A New Naughty Excerpt!

I know… I’ve been quiet lately. I’m on vacation, Pervy Readers. It’s nothing exotic. I’m in OKC. Which, is pretty exotic for a girl that lives in Arizona. Allllll the greeeeen! I’m soaking it up. And the vodka. Which I get to enjoy a lot earlier in the day since I don’t have to drive anyone anywhere. Or put on pants. That’s all I need in a vacation.

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I’m here and the drinking starts at 10 a.m.

I still have to pay for things because no one hands me cash for being cute. So, I’m “working”. Since I was traveling last Friday and didn’t post anything fun, I thought I’d give you something naughty today. My current WIP is about half done and it’s coming along fabulously. You’re going to love it. You better. Today, I’m working on the first morning. The Morning After Parker and Ross hook up. I’ll be picking this apart and changing stuff all over the place but I thought I’d give you a glimpse of it “As Is”.

**Warning! Grown-Up, Hot Gay Sexy Mens Doing Awesome Dirty Things! You Must Be 18 And Like Naughty Things!**

Everything with Ross had been so visceral and natural, so easy. Ross claimed that he wasn’t very good because he was inexperienced. He had no idea what that did to Parker. Not that Ross wasn’t good. He was amazing. Everything felt so honest, so sincere when he did it. Every touch held an energetic curiosity that gave Parker chills. Ross moved with an innate athletic grace that was far more arousing than the practiced bouncing of hips or contrived postures and glances. There was an exuberance and fascination, almost a sense of awe that Ross approached Parker with that was far more compelling than anything he’d ever experienced.

Parker didn’t want it to end. He was quietly dreading what would happen when Ross woke up. Would he offer flimsy excuses as he scrambled for the door? Would he want a quick fuck before he promised to call as he ran out? After the hours they’d spent talking and touching, Parker was hopeful but he knew he’d be setting himself up for disappointment if he let himself forget that it was still the morning after.

Ross’ body shifted and his arm raised as he rubbed his eyes. Parker sighed as he watched Ross lift his head and look across the bed before he sat up. His eyes drifted around the room before they stretched out the bedroom door and into the kitchen and found Parker’s. Ross offered a drowsy smile before he stretched and yawned. Ross swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood and Parker stifled a groan as Ross’ long, sculpted body glowed in the morning light. Heat spread through Parker’s body at the sight of a heavy morning hard-on as Ross stretched his neck and shoulders before he turned and walked toward Parker. Ross’ eyes were still lazy and soft and his lips gently curved as he approached.

“Good morning.” Ross murmured as he slid his arms around Parker’s waist and brushed his lips against Parker’s cheek.

“Want some coffee?” Parker’s voice broke as Ross’ teeth tugged at his earlobe.

“In a little bit. I want you first.” It was a gravelly, hot, wet rumble against Parker’s ear and goosebumps spilled down Parker’s neck and arms. “I didn’t get to do something last night.” Ross’ hands slid down Parker’s back, beneath the waistband of his pants and over his ass and Ross pushed them down. He bit Parker’s shoulder and growled softly as his hands swept around Parker’s thighs and closed around Parker’s now very stiff and pulsing erection. Parker groaned as Ross began to stroke. “I want to taste your come.” Ross announced as he lowered to his knees. His eyes locked on Parker’s as his tongue slid up the length of his cock and Parker gasped and pushed his hands through Ross’ hair.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” Parker whispered as heavy heat settled in his groin.

Ross’ lips and tongue bathed Parker’s length and he was once again struck by the pure, open adoration as he watched. Every lick and suck, every moment was about Ross’ curiosity and the joy he found in being able to freely touch and taste Parker. It was so much hotter than anything Parker had experienced before. When Ross’ lips closed around Parker’s shaft and began to suck, Parker grabbed the counter and ground his teeth, fighting against the urge to thrust into Ross’ mouth, not wanting to spoil that perfect wonder. Parker whispered Ross’ name over and over again as his body became lighter and brighter. Pleasure swirled and bloomed as pressure and tightness gathered in Parker’s sack and the base of his cock as Ross continued to suck and lick hungrily. Parker felt his nerves spark and retract.

“Ross!” He gasped as he wrapped his hands around Ross’ head. “I’m so close…” Parker’s head fell back and he pulled in a desperate breath as his eyes rolled. “I’m gonna…” A shriek burst from Parker’s throat when Ross’ large hands wrapped around the cheeks of his ass and the wet heat of Ross’ mouth clung tight as he sucked ruthlessly. “Fuck!” Parker yelled as heat, pleasure and pressure surged up his shaft and come burst from the head, deep in Ross’ throat. Ross hummed happily as he continued to suck, greedily draining Parker as his hands kneaded. Parker hung onto the counter as his body spasmed and shook until Ross released his cock with a soft pop and smiled drunkenly up at Parker.

“Even that tastes good.” He murmured as his lips gently caressed the head. Parker sagged against the counter and his hands slid lazily through Ross’ hair.

“That was amazing.” Parker sighed and Ross laughed softly as he stood up.

“Probably not. I’ve only done that a few times.” He admitted as he slid his hand around Parker’s cheek and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. Parker wrapped his hands around his face and kissed him urgently, savoring the taste of his come on Ross’ tongue.

“Trust me, it was really good.” Parker insisted and Ross’ smile became brilliant.

“Yeah?” He asked as he rubbed his nose against Parker’s.

“Yeah.” Parker bit Ross’ lip and he laughed softly.

“Good. I’ll have that coffee now.” He gave Parker’s ass another squeeze before he released it. Parker poured Ross a mug and they were quiet for several moments as they stood across from each other drinking their coffee. “This is good.” Ross said as he raised his mug and Parker nodded as he tried to find something to keep the silence from getting awkward.

“So, do you want some breakfast? I don’t really have anything here so we’d have to go out. I’m not much of a cook.” Parker admitted and Ross chuckled as he stared into his mug.

“I don’t cook either.” He said softly before he cringed. “I’d love to go get breakfast with you but I can’t.” Ross looked up at Parker apologetically and disappointment swelled.

“That’s cool. I’ll give you my number, you can call me if you want.” Parker chewed on his lip and tried to look relaxed as he stared into his coffee. When he looked up, Ross’ head was cocked and his brows were  pulled together as he stared at Parker.

“If I want?” Ross asked slowly and Parker nodded. Ross set his mug down and reached for Parker. “I’m definitely going to call. I don’t want to go Parker.” His voice was deep and velvety as he wrapped his arms around Parker. “I’m going for breakfast with Bryan and Ian. Bryan’s sister’s visiting and it’s her last weekend before she moves to Portland. I have to be there.” Ross explained and relief flooded Parker. He knew Ross was telling the truth. Ross’ head snapped back and he smiled. “Why don’t you come with me?” He asked and Parker started to nod as his eyes went to the clock. His heart sunk.

“Shit. I almost forgot.” He complained. “I can’t. My department is meeting for lunch at 11:00.” Parker rubbed the back of his neck and shook his head. “I can’t cancel. I’ve missed the last few because I was feeling sorry for myself. I promised I go today. I didn’t realize how late it was.” Parker saw Ross’ lips tilt and he shrugged.

“Fine. Then, I’ll see you tonight.” He declared and warmth burst in Parker’s chest. “I want to take you out to dinner. When can I pick you up?” Ross asked before he lowered his head and nibbled at Parker’s lips.

“I can be ready whenever.” Parker mumbled as he pulled Ross closer.

“I’ll make reservations and let you know.” His tongue slid along the seam of Parker’s lips and he angled his head as his tongue slipped between Parker’s lips. Parker felt the hard heat of Ross’ erection push against his thigh and Ross groaned into his mouth as Parker’s hand wrapped around it and began to stroke.

“Up on the counter.” Parker commanded when he released Ross’ lips.

Ross hopped and lifted himself onto the counter and leaned back on his hands as Parker spread his thighs and stepped between them. Ross hissed when Parker’s lips closed around his cock and slid down as Parker took him deep in his throat. The air was filled with the sounds of gasps, panting, wet slurps, cursing and Parker’s name. When Ross flew apart with a hoarse sob, Parker moaned in delight as Ross’ come coated his tongue. He tasted sweet, tart and faintly bitter, like grapefruit or sour apples.

They kissed for several minutes after, neither ready to let go, before Ross trudged into the bedroom and dressed. He kissed Parker deeply at the door before he left and Parker collapsed against the panels after it shut and sighed happily. He knew he was acting like a teenage girl but he didn’t care. He had a date with a really hot boy later.

Sigh. Back to work, I go. You better get, too. If you’ve got some time on your hands, you might check out my other books while you wait for me to finish this. If you haven’t already.

Waiting For Mr. Ashwell

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Building Heat

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Hide And Keep

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Playing The Hero

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A New Naughty Excerpt!

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