The Gay UN Welcomes Parker!

**ALERT! New WIP Excerpt below!**

This K. Sterling thing is getting very serious. And very fun. I’ve mentioned that I adore my pervy readers, I’m sure. But have I mentioned how excited I get when I see a new country pop up on my blog? I’ve done my share of traveling and I’ve seen some of the most beautiful and heartbreaking places in the world. Have you ever seen a movie or read a book where the main character struggles in their own country and has published one book or made one really bad commercial and then they get lost in some tiny, rural place and they’re like Elvis there? In my head, that scenario plays out when I see countries I’ve never been to. Like, I’ll be in Hungary and get off a train at the wrong stop and suddenly people are yelling “K. Sterling! K. Sterling! Building the heat!” And I’ll be hustled into a restaurant and force fed gulasch until I can’t walk. I want that. So hard. By the way, I make a badass chicken paprikas. If you come over, I’ll make it for you.

Then there are countries where I know K. Sterling would not be welcomed and it’s downright dangerous for my readers. I feel a little defiant and I offer an In-Spirit-Fist-Bump when I see Russia on the blog. When I saw Syria, I was a little shocked and worried. I jumped on one of my follower’s blog and he had photos of gay men being thrown from buildings and he discussed the climate in Syria toward gay men and the fear he lived with. I’ve never wanted to reach through my computer and pull someone out so bad.

But, I don’t want to bring anyone down. I try to dwell in the light and keep everyone there with me. Life gets serious enough without my help. Back to The Gay UN! Look at all of these countries! In my head, I’m sitting in a room with all of these people and we’re drinking tea.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.37.53 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.37.42 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.37.36 AM

“Good morning, Serbia!” I say and Serbia nods back. “Hello, South Africa. Been up to anything naughty today?” And South Africa offers a cheeky wink. Of course, The United Kingdom and I are like BFF’s (even though they kind of let me down recently) and we tap our tea cups. “Ireland!” I gasp and Ireland is gleeful. “Well done, you! I’m so proud!” I gush. Then, I look around the room and sigh happily at my very diverse and fascinating guests. “Welcome, everyone! I love you all so very much!”

Another thing that tickles me is the way people get to my blog. I have a very lovely gang of followers through WordPress but many come to me from the back pages of my books and through Twitter. But it’s the ones that stumble onto me through random searches that makes me giggle. I don’t know how the internet decides to throw me into some of these searches, it must be magic. Google never lets me down.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 8.28.59 AM

I just really, really love what I do and appreciate every one of you for making it possible for me to keep doing it. Speaking of! I started a new WIP a few days ago and I thought I’d share the first chapter. Be kind, it’s in its early phases and I’ll have to rewrite most of it and scrutinize grammar and spelling later. But I know that some of my readers love getting a peek at my guys as I’m creating them. And I love to share.

So, my lovely, pervy readers, meet Parker:

There wasn’t enough coffee in the whole state of Virginia to keep Parker’s head from slamming onto the desktop as he struggled to stay awake while grading the worst of the term papers. He’d left Jonathan Hays for last, knowing it was going to be grueling. You have days. Literally. You’re stalling and once you’re done, you’ll have to face the whole long weekend. Parker groaned as he rubbed the back of his neck. He hated his new apartment and he’d stayed in his office late the last two evenings, grading and avoiding his new “life”.

Blake was probably at the English Department’s cocktail social being erudite and dashing. Parker heard that he was dating a new TA. He hoped Blake overdosed on his precious Viagra and his dick exploded. You know, you’d get over this faster if you got laid. He’s moved on and you’ve been pathetic for more than two months. Parker’s eyes slid to his phone and heard his sister’s voice nagging him to move on. She’d put Grindr on his phone and kept texting him about trying it out. The idea of meeting guys like that made Parker queasy. He was certain that no one looking for a decent guy and a healthy relationship put themselves on Grindr. Then again, maybe he needed a few one night stands to purge any hope or grief from his system. Come on, you’re thirty-four. You aren’t dead. 

Parker clenched his jaw and snatched his phone off the desk. He opened the app and a grid full of abs and bedroom eyes popped up. Well… that’s not terrible, He decided. Parker tapped a picture but the app demanded he create a profile. He bit his lip as he stared at the door to his office. No one else was here but better safe than sorry. He rushed across the room and locked the door before he unbuttoned his shirt and quickly tossed it on the couch. His undershirt followed and Parker chewed his lip as he stared down his body. His nerves hummed and the room seemed warmer as his cock started to get heavy and hard. Parker shrugged as he opened the camera on his phone. Apparently, I am the sort of guy that gets turned on by exposing himself. He held the phone away from him and angled it down, trying to keep his face out of the shot. When Parker checked the picture he frowned. He was in great shape but it wasn’t very exciting. He set the phone down and opened the fly of his jeans and spread the front, showing a glimpse of his boxer briefs and took another picture. Still, nice but not much more interesting than an underwear ad. If you’re going to do this, go big and see if you can’t score with someone really hot.

He pushed his jeans lower and spread his legs so they hung just below his hips. Parker grabbed the bulge in the front of his briefs and gave it a firm squeeze before he stroked it through the smooth cotton. It didn’t require much encouraging for a very serious and obvious erection to push against the soft fabric. Parker took another picture and this time, he blushed. The flash clung to every groove and hollow of his chest and stomach and his skin looked rich and warm. But it was the way it made his underwear look nearly transparent that caused Parker’s face to feel hot.

Before he could chicken out, Parker added the picture and quickly filled out the profile. He described himself as an educated professional looking for someone discreet, clean and over thirty with a similar lifestyle. Meaning: No Students. Parker didn’t bother with sexual preferences or tribes (Tribes? Things had changed a lot since the last time he was single). He was pretty openminded and it had been so long, with the right person, he wasn’t going to be picky. Parker wasn’t totally sure what DTF meant but a few of the photos that caught his eye included the acronym and he decided it must have meant something positive. So, DTF and off he went. Parker submitted his profile and quickly put himself back in order and returned to his desk and acted like there was any sort of chance that he’d get to grading Hays’ terrible paper.

While you’re waiting for this WIP to be completed, you might check out some of my other naughty guys!

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Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.21.24 AM

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Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 1.29.29 PM

Whatever you do…


The Gay UN Welcomes Parker!

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