Editing and Self Publishing, Bawdy Style.

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Guess what. Writing has wrapped up on my fourth K. Sterling book (we’re not going to talk about the lack of title, right?). As of 2 a.m. I am officially in editing. Which might be why I’m blogging right now. And eating a cinnamon roll the size of my face. Editing makes me so, so sad. It’s tedious, makes me feel like a moron and I don’t drink until it’s over. So… fat, sugar and coffee. Lots of coffee. And this:

I can’t say enough about my readers. They’re some of the best people evah. I’ve been able to connect with so many here and on Twitter and their support and love for my characters has been amazing.

Every now and then, I come across a review that either dings me for having too much sex in my books or the grammar/punctuation errors. A. “All in all, if there was a fence between romance and just straight erotica, this book would be teetering on top of that fence but leaning quite precariously towards the erotica side. Somewhere, in there is a sweet story trying to claw its way out, only to be overshadowed by the sex.” I think this is a lovely comment. I’m not sure how this reader came across Mr. Ashwell but it’s listed in Gay Erotica. Because, I write Gay Erotica. That said, I try to wrap my super naughty sex scenes in a strong story. But it’s still mostly about The Business. Now, B. “So disappointing when a talented writer can’t get a decent editor.” Psssttt! I’m the editor. She didn’t know but it’s a naturally backhanded compliment. I’m not mad at her though. Her point is very valid. I’m going to read through #4 at least a dozen times before I submit it for publishing but I’m going to miss a lot of mistakes. I have, at best, a tenuous grasp on grammar and punctuation. Punctuation, for me, is like math. It makes no sense and I’ve forgotten 90% of what I learned in school. Then, I went into the Army and they taught me an entirely different style of writing for investigative reports. My brain is crazy warped.

I’ve had more than a few discussions about self publishing with my fellow indie authors and I wanted to share some of the insights I’ve gained and give a little glimpse into what indie/self publishing is like from my perspective.

Indie publishing is important. Especially for the reader. In the past, publishers picked authors based on what they thought the larger book retailers would buy based on what they thought would sell best on those table displays and their shelves. For the most part, pretty and safe books. Steven Axelrod has some great videos online about self publishing and how it’s changing the industry, for better or for worse. In those, he describes how books used to be selected for publishing and how Amazon has revolutionized the way books get to readers.

Here’s the biggest change: Variety. Before self publishing platforms like Amazon’s KDP, what was the likelihood that I’d get a M/M Erotic novel published? Let alone be able to publish one a month? Slim to none. For pervy readers, that’s not much fun. And it’s not just M/M Erotica that’s thriving. Everything is out there! You just have to dream it, and it’s there! I’ve highlighted some of the amazing options I’ve come across in other posts. A book about a guy that’s got a hardcore crush on his friend’s Sasquatch mom? Yup. A love story about gay centaurs? Absolutely. Sex with an alien rock? Sure. I poke fun but I think it’s wonderful. I think there should be books for every type of imagination. Unfortunately, the big booksellers are driven by profit, not imagination. Indie publishing is all about imagination and it’s connecting readers with authors that write exactly what they’re looking for.

Here’s the downside: Indie/self publishing is not glamorous or fancy. Often the writer isn’t negotiating with a publisher and gaining access to editors. I know of some indie publishing groups that do have “editors”. By editors, I mean the two or three authors that run their small publishing company out of coffee shops and living rooms and edit their handful of writers when they aren’t feverishly plunking away at the keys, on their own WIP. In many cases, you have a single person, chewing on their wrists in front of a laptop on their lunch break or in the middle of the night because they’ve got a “real job”. So, you should be willing to accept that if you are reading an out there book by an individual as opposed to something you bought at Barnes And Noble with a glossy cover, you’re not going to get something as polished. I equate it to patronizing a small business or grabbing an apple at the Farmer’s Market. It may have more blemishes but you shook the hand of the person that grew it and it should taste better.

So, what is Bawdy Books? I’m Bawdy Books. Because of the nature of what I write, I can’t exactly shoot a copy of my latest work to my grandma or aunt and ask them to proofread. My husband reads little non-sex bits now and then but for the most part, he runs from the room if I even look like I’m going to ask him to read something. I get it. But, I write, edit, design and publish books to Amazon from a MacBook Pro while I’m not doing other things.

Want to see some of those other things? My life is super fabulous.

I’ve got three of these:


My mister has severe Autism, so I’m reading/researching almost anything to do with that when I’m not being Bawdy.


#2 is a legit genius. She’s going to be an engineer and is president of her school’s Honor Society and in about six clubs and plays softball. Yes, she’s totally building a motherboard.


This one… She’s just a hot mess and makes me smile every day. She keeps me busy with makeovers and she’s like a tiny wrecking ball.

Speaking of makeovers:


I have two of these:


I’m in charge of grooming.


This is also Bawdy Books Headquarters.

I have one of these as well:


During the day, I do this with my “little” sir:



Because our local school isn’t well funded and can’t provide a decent education for disabled children.

And I do a lot of this:





We do a lot of this, like five nights a week…


On the weekends:


DopeAss Tent Forts.

And because balance is vital:


Not gonna lie, a lot of that happens in Bawdy World.

When does the Bawdy Book Writer write books? Usually between the hours of 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. with occasional “naps” in between.

So, when you buy one of these:

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.21.24 AM

http://www.amazon.com/Waiting-For-Mr-Ashwell-Sterling-ebook/dp/B00TC2EQIY/ref=zg_bs_7620215011_91 …

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.19.41 AM


Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 4.17.33 AM


You’re not buying something from a major book seller produced by a big publisher. You’re getting something from someone that put actual blood and tears into it and looks kind of like she got rolled off a cliff and chewed up by a pack of wolves because she hasn’t really slept in weeks. You’re getting something that she really believed in and really wanted you to read. She’s invested and she’s just so damned grateful that you picked her book. That’s not something you’ll get through mainstream publishing.

Editing and Self Publishing, Bawdy Style.

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