And you’re not going to sidetrack us.” He insisted as he reached around Parker and pulled the last bag out of the cart. “We keep them in our pants until the lasagna goes in the oven. Go park this.” He ordered as his head jerked toward the cart parking spot. Parker scowled as he pushed it across the parking lot and pushed his hands into his pocket as he trudged back to Ross’ car.

“I don’t understand why we can’t take a break after we unload the car and put everything away.” Parker mumbled as he sat and buckled the seat belt. Ross shook his head.

“And lose my incentive?” Ross argued. “If I put out before we even get started, you’ll be useless.” He stated as he drove out of the parking lot. Parker crossed his arms over his chest and didn’t hide that he was pouting.

“You’re a tease. You led me on the whole time we were shopping and now you’re telling me I have to wait.” Parker grumbled and Ross nodded.

“I did do that.” He grinned as he stopped at a light and his hand slid up Parker’s thigh. “And I plan to keep it up the whole time we’re cooking. I want you to stay motivated. And I know how easily you get bored. I need you to pay attention.” Ross’ hand dipped between Parker’s thighs and he cupped Parker’s sack. Parker bit back a moan as he spread his thighs wider and scooted lower in the seat so he could tilt his hips, giving Ross more access.

“What if I promise to be really helpful and focus if you’ll blow me when we get home?” Parker suggested. Ross’ lips twisted as he gave Parker’s offer some thought.

“I might be willing to compromise, if you don’t complain as much while we’re putting everything away.” He countered and Parker nodded emphatically.

“I promise to be very enthusiastic about your groceries.” He insisted as his hand closed over Ross’ and he thrust into his palm. “If I had known how turned on you got over shopping and cooking, I would have been on board a lot sooner.” Parker growled in frustration when they stopped at another light. He needed them to be home and finished unloading the car ten minutes ago. Nearly two hours of constant flirting and discreet fondling had taken its toll and Parker felt like he was about to explode. His balls ached and the front of his boxer briefs were damp with pre-cum. Ross’ hand squeezed Parker’s cock through his jeans and he hissed as he clutched at Ross’ arm. “Jesus. I’m going to lose my mind before we get home.” He whimpered. Ross’ jaw twitched as he changed lanes.

“Take it out.” He said firmly and Parker’s eyes flared as they swung toward Ross.

“What?” Parker screeched in disbelief.

“Take your cock out.” Ross commanded as his eyes remained fixed on the road. For a moment, Parker thought about arguing. They weren’t teenagers and they were only about five minutes from home. But somehow, his shaking fingers had already slipped the button free and were tugging the zipper down. Parker reached into the gaping front of his jeans and he sighed in relief when he released his angry, pulsing erection. Ross’ hand closed around it and Parker gasped as he began to stroke.

“Fuck, Parker.” Ross breathed as his hand slid slowly up his length. “That’s so beautiful.” Ross groaned as his hand slid back down. “And you’re so hard.” He licked his lips and Parker hissed as Ross’ hand reached deep and curved around his sack. Parker’s head fell back against the head rest and his eyes shut as Ross’ hand returned to his shaft and started to tug firmly.

“Oh, God…” Parker whispered urgently. “You’re going to make me come, Ross.” He warned and Ross shook his head as he squeezed the base of Parker’s erection.

“Not yet.” He growled as he stopped at a light and turned to Parker. “Wait until we get home. I want to swallow every drop of that after I’ve tasted every inch of your cock and sucked on your balls.” Ross demanded and Parker nodded as he clawed at the door and clenched everything, trying to hold his orgasm off, denying the tickling and tensing of his nerves and the swelling pleasure and pressure that filled his sack.

“Please, hurry!” Parker begged as his hips rocked rhythmically, silently urging Ross to keep stroking.

“We’re just about there.” Ross promised as his thumb swept over the head, collecting the dribble of pre-cum that leaked from it. He raised his hand and hummed in delight as he sucked his thumb clean.

Parker almost sobbed in relief when Ross pulled into the driveway and quickly shut off the car. He leaned and his shoulders dropped and Parker yelped in shock when Ross’ lips closed over the end of his cock and sucked hungrily.

“Ross!” Parker hissed as his head swung around, looking outside the car for anyone that might see them. The street was clear and Parker relaxed slightly. “We can’t do this here.” He whispered urgently. A moment later, Ross sighed heavily as he raised his head.

“I just wanted a taste.” He explained before his hands cupped Parker’s face and he pulled him close for a quick, demanding kiss. “Hurry up and get inside.” Ross ordered before he opened the door and jumped out. Parker cursed as he tugged his jeans in place and carefully settled himself before zipping and buttoning his fly. He half walked and half jogged awkwardly to the door and gasped as the breath was knocked from him as Ross threw him against the door as soon as he was through it.

“Thank God.” Parker mumbled as he tried to reach for the fly of his jeans but Ross pushed his hands away. Within seconds Parker’s jeans and boxer briefs were around his ankles and Ross was on his knees. “Oh, God! Yesssss…” Parker’s head lolled against the panels of the door as his fingers sifted through Ross’ hair as Ross’ tongue licked up the length of his cock.

“What are you made of? Why can’t I stop needing to taste you?” Ross whispered urgently against Parker’s skin before his lips closed over the head of Parker’s erection. He began to suck and Parker’s eyes rolled back into his head and warmth pooled in his groin and pleasure swirled.

“Fuck, that’s so good.” Parker whimpered as his fingertips pressed against Ross’ scalp and he fought off the need to fist his hands in his hair and thrust into Ross’ mouth. “So good.” Parker breathed and Ross moaned in delight as he took Parker deep into his throat. Ross sucked and tight, wet pressure engulfed Parker and he panted Ross’ name. Ross lips released Parker and his eyes were a deep emerald as his tongue glided down Parker’s length. His head tilted and Parker hissed when Ross lapped at his sack. Ross sucked, pulling Parker’s balls into his mouth as his hand wrapped firmly around Parker’s shaft and stroked. Parker’s sack pulled tight and pressure pushed up his length. “I’m so close!” Parker gasped and Ross growled softly as he raised his head and teased the end of Parker’s cock with his tongue, tracing the slit and brushing his lips over the tight, delicate skin.

“Give it to me, Parker.” Ross commanded gently. “Come all over my tongue, I need to taste you.” His eyes held Parker’s as he let his mouth fall open. His hand tugged firmly as his tongue fluttered against the head, soft, warm and waiting. Everything in Parker’s body locked and he arched against the door.

“Rosssss…” Parker hissed as his head snapped back and his body came apart.

A current of bright, electric pleasure radiated from his groin and Parker’s knees almost buckled as Ross’ lips closed around the end of his cock and he began to suck greedily. Ross wrapped his arms around Parker’s waist, supporting him as pressure surged up Parker’s length and a stream of come burst from the head, deep into Ross’ throat. Parker twisted and shook as Ross drank until the pulling and pulsing ceased and Parker laughed drunkenly and slid down the door. He pulled Ross’ lips to his and kissed him lazily, humming in delight as he tasted his come on Ross’ tongue. Their lips clung for several moments and Ross chuckled as he pulled Parker to his feet.

“You still have to help unload and cook.” He reminded and Parker laughed as he pulled his jeans and briefs up and quickly zipped and buttoned.

“Oh, I’m about to cook the shit out of some lasagna.” Parker announced as Ross opened the door.

They’re adorable, right? I think so. And they’re almost ready for you. While you’re waiting, you can read my other books, if you haven’t already. Please?

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