A FREE Book & A Super Naughty Excerpt!

**Warning! Super Naughty Excerpt Below! Contains Yummy, Explicit Gay ADULT Sex. You Must Be 18+ To Participate!**

Oh, my Pervy Readers! Waiting For Mr. Ashwell is FREE today! I will make you love this book. It’s my first M/M novel and it’s so much fun and has some genuinely touching moments. They’re so in love and so very, very hot. Of my four M/M books, Mr. Ashwell is having the hardest time. I think readers are staying away because they think he’s tamer than the rest, like the period aspect makes him softer. Not at all, I promise. If anything, I’d say I pushed it a little harder in this one and toned it down as I went along. See what I did there? I thought I’d give you a special excerpt to prove that my Ned and Ash are every bit as naughty as my modern guys. Chapter 20 is one of my favorites and beautifully sums up their relationship. Read the excerpt, then rush to Amazon and get your copy while it’s FREE. You never know when a “good” book will come in handy. I’m on it this morning.


From Waiting For Mr. Ashwell:

“It was somewhere around here…” Ned mused as he scanned the shelves in the library. “Almanac, almanac, almanac…” He whispered as he tapped the books along the row. “Ah! Here it is!” Ned pulled the book from the shelf and started tapping along the spines as he moved right until he found what he was looking for. “And Voltaire for later.”

Ned smiled as he hugged the books to his chest and strode from the library. His campaign to stay busy while Ash was away had been very successful. He’d sent out a storm of letters each day to his land managers and he expected that he would see positive results. Ash would be proud of how productive he’d been. And I’ll have nothing to do but focus on Ash when he returns. Ned’s mind started to wander to what parts of Ash he’d like to focus on as he turned toward the study. He saw Ash out of the corner of his eye and dismissed it at first, shaking his head. Focus, Ned. You’re seeing things, he scolded himself then nearly dropped the books when Ash moved.

“Ned.” Ash’s voice was deep and soft. Ned’s eyes widened in surprise.

“What are you doing here? I didn’t expect you for another three days.” Ned whispered as Ash looked at the books in his hand.

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” Ash’s eyes held Ned’s as he quoted. “Something happened. We need to talk, Ned.” His eyes flicked to the study and Ned nodded as he turned. Anxiety curled through Ned as he stepped into the study and let Ash pass. He shut the door and was thrown against the panels as he turned. Ned would have gasped in shock but Ash’s mouth crashed against his as his hands closed around Ned’s face. The kiss was so urgent and deep, it made Ned’s knees turn to water. Ash raised his head.

“Drop the books.” He commanded. Ned dropped the books. Ash growled as he pressed his body to Ned’s and his lips were all over Ned’s face. They found Ned’s ear. “Henry knows. My mother knows. Rebecca knows.” Ash’s words were so hot and wet and low, they made Ned shiver. Ned’s eyes flared.

“Good God! Are you all right?” His face whipped toward Ash’s and he searched his eyes. Warmth flooded Ned when Ash smiled and nodded softly.

“I’ve never been so happy in my life.” He whispered before his lips claimed Ned’s again. The kiss started out gentle and joyful, Ned felt tears burning his eyes. Then, he felt Ash’s very large and very hard erection pressed against his thigh. Ash groaned and angled his face. His tongue thrust and slid against Ned’s and everything became hot. Ash’s mouth was hot, his hands on Ned’s face and throat were hot. The bulge in Ash’s breeches felt like it would burn through layers of buckskin and wool and Ned felt like the room was suddenly way too hot to be wearing clothing. Ned felt Ash’s hands working at the falls of his trousers and he moaned into Ash’s mouth. He shut his eyes as a shudder passed through him when Ash pulled his erection free and started tugging gently. Ned nearly wept, Ash’s hand felt so perfect around him. Ash raised his head and Ned opened his eyes.

“What did Henry say?” Ned asked shakily. Ash’s smile made his heart stop. Then, Ash dropped to his knees and Ned’s heart started to beat wildly. He heard Ash inhale and groan rapturously before he set his tongue to the base of Ned’s cock. Ned’s hands grabbed at the door behind him, trying to find something to hold on to. Ash’s lips closed around him and he started sucking. His head rose and fell rapidly and Ned’s sack was quickly drenched in wet heat. Ash lifted his head and his hand stroked Ned’s rigid length as their gazes locked.

“He said I should tell everyone I’m living at Hendrick Hall.” Ash whispered the words against Ned’s erection. Ned was sure there was a question he should ask in return but his brain was utterly broken as Ash’s mouth closed around him. Ash’s lips slid down, taking Ned deep. Ned tried to move his tongue and noticed his mouth was dry, it had been hanging open for too long. He shut it and worked on making it feel normal while Ash worked on making Ned lose his mind. Ash held Ned against the back of his throat, swallowing and caressing him with his tongue. Ned blinked rapidly as he saw sparks before him. There was hard sucking as Ash slowly pulled back and Ned felt like he was sliding down the door. Ash looked up at Ned again. “Henry’s going to forward all of my mail here.” More soft, wet warmth around Ned’s cock as Ash started sucking again. Ned’s brain started assembling the sentences and a thought was forming. Ash gets his mail delivered here… Then, his brain went dormant again. Ash was hungrily licking and sucking as his hand pulled gently at Ned’s sack. Ned felt the pressure building and knew he wouldn’t last much longer. It was all too good and something in him knew that a very wonderful thing was happening and it wasn’t just Ash’s mouth upon him. Ash was sucking on the head of Ned’s cock and his tongue was pressing into the slit. Ned hissed and his hand slid around Ash’s head. He felt Ash’s head tilt and he looked down. Ash’s eyes were deep and intense. “I’m closing the house in Mayfair. I’m never leaving Elston unless you’re coming with me.” His mouth closed around Ned and he sucked hard.

That was it. Ned gasped as his balls pulled tight and heat rushed up the length of his erection. Liquid light exploded from the end of Ned’s cock and he clenched his jaw to keep from screaming as Ash’s hands closed around his ass, holding him deep in his throat as he swallowed the contents of Ned’s soul. Ned trembled against the door, his eyes squeezed shut and his chest heaving as Ash’s lips pressed gentle kisses to his sensitive, softening cock. Ash stood and placed his hands on the door outside of Ned’s shoulders. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to Ned’s. Ned licked them and couldn’t stop the laugh that slipped from his throat.

“I’m very excited about this.” Ned murmured against Ash’s lips. He felt Ash’s mouth curve against his.

“I noticed.” He rumbled. Ned nodded softly, loving how it made his lips brush against Ash’s.

“This is how I should like to receive all news in the future.” Ned declared. Ash laughed softly, the sound curling through Ned, leaving warmth in its wake.

Ned pulled Ash close as he nibbled his lips until they opened. He tasted his seed in Ash’s mouth and he sent his tongue questing to find every trace of his essence. He felt the muscles in Ash’s body tense and his tongue became urgent in Ned’s mouth. Ned felt Ash’s hands working between them, swiftly opening the buttons of his breeches. Anticipation streaked through Ned as he reached down and grabbed Ash’s cock and started stroking. Ash was so hard and so hot. Ash threw his head back and his chest expanded as he pulled in a ragged breath.

Just as Ned was about to drop to his knees, Ash grabbed Ned’s shoulders and spun him, pushing him against the door. Ned smiled against the panels as he felt the warmth of Ash’s body behind him. Ash’s breath huffed, hot and damp against his ear and Ned shivered. Ned felt Ash’s hand against his back, removing something from his coat.

“I have a gift for you.” Ash panted in Ned’s ear.

“Hmm?” Ned was sure it was something fabulous but he didn’t want Ash to stop whatever he was about to do when he threw him against the door. Ash’s arm wrapped around him and his hand pressed against Ned’s chest, holding him close as the other arm reached around and revealed a silver flask. Ned frowned as he looked down. “That’s a lovely flask.” He mumbled as he arched his back against Ash. Ned was sure he’d adore it later. Ash laughed softly against Ned’s ear.

“It’s engraved.” More heat against Ned’s ear. Another shiver. Ash’s rigid length ground against the cleft of Ned’s ass. God, please! Ned reached back and grabbed Ash’s hip. “Look at it.” Ash ordered. Ned forced his eyes to focus. There was a large N and then small letters. For Ned. He nodded and swallowed a moan when Ash rolled his hips again.

“Thank you. I love it.” Ned prayed Ash would put the thing aside and do something, anything with the hard cock that was rubbing so deliciously against his ass.

“This isn’t for you.” Ash breathed against Ned’s ear. “This is mine. Yours has my name on it.” He continued to rock against Ned.

“Oh. That’s very romantic.” Ned was genuinely touched. But still too aroused to focus. He felt Ash’s tongue lash against his ear.

“They’re not meant to be sentimental. They’re not for spirits.” He pressed the flask into Ned’s hand. “Open it.” He growled. Ned pressed his chest to the door so he could use his hands. His hands shook as he twisted the cap off. He saw Ash’s hand open. “Pour a little on my fingers.”

Ned groaned as a thin stream of oil spilled from the flask onto Ash’s fingers. He felt Ash’s other arm shift and there was a tug before Ned’s trousers slid down his legs. The hand returned and pressed against the door before Ash’s other hand disappear. Ned hissed as he felt very hot, slick fingers slide into the cleft of his ass.

“It’s so hot!” Ned gasped. He felt Ash nod and he exhaled against Ned’s ear.

“I’ve had it against my chest for days. You can’t imagine how arousing it is carrying that around. You’ll have yours with you at all times, in case you can’t wait and you need to take me.” His finger was hot and slippery as it found Ned’s tight hole.

“Jeeesus, Ash!” Ned felt his body start to shake. “Please!” He was desperate.

His eyes rolled back as Ash’s finger pressed in. It slid past the tight ring and then slid back. Ned exhaled and relaxed and felt his ass tingle in anticipation. Ash’s finger slid in deeper and curled. Warmth shot through Ned’s legs and his cock started to grow hard again. Ash’s breathing was labored and his body was a solid wall of heat behind Ned.

“I don’t think I can go slow, Ned.” Ash growled and his finger was gone. Ned felt Ash’s hand working behind him. Ned knew he was preparing his cock, getting it slick with oil.

“I don’t want you to go slow. I need you, Ash. Hard and fast.” Ned begged against the door. He shut his eyes and held his breath as he felt the head of Ash’s cock press against his entrance. Ash’s hand curled against the wood, close to Ned’s face as the arm around his chest pulled him tight. Ash groaned as he flexed his hips and slid all the way home in one long, slow thrust. “Ash!” Ned gasped in protest. Didn’t I say hard and fast? Ned complained silently.

Then, it got very hard and very fast. Ash’s hips started thrusting, relentless and driving deep. Ash’s hand clawed at the door and his breath thundered in Ned’s ear. Ned clung to Ash’s arm and squeezed the flask in his hand to keep from dropping it as his chest and face pressed to the door. He felt so full, stretched and clinging to Ash’s thick, rock hard cock as it drove into him. There was beautiful pain and indescribable pleasure. Ned felt his cock, stiff and throbbing, beating against the door. He could feel the thickest part of Ash’s cock rubbing against the spot inside of him that made him see colors. Ned bit his lip to keep from yelling. He could feel his balls pulling tight. Fuck! Again? Ned prayed he could keep quiet. Ash was mindless behind him, thrusting and groaning Ned’s name. His sounds were making Ned insane. The arm around Ned’s chest slid away and Ash’s other hand pressed against the door. Ned managed to close the flask before he dropped it. He pressed his hands to the door as Ash started rolling his hips hard into Ned. He bit down on his lip until he tasted blood as he felt his feet come off the floor from the force of Ash’s thrusts. Without any warning, Ned felt his shaft burn as a searing sting ran up it before a long, slow stream of seed started pouring from the head of his cock.

“God! Ash, I’m coming!” Ned hissed. Pleasure and heat coursed down his legs and they throbbed. Throbbed! A wave of dizziness washed over Ned as Ash froze behind him. Ned’s lips curved as he waited. Ash thrust hard three more times and heat exploded inside of Ned. There it is. Ned thought as he felt his bones melt. He looked down and saw that seed was still dripping lazily from his spent cock. “Christ.” Ned whispered as Ash relaxed against him. He was heavy and his body shook as he wrapped his arms around Ned.

“Did I hurt you?” His voice was tight and low against Ned’s neck. Ned reached back and cradled Ash’s jaw. Ned laughed softly.

“No. And I wouldn’t care if you did. That was incredible.” Ned mumbled. He felt so weak. He could barely move his lips. Ash’s face rubbed against his cheek.

“I love you so much, Ned.” He whispered. Ned’s heart felt as if it would burst within him. A tear slipped from his eye and he smiled.

“I love you too, Ash. And this door, apparently.” Ned groaned as he shifted his shoulder. He was still pressed against the panels and his neck was starting to cramp. Ash tensed.

“Damn it!” He cursed as he pushed away. His hands pulled against Ned’s chest, helping him stand up straight. Ned swiveled his neck and rotated his shoulders.

“All better!” He declared as he looked at the floor and door in front of him. The mess was impressive. Ned looked over his shoulder at Ash. Ash raised a brow.

“You should probably rest.” Ash rumbled. “Go.” He commanded as he pointed at the sofa. Ned smiled drunkenly as he stumbled across the room, his trousers around his knees. He fell face down on the sofa and shut his eyes. He heard Ash moving about the room, cleaning up. A few minutes later, he felt Ash parting his thighs and gently wiping his seed from between Ned’s legs. When Ned was finally able, he rolled to the side and pulled his trousers up and looked around the room. There was a wet spot on the floor in front of the door but the room was otherwise free of any evidence. Ash poured a glass of scotch and took a sip before he tilted the glass and spilled it, covering the dark shape on the wood. He refilled the glass and poured another before he crossed the room and settled on the sofa next to Ned. He handed Ned his drink and then sighed as he took a long swallow of his.

“Would you like to come to London with me when I go to close the house?” Ash asked. Ned felt giddy joy bubble within him.

“That would be brilliant!” He exclaimed as he leaned and pressed his lips to Ash’s throat. Ash’s arm wrapped around Ned’s shoulder and he pulled him close. Ash reached for the table and he picked up the Voltaire. He relaxed and crossed his legs as he opened the book.

“Good. I was thinking we’d go the day after tomorrow.” He said absently as he started reading. Ned rested his head on Ash’s chest, inhaling deeply as he settled into his warmth.

“Perfect. This is so perfect.” Ned sighed as his eyes became too heavy to stay open.

“Mmmhmm.” Ash hummed deeply, absently as he turned the page. His arm started rubbing Ned’s arm soothingly and Ned was gone.

I know! They’re good, right? You can read the whole lovely book, for FREE! Get your ass to Amazon and download it, now!

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A FREE Book & A Super Naughty Excerpt!

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