It’s THAT Day! Wanna Get Dirty?

Hey, Pervy Readers! It’s Hump Day! I’m not going to rattle on about me today. I’ve got a lot in my head that I need to put to the keys. This new WIP is coming along and it’s going to be a doozie, I think. I said that I’d share a bit about Ross since I’ve already given you a peek at Parker but I don’t think I will. I think I’m going to let you gather hints and clues as we go along. Since it’s Wednesday, I’m giving you the obligatory naughty bit. Enjoy.

**Warning! Explicit, Yummy Gay Sex and Adult Language! Be At Least 18 Years Old!**

“What did you do?” Parker gasped when he opened the door. Ross cringed and rubbed his hand over the light stubble across his head and face. His long waves were gone and Parker was a little heartbroken. So was the beard. Ross was clean shaven and looked younger and more severe, his cheek bones were sharp and his jaw was square. Ross had also lost some weight. Parker groaned as he reached for him. “You look like hell.” He complained and Ross laughed.

“Is it that bad?” He asked as he stepped through the door. Parker leaned back and wrapped his hands around Ross’ face.

“You’re still hot but you look tired and like you missed a lot of meals. I miss the hair and beard.” He admitted and Ross sighed as his hands splayed against Parker’s back and pulled him closer.

“I am tired and I missed a lot of meals. But I don’t care, I’m just glad I’m finally here.” He inhaled as he rubbed his lips against Parker’s neck. “And I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if I showed up with lice.” Ross added and Parker’s head pulled back in horrified shock.

“Lice!” He frowned as his eyes swept over Ross. “What the hell were you doing that made you lose so much weight and gave you lice?” Parker asked incredulously and Ross shook his head as he backed Parker toward the bedroom.

“Don’t worry about that, I’m fine. I just really need to be naked with you and in a bed.” He reassured as he pushed Parker’s t-shirt up his chest and over his head. Parker could only nod as need and excitement rushed through him. Ross’ eyes swept hungrily over Parker’s chest and he growled softly as he tumbled them onto the bed. “I’m not going to be able to stay awake for very long though.” He warned. “Wanting you is the only thing that’s kept me going all day. Normally, I go home and crash as soon as I can leave base and I don’t get out of bed for a few days.” Ross said as he rose on his knees and unbuttoned Parker’s jeans. Parker lifted his hips off the bed so Ross could slide them down over his hips and moaned when Ross tugged the front of his boxer briefs down and Parker’s cock sprang free.

“You can do whatever you want.” Parker insisted as he grabbed handfuls of Ross’ shirt and pulled. Ross hissed and sat up. He ripped the shirt off and tossed it aside and Parker gasped as he rose on his elbows. Half of Ross’ upper body was covered in what looked like road rash and bruises. “Ross!” Parker grabbed his shoulder and held him off. “Have you seen a doctor?” He asked and Ross nodded as he dove for Parker’s neck.

“First thing after we got to Doha. I’m fine. Just a few broken ribs.” He pushed Parker back on the bed and hummed happily as his tongue washed over Parker’s skin. “Stop worrying. I’ve been a lot worse.” He murmured as he made his way down Parker’s body, licking and biting. “God, you taste amazing.” Ross muffled against Parker’s stomach as he pushed Parker’s jeans and boxer briefs down his legs and discarded them.

Somehow, Ross managed to shed the rest of his clothes while he lapped at Parker’s cock. Parker gave in to Ross’ greedy, roaming hands and spread his thighs wide as Ross’ lips and tongue devoured. He pressed his hands to his face and smothered his moans and screams as Ross’ faced pressed into his ass and he laved, sucked and probed hungrily, ruthlessly. Parker begged Ross to finger his ass, to get him ready and eventually Ross gave in. Parker’s head lolled on the bed as he moaned deliriously as warm, heavy pleasure flooded his groin.

“I need to fuck you but I don’t know if I can do this right. I’m about to lose my mind.” Ross panted against Parker’s pulsing erection as he worked three fingers in and out of Parker’s hole. Parker tried to laugh but it came out as a gasp.

“You’re doing really good so far. Right now, fast and rough would be perfect.” He promised and Ross’ lips tilted in a loose grin and his eyes were heavy when he looked up at Parker.

“I can definitely manage fast and rough right now.” He said as he reached for a condom.

Ross quickly sheathed his cock and coated it in lube. He rubbed Parker’s hip and gestured for him to roll over. As soon as Parker got his knees beneath him, the head of Ross’ erection was nudging at his entrance. Parker swallowed a groan and pushed back as Ross slid forward. There was a brief sting but his body quickly adjusted and Parker began to ride Ross’ tentative thrusts and urged him to push harder. After a few minutes and several demands from Parker, Ross gave in and let go. His hips rolled and slammed into Parker relentlessly and Parker’s shoulders dropped to the bed as he sobbed in ecstasy and begged for more. Ross’ fingers dug and clawed at Parker’s flesh as he chanted Parker’s name and pressure and heat squeezed Parker’s sack and swelled into the base of his cock.

“Ross!” Parker gasped. “I’m about to come. Fuck me harder!” He demanded before he pushed his face into the mattress. Ross’ hands clamped around Parker’s ass cheeks and spread them wide as he drove deep and Parker screamed into the bed as lightning surged up his shaft and his body shattered. Ross yelled his name before he froze then his body jerked and he thrust a few more times before he began to convulse wildly against Parker.

“Sooo good.” Ross mumbled drunkenly as he collapsed and draped over Parker’s back. Parker melted into the mattress and sighed happily as Ross licked the back of his neck. “Are you ok?” He whispered and Parker snorted.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more ok in my life.” He stated and Ross laughed drowsily against Parker’s skin before he rolled off and pulled Parker against his chest.

“Are you sure you don’t mind if I’m in a coma for the next few days?” He asked and Parker shook his head.

“No. I’ll just be creepy and watch you sleep.” Parker whispered as he stroked Ross’ back soothingly. “I’ll stay here for a while and then I’ll go out and get food. You’re going to have to wake up now and then and eat. You have to put that weight back on.” Parker insisted gently and a soft snore rattled in Ross’ throat.

Parker spent about an hour enjoying the feel of Ross’ sated, boneless body against his before he carefully slid from the bed. He shook his head and frowned as he surveyed the rest of Ross’ body. A long, dark bruise covered most of one thigh and thick scabs and scratches were spread across his back and shoulders. Parker rubbed his hand across his mouth and resisted the urge to wake Ross and demand an explanation as his stomach clenched nervously at the thought of Ross in danger and in pain. He seemed so oblivious to it while it shredded Parker’s calm and tried to overshadow his joy at having Ross back. Eventually, Parker set his unease aside and got ready. He couldn’t do anything about the damage to Ross’ body but he could feed him and nurse his wounds.

I think that’s enough for now. If you want to read about more gorgeous men doing naughty things, there are lots of excerpts here on the blog. Or, you can read one of my books, if you haven’t already.

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It’s THAT Day! Wanna Get Dirty?

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