It’s Hard Out There For A …

So… I’m trying to get the hang of the marketing aspect of self publishing. I really don’t enjoy it. I don’t want to spend a bunch of time on social media promoting my books when I could be writing them. Also, I don’t do well with photo editing software. I’m that old person now. I yell at my computer a lot. “I just want those words bigger, and in purple! What spell makes that happen?” But, I’m trying. And it occurred to me that I’ve thrown a bunch of promo photos on Twitter and haven’t posted them here. I thought I’d take a break from my current WIP to share them with you. Especially since I’ve started throwing excerpts from that WIP in them. Which I’m thinking will be ready to go for the holiday weekend! I know, right?

Here’s one for Waiting For Mr. Ashwell …


One featuring one of my favorite moments from Building Heat 


I love this one! One of my readers made a similar one on Goodreads and I decide to expand on the idea. This is for Hide And Keep 


I’ve done ones for all three books:



Finally, the preview promos for my untitled WIP (shocked, right?)



I did one for Mother’s Day that I thought was hysterical but Mr. Bawdy Book Writer and my dad didn’t approve. So I didn’t use it. My judgement isn’t always so sound.

It’s Hard Out There For A …

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