A Fairy Tale and Fun Friday Excerpt…

Before we get to that excerpt, that you MUST BE 18 to participate in, I want to tell you a tiny story. Once upon a time, there was a girl… She could be me. She read EVERYTHING. Or, so she thought. She loved Stephen King, Herodotus, Goethe, Anne Rice, Robert Browning, Salmon Rushdie, sometimes Shakespeare… Mostly his tragedies and a few of his comedies but almost never his poetry. This girl isn’t big on poetry, except maybe, Rumi. She grew up and worked at a pet store, two book stores, became a Counterintelligence Agent and then a teacher. Along the way, she met a boy and got married and she made little people. Not the reality tv sort. Babies. One day, she decided to write books. She thought she would be bold and write books for readers like her that loved Pride and Prejudice but wanted Mr. Darcy to lay the pipe and for Elizabeth to call him Papi. Then, she bit her lip and reveled in the thought that she could be truly wicked and write for readers that wanted Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley to play Hide The Sock Puppet. She thought she was very clever and very bold. Turns out she was very vanilla. This is a beautiful thing, though. Apparently, there is a book out there for EVERY reader. Literally. Why? Because the big publishing houses and bookstores aren’t the gatekeepers anymore. Proof:

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 3.23.51 AM 1f5298130f73b8c0e6d885b50b281fe1

You bet your ass I’m reading the first one. I’m already fluent in Gesturing-Like-An-Idiot. She is me, and I thought I would be writing and self publishing for a very small and silent audience. In real life, I am… best in small doses. Mr. Bawdy Book Writer once said “Babe, you aren’t for everyone.” That was like the truest thing ever. Have you ever been to one of those junk shops that’s got just about everything? Like, a place that’s both wondrous and a little terrifying? There’s gorgeous, vintage Rosenthal china (I have a serious china fetish. Thanks, mom.) but also dirty mannequin heads. That’s what it’s like in my brain. And I filter nothing. And I’m usually drunk. The point: I was pretty sure that the fruits of my cluttered, twisty mind would find a limited audience. Seems I was wrong! I’ve met a lot of my readers through the blog, Twitter, Facebook and email. And they’re amazing! Also, I adore my fellow writers! The M/M Erotic Romance community is so baller. This is my HEA.

Now, here’s your dirty excerpt from my WIP: *Caveat: this is so rough draft and needs tweaking and fussing with before it’s final.


““I said ‘It got old’. I want to fuck you, Reid.” Carter admitted as Reid pushed Carter’s coat over his shoulders. Reid flung it at the couch as he backed toward the stairs. Carter tilted his head and dove into Reid’s mouth as he quickly pulled the buttons of his shirt free. It hit the floor and Carter leaned back so Reid could pull his undershirt over his head and he panted as he unbuckled Reid’s belt. “I’m just worried it might hurt.” Carter tugged the belt through the straps, jerking Reid forward. Carter grabbed Reid’s ass and ground against Reid’s groin as he slid his tongue along Reid’s jaw. Reid laughed softly as his fingers scraped down Carter’s back.

“I think I can handle it.” Reid murmured as his hand slid beneath the waistband of Carter’s boxer briefs. Carter bit Reid’s earlobe.

“I wasn’t talking about you.” He whispered. Reid raised his head and his eyes were pleading as they poured into Carter’s.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Carter. Ever.” Reid promised as he claimed Carter’s lips.

Reid’s tongue was demanding as it twirled and thrust against Carter’s. The warmth that flooded Carter’s chest was so tempting. He wanted to settle into it, let it expand and become part of him but Carter kept it small and tight. He let his body’s mindless craving for Reid drive him as he unzipped Reid’s trousers. Reid took Carter’s hand and turned, leading him up the stairs. Carter stared at their hands, interlocked, connected. There was a tenderness in the gesture that could have fed the warmth in Carter’s chest. Reid wanted Carter to trust him, to give into the beautiful, emotional bond that fought to bloom between them. Carter pushed it away as they turned into Reid’s room and moved toward the bed, their lips fused as their hands gripped and tugged at clothes. He told himself he could survive this if it was just sex. Carter could do sex. He hadn’t in a long time but he still knew what to do. Carter spun Reid, pulling him against his chest.

“You think you can take all of me?” He breathed the words against Reid’s neck and Reid shivered as Carter’s teeth dug into his skin. He nodded as Carter slid his hands under Reid’s sweater and pushed them up his chest. Carter rocked his hips, pressing his erection against the cleft of Reid’s ass as his thumbs swept over Reid’s nipples, causing them to tighten. “Some men can’t.” Carter whispered and Reid groaned as hands slid down Carter’s thighs. “Some men can’t take it that hard and that deep.” He heard Reid gasp and his ass pushed back against Carter’s groin.

“I can take it.” He said as his head fell back onto Carter’s shoulder. “I want it.” Reid panted and his eyelids fell as Carter pushed Reid’s trousers and boxers down.

Carter rubbed his cheek against Reid’s before he pulled Reid’s sweater over his head. Carter ran his hands down Reid’s chest, letting the feel of Reid’s hot, flickering skin wind him tighter, make him harder. His fingers splayed as they glided over the hard contours of Reid’s stomach until his hand closed around Reid’s cock. Reid moaned as Carter slowly stroked his throbbing length. Carter’s other hand cupped Reid’s sack and gently squeezed and rolled. Carter laved and grazed the corner of Reid’s neck as he worked Reid toward deliriousness. Once Reid’s body was slick and shaking, Carter released him and pushed him face down, on the bed. Reid gasped and his eyes were wide as he looked over his shoulder.

“What the fuck? Where did this come from?” Reid asked as he got his knees beneath him. Carter grinned as he grabbed the waistband of Reid’s pants and boxers and tugged, pulling them down his legs and Reid collapsed on the bed. Carter pushed his pants down over his hips and kicked them away. His boxer briefs followed and he kneeled on the bed, letting his tongue trace Reid’s spine as he crawled over Reid.

“This doesn’t scare me, Reid. I know I won’t mess this up. I know how to fuck.” Carter bit the back of Reid’s neck as he let his hips settle against Reid’s ass and rolled them, making his cock slide against the cleft. “I know how to give you what you want.” Carter used his knees to push Reid’s thighs aside and licked and nibbled his way down his back.

Carter bathed the firm, round globes of Reid’s ass with his lips and tongue. He spread Reid’s thighs wider and settled his shoulders between them as his tongue slid between the cheeks of Reid’s ass. Reid sighed Carter’s name and his hips came off the bed, trying to open himself more. Carter filled his hands with Reid’s hard flesh as he pressed his lips to Reid’s soft, puckered entrance. He took a deep breath, savoring the soft spicy scent of Reid before his tongue slid past his lips and swept over Reid’s tight hole. Lust and hunger coursed through Carter’s veins and he growled as he began to lap wildly. It was so perfect. The feel of hot, flinching, delicate skin against Carter’s tongue and lips. The warm cinnamon and pepper taste that made Carter’s jaw twinge. The strained, broken, throaty sounds that burst from Reid that were part profanity, part prayer and sometimes Carter’s name. It was heady and somehow soothing, spurring Carter on and making him feel like it was safe to give in and offer Reid more than his body.

Carter shook his head, disconnecting himself from it. He saturated himself in the tactile heaven of Reid and the pounding, heavy throb in his groin. Carter focused on Reid’s body, probing and teasing with his tongue, squeezing and stroking as he tracked and anticipated every hitch and twitch as Reid became more desperate. That part of Carter’s psyche that had been dormant for so long, the part that knew all the moves, that could play a man’s ass like a Juilliard violinist, stirred and took over.”

That’s all, for now. Hopefully, I’ll have pieces of Reid to share with you next week.

If you’d like to meet my other uber adorable guys:

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**UPDATE: Playing The Hero has been completed and released**


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A Fairy Tale and Fun Friday Excerpt…

4 thoughts on “A Fairy Tale and Fun Friday Excerpt…

  1. Hi bawdybookwriter, I just wanted to ask a quick question. Firstly I wanted to tell you I think your amazing I am a Wife and mother of 2 and have never read any gay romances but I read yours and they were great. The erotica was only good for me because of the characters that were portrayed and I felt the love and devotion of the characters to one another. And wanted to say keep it up. Secondly and my reason for my comment today, do you see yourself ever writing about Eric Yardley?? I loved this series!!


    1. Let me apologize up front. I’m going to get a little serious and longwinded. First, Thank you. I live for feedback from my readers and your lovely words were a wonderful start to my day. Your support is amazing and so appreciated! Second, I’ve been hoping for this comment since I began writing Mr. Ashwell. I have gay friends that are very precious to me. It was one of those precious friends that first asked “Is Alastair gay?” and then “You should write a gay romance!” and planted that seed. When I started, I decided I HAD to treat the M/M sex exactly like I treated the M/F sex. My goal became this: write gay couples that feel normal and real. I hoped, more than anything, that someone that didn’t know many gay people or a gay couple would read one of my books and think “You know, I had the same fight with my wife last week.” or “Ugh! My husband does that all the time. I can’t stand it!”. Because, love is love. I’m not directing this at you, at all. I promise. But there are straight people that can’t get beyond the gay sex part of a gay relationship. While I write erotica, I wanted to put a strong emphasis on healthy, believable relationships. I have a very openminded Catholic/Republican friend who reads everything before I publish and she told me that she could see why Ash and Ned should have married. “But do we have to call it ‘marriage’?”. Baby steps.
      Finally, about Eric Yardley… He’s coming along, his story is about half way done. It’s been really hard switching mental gears and returning to Historical, M/F Romantic Erotica. For two reason. One, the research. I can spend hours researching something as silly as a coach or a dress. Vocabulary is hard. You’d be amazed by the words you can’t use. I have to constantly check to make sure I don’t slip and commit some anachronistic faux pas. It would have been so easy to make Lucien, Gilles and Alastair Musketeers. But, no! Dumas was born just before my books took place. Second, I’ve found my skin is not as thick as I’d like it to be. I think a lot of Regency Romance fans are Austen-ites and English majors. I found myself in their crosshairs a few times and it was… frustrating. I’m not giving up on Eric. I’m just taking a break from that atmosphere and enjoying the warm and snuggly feels I get with my M/M readers and the easier flow of writing contemporary. I did post a few excerpts from Eric’s WIP here on the blog. I’ll see if I can add another in the next few days.
      Again, thank you for your comment and general loveliness!


  2. Sunlight says:

    Just wanted to say that I loved your Regency romance just as well as your M/M – and I have read and love Jane Austen as well. There are many books out there in this genre that don’t even come close to the quality and feel of your stories. As for the M/M, I have read some regency before, as I like that genre, but it was very limited. I am totally a convert to your contemporary M/M romances and just whatever you write in general 🙂
    PS – I would also like to read more from Abigail Graves, no pressure, whenever you can….Btw, maybe you need to start up a book club for your readers, or a subscription service..lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. I am just… Stunned and touched! You’re so kind and and every time I see something from you, it makes my day! You keep me going, lady! You have no idea. I think you asked how I publish almost monthly? Run amuck with the kids by day, write at night. Some nights, it’s hard! But, I see words from readers like you and I’m back at it! Those are powerful fumes!
      As far as book clubs and subscription services… I’m hanging on by my fingertips with Twitter and other social media outlets. I LOVE being connected with my readers but I’m so lost and lazy when it comes to marketing and expanding those efforts. If I do figure out how to do those sorts of things, I’ll let you know first!
      I hope you have a weekend as wonderful as you! Thanks again for your amazing support!


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