K. Sterling’s Got Hot New Men!

Oh, my precious, Pervy Readers! Playing The Hero is here. This one got rough at the end, I came in hard. I look like a sad, hot mess. Arizona is being cruel with the allergies, three nights of not sleeping and almost constant reading has my eyes ready to fall out of my face. But, I can rest now. And you can read.

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I should say something here about how adorable these characters are but I’m all out of words right now. So, I’ll give you a little mood music and an excerpt. Enjoy:

Carter found Reid staring at cakes. He stood in front of the display like something that had been dumped and propped up. Carter handed Reid his coffee and they watched the cakes together for several moments.

“I want a cake.” Reid might have been talking to himself but Carter shrugged.

“Get a cake.” He said as he silently pondered having something written on whatever Reid chose. “Please, Cheer Up!” or “Don’t You Think Its Time You Shaved?” or “Having Sex With Your Boyfriend Is Allowed When You’re Grieving” might not go over well. Reid bit his lip as he considered.

“I can’t decide if I want chocolate or white cake.” He sighed. “Can I get two cakes?” Reid’s eyes were dull and empty when they reached Carter’s. No one, in the history of buttercream frosting had ever looked this unhappy while discussing which type of cake they were going to eat. Carter rubbed Reid’s back.

“Sure. Get two.” He’d buy all the cakes if they would help. Reid exhaled loudly as he picked up the chocolate cake and set it in the basket.

“Would you still love me if I got fat?” Reid asked as he debated over a white cake with a blue border or a white cake with sprinkles. Carter hoped he picked sprinkles. Sprinkles were more festive and cheerful. A person couldn’t be sad when sprinkles were involved. He’d cover the whole fucking world in sprinkles if it would make Reid take Sadie to the park and sleep in the bed instead of on the couch. Carter raised a brow and gave Reid a dry look.

“Yes, just not as often.” He grabbed the cake with the sprinkles and pushed Reid away from the bakery. “Come on, we’ll grab some of those blood test strips so we can keep an eye on your ‘beetis.” Carter teased.

“That’s pretty shitty, Carter.” Reid mumbled as he tossed a bag of chips in the basket. Carter kicked himself for not getting a cart. Reid ate a lot of junk food lately. Why did he think they’d get away with a basket?

“What? The thing about you getting diabetes?” He asked absently as he reached for a bag to put a chicken in. Reid shook his head.

“No, the part about not wanting me if I got fat.” He explained and Carter snorted.

“It was a stupid question.” He rearranged the basket, hoping to magically create more space. “I don’t care if you get fat, Reid. I’d prefer we didn’t have to hire people to carry you out of the house but if that’s your new plan, I’ll sit by your bed and feed you sticks of butter.” Carter said absently as he stared in the direction of the store entrance, trying to decide if it was too much trouble to go all the way back for a cart. Reid’s lips and stubble rubbed against his cheek and Carter smiled.

“I love you.” Reid murmured. When Carter turned to return the kiss, a weak grin tilted Reid’s lips and Carter wanted to jump up and down with joy. It was the closest thing to a smile he’d seen in weeks. Carter pressed a quick kiss to Reid’s lips.

“I love you too.” He whispered, not wanting Reid to hear his voice break.

K. Sterling’s Got Hot New Men!

4 thoughts on “K. Sterling’s Got Hot New Men!

  1. C Meneses says:

    Hi, I just finished Playing the Hero, which was both fun and more emotional than I expected. I appreciated little turns of phrase ( e.g., “human rain delay”) you use. Can I ask if you’re a nerdfighter?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. C Meneses says:

        Yes, I can’t wait to start my next one. I asked because the child mentioned towards the end has the same name as one of the most beloved characters within that fandom. What a lovely coincidence!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, no! That was a total coincidence! I’m glad she’s a favorite, then. I’m a fan of old fashioned names. I have a daughter named Stella and I was trying for something similar.


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