My Favorite Dirty Guys

**VERY Adult Excerpt! You MUST be over 18 to enjoy!**

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Hey, my pervy readers! Hide And Keep reached a milestone early this morning and I thought I’d give it a nod and wanted to share my thoughts on a discussion I’ve been having with one of my readers. I get the most feedback on this book, and I totally get it. I think it’s my favorite. Of all of them. I’ve blogged a lot about how Aiden came about and why he’s important. He’s a lovely combination of anti-hero and innocent. And he’s really fucking hot. Anyways, this reader said her favorite chapter from ALL of my books had Aiden and Lane’s first kiss in it. It’s good, right? Of course it is. You have a man with Asperger’s and sensory issues that’s afraid of intimacy being confronted by that while getting drilled. I know, I’m so think-ie and subtle. She says it’s great because it’s Lane being vulnerable yet strong and Aiden learns that he’s very human. While I agree and appreciate that chapter, it’s not my favorite. Chapter 5. It’s very Woah. For me, at least. I think it sums up the whole book perfectly. It gives the perfect glimpse of each character and has hints of every plot point without giving away the Big Reveal. And it’s UBER naughty. If you’ve got Hide And Keep waiting on your device or you’ve seen it pushed here on the blog or on Twitter and have been eyeing it, this is perfect for you. Or, maybe you’ve read it and you love this chapter as much as I do and can’t read it too many times. Also, I mentioned a few times that the “Cookie Scene” in chapter 20 was a tough one for me and I worried that it was a touch too much but I’ve heard from a few that they loved it. So, my pervy readers are perfectly, super duper pervy. I love that very much.

Here’s Chapter 5:

**Second Warning! Very Graphic, Nummy Gay Sex! Proceed Adult-ishly!**

Maybe I could get a place. I forgot how good it feels to sleep in a bed, Aiden thought as he ripped the tags off a t-shirt and pulled it over his head. After it’s over. If it ever ends, he frowned as he pulled a pair of jeans on. After three years, he was exhausted with it. His thoughts had been dark lately. His mind would drift and he’d imagine giving up and coming out into the open, letting it happen. But the bed felt good. Having that every night could be worth holding on for.

Coming downstairs after he woke up had been almost heaven. If Cabbot hadn’t been there, it would have been perfect. Aiden had never had a morning after. No one had ever made him breakfast. And it was pancakes. He could live for pancakes alone. Aiden said the character was Mr. Morning After. That was a lie. In his head, Aiden was pretending he was Mr. Every Morning. He pretended he knew the body he’d put his arms around as well as his own, that this Sunday had been one of many with pancakes and shower sex. But Aiden knew better than to imagine he’d ever really be Mr. Every Morning. Men like Lane didn’t stay with men like Aiden. A man like Lane might make Aiden pancakes once or twice to save him from a few fast food meals but Aiden wasn’t the type that got long term pancakes.

But Cabbot didn’t deserve long term pancakes either. The idea of Lane with Cabbot made Aiden’s chest tight and he felt like dark heavy slow colors. He didn’t understand it. Aiden had never given any thought to who his past partners slept with, before or after him. It had always been about that moment, the brief time they were together. There was never a before. There was never an after. Aiden hated that Cabbot had touched Lane. He was arrogant and thought he was better than Lane. Cabbot wanted to keep Lane on the side, always waiting for him. Lane deserved someone special that was worth long term pancakes. Even worse, Aiden could tell that Cabbot was lousy in bed. Lane didn’t like having sex with Cabbot. Aiden didn’t understand why Lane had settled but he shouldn’t have.

Aiden had never been aggressive. He had never pursued anyone. His partners tended to seek him out or it was a simple matter of mutual convenience. After meeting Cabbot, Aiden was determined to have Lane. He’d wanted Lane as soon as he saw him in the terminal and his desire grew more intense with each moment they spent together. Aiden couldn’t accept that Cabbot could have Lane but he couldn’t. And Lane could use a few nights with someone that knew how to worship his body and turn it inside out. Aiden might not understand the dynamics of interpersonal communication but he understood how sex and the body worked. Aiden was going to introduce Lane to Mr. Make-His-Toes-Curl-And-Set-His-Hair-On-Fire.

There was the sound of the shower across the hall. Aiden smiled and his body became taut with arousal and anticipation. Aiden knew he’d get his shower sex before he left. Lane had wanted it as much as he did. Even Aiden could see it in Lane’s eyes. The phone buzzed as Aiden was sliding it into his pocket. He froze. His throat tightened and his heart started to beat faster as his body became cold and dark. Don’t. Not now, Aiden urged. He took a deep breath and shook his head. He wasn’t going to look. The message could wait. Fear and anger could wait. Right now, Aiden had something better to focus on. He was going to enjoy the lust and adrenaline of a new lover. He was going to get through Lane’s resistance. And then, Aiden was going to lose himself in Lane for as long as he could.

“What can I make you that you’ll eat?” Lane asked and Aiden looked up from his phone.

Aiden had spent the afternoon going over the crime scene photos from Cabbot’s case and reading statements from his phone. Lane read for a little while and watched a football game. Aiden was surprised when Lane let him eat the rest of the pancakes for lunch. It was turning out to be one of the best days Aiden had in as long as he could remember. Aiden’s lips twisted as he tried to think of what he’d liked to eat. His mother was the last person to cook for him and she had died six years ago. There was a memory followed by a terrible longing. Aiden was afraid to ask, if Lane didn’t have the ingredients, it would be disappointing. Aiden must have frowned or made another gesture that gave him away.

“What?” Lane asked. Aiden looked up at Lane.

“Can you make a grilled cheese?” He asked cautiously and held his breath as Lane’s head pulled back in surprise.

“A grilled cheese?” Lane repeated slowly and Aiden nodded.

“Yes. With apple slices or grapes and plain, sliced cucumbers.” Aiden became very still as he waited. Lane nodded and Aiden almost cried.

“A grilled cheese it is. With apple slices and grapes and plain, sliced cucumbers,” he announced as he went into the kitchen. Aiden felt warm bright colors burst within him and he had to clench his hands at his sides to keep from jumping up and laughing. Another memory.

“But just orange cheese. I don’t like white cheese,” Aiden called and Lane laughed from inside the fridge.

“Cheddar. Got it,” he replied.

Fifteen minutes later, Aiden had to blink back tears as he stared at two grilled cheese sandwiches, apples, grapes and cucumbers. It was perfect. He hooked his feet around the chair legs, straightened his back and locked his shoulders to keep from rocking as he started to eat. Aiden ate his sandwiches quickly then the cucumbers. He ate his apples and looked up at Lane as he popped the last grape into his mouth and found him watching. Aiden raised a brow in question and Lane smiled as he leaned back in his seat.

“You eat like a toddler,” he said and Aiden frowned as he tried to understand.

“I don’t think that’s accurate. I am much neater than a toddler when I eat. Also, I have significantly more teeth, so I can cope with more larger, solid foods,” he argued and Lane laughed.

“I’m sorry, you have the diet of a toddler, Aiden,” Lane amended. Aiden’s eyes flicked toward the ceiling as he considered and he nodded.

“Possibly. But I don’t like bananas,” he admitted and Lane laughed again as he took their plates to the kitchen.

“You know, you’re kind of adorable once you get used to the lack of filter, Aiden,” Lane said as he started loading the dishwasher. Aiden narrowed his eyes as he stared at Lane and tried to decide if it was a sincere compliment. He had a feeling it was and it made him warm. Time to show him you’re a man, Aiden decided as he stood up.

“I’d like to make you something. How about a cocktail?” Aiden asked as he walked toward the bar in the living room.

“I thought you didn’t drink,” Lane called from the sink. Aiden nodded as he took stock of the liquor and mixers.

“I don’t but my parents used to host parties and I would bartend. I’ve memorized at least a hundred drinks,” Aiden said as he went to the kitchen. “I need ice,” he announced as he pulled the freezer open. “What would you like?” Aiden asked as he shut the door and leaned against it. Lane shrugged.

“Surprise me,” he said with a wink. Aiden let his lips tilt in an easy grin and made his eyes look drowsy.

“I intend to,” he said softly as he slowly brushed past Lane. He let his hand drag across Lane’s lower back slowly and he smiled when Lane stiffened and held his breath.

Aiden made an old fashioned with orange bitters and set it on the coffee table as he waited for Lane to join him. Lane looked wary when he settled on the sofa next to Aiden and reached for his drink. He took a cautious sip and smiled as he swallowed.

“That’s delightful,” he sighed as he reclined. Aiden nodded as his arm extended along the back of the sofa and let his hand rest behind Lane’s shoulders.

“Why Cabbot?” Aiden asked as he traced Lane’s shoulder lightly with his middle finger. Lane frowned.

“Do we have to talk about my sex life?” He asked warily. Aiden’s head tilted.

“Why not?” Aiden countered and Lane sighed wearily.

“Because you just met the last two years. It’s not exactly something I’m really excited about or proud of,” he admitted. “Why don’t we talk about yours?” Lane looked at Aiden pointedly. Aiden shrugged.

“Fine. What do you want to know?” He asked and Lane looked surprised. Was he expecting Aiden to deflect? Lane leaned closer and Aiden started to stroke between his shoulder blades.

“Are you seeing anyone back home, in D.C.?” Lane asked. Aiden bit his lip as he considered.

“I spend more time away from D.C. than I do there. I’m not in a relationship with anyone but I do have someone that I have sex with regularly, when I’m in town,” he explained and Lane’s eyes narrowed as they searched Aiden’s.

“What’s his name?” Lane’s shoulders tightened. Aiden found that interesting.

“Paul Sloan,” Aiden said and they became tighter.

“Why aren’t you and Paul in a relationship?” Lane asked. It was Aiden’s turn to be surprised.

“Is that a real question, or a joke?” He asked and Lane frowned.

“Why would it be a joke?” His eyes were steady as they held Aiden’s.

“No one would want to be in a relationship with me.” Aiden stated. Lane’s mouth opened and closed several times before he shook his head.

“That’s stupid. Why wouldn’t someone want to be in a relationship with you?” He asked. Aiden laughed softly.

“Aside from the fact that I have no filter and eat like a toddler?” He gave back Lane’s pointed look. Lane rubbed the back of his neck as he cringed.

“Ok, but as far as faults go, those aren’t the worst. And you’re pretty upfront about your flaws. I can think of much worse,” Lane offered and took a long sip of his drink. Aiden stared out the window as he considered Lane’s point.

“I suppose but it’s never come to that with anyone. Definitely not with Paul. We’re sexually compatible but we have very little in common and have no desire to spend time with each other.” Aiden pictured Paul and reviewed everything he knew about him. “I don’t find him very interesting or enjoy talking to him. And I don’t think he really likes me. We respect each other professionally and the sex is enjoyable but that’s it,” Aiden admitted. “Also, I don’t want to be monogamous with Paul. I occasionally come across someone I’m attracted to when I’m traveling.” Aiden winked at Lane and his fingers trailed slowly up Lane’s neck and he shivered as he stared at Aiden.

“So, you’re kind of a slut?” Lane smiled and Aiden understood he was teasing.

“I don’t think so. Four partners in the last year doesn’t seem too unreasonable. And I’m always careful,” Aiden said and Lane nodded.

“No, that’s not as bad as I was expecting. And everything’s easy and everyone’s happy? No nightmares in your past?” Lane asked. Aiden felt a reflexive tightening in his chest as he pictured the text message he’d received that morning.


Enjoying Lake Cliff?

“Just one but I don’t want to ruin the mood,” he said as he let his fingernails scrape up and down the back of Lane’s neck. Lane sighed as he leaned closer. “Can we talk about Cabbot now?” Aiden asked. Lane frowned.

“Why are you so interested in Clark?” Lane asked as he searched Aiden’s eyes. Aiden held his gaze.

“It doesn’t make sense to me. I can’t understand what you saw in him or why you thought he was good enough for you,” Aiden said softly. Lane snorted as he raised his drink to his lips. He drained his glass and set it down before he got up and went to the window.

“I didn’t see anything in Clark. He was there and I knew it would never get complicated. I didn’t have time for feelings or obligations. We understood that we both had more important things in our lives and it was just sex, whenever it was convenient.” Lane pressed his arm against the glass and set his chin on it as he stared out. Aiden got up silently and crossed the room. Lane sighed as he rested his forehead against the glass. “I’ve been tired of it for a long time. But I didn’t have any other prospects and I don’t have time for the dating scene,” He mumbled.

Aiden stopped behind Lane and slid his hands up his back. He felt Lane tense for a moment before he sighed and relaxed. Aiden sent his hands around Lane’s waist and pushed them up his stomach. He felt the hard ridges of Lane’s stomach and firm, flat pecs beneath his t-shirt. Aiden angled his head as he leaned against Lane and bit his neck, dragging his teeth along Lane’s skin. Aiden knew Lane liked that and wasn’t surprised by the soft moan that slipped from Lane’s throat. It made Aiden feel hot and urgent, he pressed his body against Lane’s and ground his hips. Aiden felt Lane exhale, it was long and ragged and became fog on the glass in front of Lane’s face.

“What was that?” Aiden breathed into Lane’s ear.

Lane shook his head weakly and Aiden’s lips curved as his hands drifted down Lane’s body. He gently pressed them against Lane’s thighs and let them slide up. Aiden rubbed his lips against Lane’s ear and hummed softly as his hand brushed over Lane’s very large, very hard erection. Aiden could feel the heat of it through Lane’s jeans. His own cock pulsed urgently and Aiden rocked his hips, pressing it into the cleft of Lane’s ass. Lane hissed and arched against Aiden.

“This?” Aiden murmured as he ground against Lane again. Lane nodded drunkenly.

“It’s been a really long time,” Lane whispered hoarsely against the glass. That surprised Aiden. He leaned back and slid his hands over Lane’s ass.

“Cabbot didn’t…?” Aiden squeezed and his cock throbbed painfully at the feel of firm, round flesh filling his hands. Lane shook his head.

“Clark wouldn’t. He preferred fucking his wife,” Lane rasped. Aiden sucked his teeth as he traced the cleft of Lane’s ass through the thick fabric.

“I don’t know what he’s made of because your ass is killing me. You can’t imagine all the things I want to do to it.” Aiden grabbed Lane’s hips and started to rock against him, letting his erection grind between the hard globes of Lane’s ass.

“He never wanted to touch me there,” Lane breathed and Aiden shook his head in disbelief.

“I’m good, Lane. I can make you come so hard and in so many different ways… And when you let me, I’m going to fuck you so hard and so deep, I’m going to need a flashlight to find my way out,” Aiden whispered as he slid his hands under Lane’s shirt. Lane’s skin was hot and flickered under Aiden’s fingertips.

“Aiden… I…” Lane shuddered and his hand reached down and closed around Aiden’s ass, pulling him closer. Aiden licked Lane’s ear.

“Ssshhh…” Aiden traced Lane’s ear with the tip of his tongue. “I’m hungry, Lane. You won’t compare me to a toddler again when I’m done with you,” he promised as he pushed Lane’s shirt up and Lane raised his arms, letting Aiden pull it off.

“Isn’t it a bit late for Mr. Morning After?” Lane mumbled as he pressed his hands against the glass. Aiden bit Lane’s shoulder and hummed against his skin as he unbuttoned Lane’s jeans.

“You’re about meet Mr. Makes-Him-Scream-So-Loud-The-Angels-Hear-Him,” Aiden warned as he tugged Lane’s jeans down, over his hips. Lane groaned when Aiden’s hands slid beneath the elastic of his boxers and over his ass as they pushed them down.

“You’re very confident,” Lane whispered shakily. Aiden laughed softly as he let his tongue slide up the back of Lane’s neck.

“If you did some research, you’ll know that people like me can become intensely, obsessively interested in very specific things,” Aiden said as he brushed his lips down Lane’s spine.

“Right?” Lane panted. Aiden smiled wolfishly as he dropped to his knees and ran his hands down Lane’s legs, pulling his jeans and boxers off.

“This is one of my things,” Aiden whispered before he nipped at one of Lane’s ass cheeks causing him to jump. “And I’m not capable of exaggerating.” He slid his hands up the insides of Lane’s thighs as his tongue traced the cleft of Lane’s ass.

“Oh, Jesus,” Lane gasped and his body started to shake.

Aiden was done talking. He pulled Lane’s hips back before he wrapped his hands around Lane’s ass and opened him. Aiden lapped at Lane with broad strokes and groaned in delight. Aiden could always taste sex. It was one of the few times when all of his senses synced and hummed. Lane tasted like soap and something soft citrusy bright and a hint of salty skin. He heard Lane whimper and Aiden pressed deeper, his tongue washing over the hot, puckered flesh of Lane’s hole. Aiden traced it gently, swirling his tongue around, teasing Lane. Aiden heard a strangled moan and increased the pressure as he continued to circle Lane’s quivering entrance. Lane gasped Aiden’s name and he chuckled as he flicked his tongue. Lane shrieked. Aiden made his tongue firm and beat the tip against Lane’s tight hole. Aiden’s fingers slid and splayed around Lane’s entrance and pulled gently as Aiden thrust his tongue, drilling into Lane’s tightness. Lane began to sob as Aiden greedily probed and sucked, lost in the taste and heat of Lane.

“Aiden! Holy Fuck!” Lane screamed against the window and Aiden’s head snapped up.

He’d completely lost track of time, and the world in general. Lane’s body was quivering and covered in a sheen of sweat. Aiden blinked several times then grinned. He grabbed Lane by the hips and spun him so that his back fell against the glass and Lane gasped as he looked down at Aiden. Aiden licked his lips as his eyes devoured Lane’s glistening, naked body. He was hard and sculpted and trembling with need. Aiden’s eyes widened when they reached Lane’s straining erection. A long string of pre-cum hung from the thick length and Aiden’s gaze fell to a clear puddle on the floor.

“I’ve never seen anyone leak like that,” Aiden whispered in awe as he reached for Lane’s cock. Lane exhaled hard and his head fall back against the glass as Aiden’s hands closed around him.

“You just tongue-fucked my ass. It was incredible. What did you expect?” Lane asked weakly as his hands slid into his hair. ‘Oh, fuck!” He yelled as Aiden pulled one of his balls into his mouth and began to suck.

Lane’s sack was soft, warm and hairless and Aiden took his time lapping and sucking at the tender flesh. Lane writhed against the window and panted Aiden’s name. Aiden released it and set his tongue to the base of Lane’s cock and slid it all the way to the tip. Aiden gasped when the taste of Lane’s pre-cum coated his tongue. It was sweet crisp soft green like apples and Aiden couldn’t stand how tight his jeans felt. His erection was being squeezed and pinched. Aiden rose on his knees and quickly opened his jeans and freed his aching length as he lapped at the head of Lane’s cock.

“So good,” Aiden murmured against the tight, tender skin before he teased the slit with the tip of his tongue.

More of Lane’s clear essence dribbled out and Aiden wrapped his lips around the tip and suckled hungrily. Lane hissed as his hand slid into Aiden’s hair. Aiden wrapped his lips around Lane’s erection and lowered his head, slowly taking Lane deeper into his mouth. He let the head nudge the back of his throat and Lane breathed his name. Aiden relaxed his jaw and began to suck as he raised his head. There was more of the green apple taste and Aiden let go of everything around him and sucked ravenously as his head rose and fell, his lips caressing Lane’s pulsing length firmly. After a few minutes, Aiden was taking Lane’s full length, deep in his throat and Lane swore loudly when Aiden started to hum around him. Aiden couldn’t take it anymore, his cock felt like it was made of lead and his balls were an angry red ache. He grabbed his shaft and started to stroke as he continued to greedily swallow Lane’s erection. Aiden heard Lane gasp and he looked up to find Lane watching him.

“That’s so fucking hot!” He whimpered as he clutched at Aiden’s head. “I can’t… I’m going to come, Aiden,” Lane panted desperately.

Aiden wrapped his arm around Lane’s waist, locking him against his face as he sucked harder and stroked his own erection faster. Aiden could feel the warm golden squeeze in his sack and he knew his own release was coming. Lane arched against the glass and clawed at Aiden’s arm. Aiden felt Lane’s cock swell and contract before it started to pulse against his tongue. Lane screamed Aiden’s name as a thick, hot burst of come filled Aiden’s throat and washed over his tongue. Aiden’s eyes rolled back into his head as the taste of Lane spread through his body. He was sweet with the faintest hint of bleach. Aiden moaned around Lane as he felt hard lightening push its way up his cock and his nerves exploded. Come shot from the head of Aiden’s erection as his body became hot oranges and yellows and pleasure radiated through his body.

“Aiden, let go. Please,” Lane begged raggedly as he twitched and twisted against the window.

Aiden released him, slowly pulling his lips from around Lane’s softening length as he sat back on his heels, shuddering as the last of his climax rolled though him. There was a long sigh before Lane’s body slid down the glass and he landed on the floor, limp and stunned in front of Aiden. He shut his eyes and rested his head against the window. Lane was silent for several moments before he smiled.

“I’m sitting in a cold puddle and a hot puddle,” he murmured. Aiden frowned as he looked down. The polished concrete floor didn’t look comfortable to begin with. Aiden was sure his knees would be sore later.

“Hold on.” He jumped to his feet and carefully settled his cock in his pants and zipped as he went to the kitchen and dampened some paper towels. Aiden went back to the living room and pulled Lane to his feet. He ignored Lane’s protests and gently cleaned his ass and thighs before he led him back to the sofa. Aiden made Lane another old fashioned before he wiped the floor clean. By the time Aiden fell onto the sofa next to Lane, they were breathing normally and Lane was smiling drowsily. He held up the glass, letting the setting sun shine though it.

“You do not exaggerate,” Lane announced before he took a long sip and sighed. “We’re taking a shower after I finish this.”

Now, go have a smoke or take a shower. If you don’t have Hide And Keep and want it for your own, go here: 

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Of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts. As always.

My Favorite Dirty Guys

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Dirty Guys

  1. Cheryl says:

    Chapter 5 is just – WOW- but I think my favorite is the “I love you” scene. Makes me tear up every time I read it when Aiden says he doesn’t know I’d he feels the same. That just gets me every darn time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh! That was a great scene! I cried when I wrote it. I love when I cry even though I knew what I was going to do before I started writing. I’ve got such a doozy coming up in this next book and I’m kind of dreading it. But, if you’re my Cheryl from Twitter, you’ll know what inspired me and get it.
      Thank you for your support and sharing your favorite scene!


    1. Aaww! See! I Love my readers! Thanks, Kalisto! I’m glad you loved it. It’s such a hard act to follow. I hope I don’t let you down with this next book. I think I’m on to something with this new guy though. I can’t wait to see what you think. Please, please, please check in here or on Twitter when you read this next book and let me know. I live for feedback from my awesome readers.
      Take care and thanks again!


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