It’s Sexual Euphemism For The Middle Of The Week Day!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We’re half way there. I love Wednesdays. It’s an excuse to be a little more direct and give you The Business, here on the Bawdy Blog. Most of the focus lately has been on Hide And Keep and Building Heat, so I wanted to spend more time on Waiting For Mr. Ashwell. It’s my first M/M work and still my favorite.

I know, it’s a period piece and I’m sensing that you’re a bit hesitant. Why? It’s got everything that contemporary pieces have but iPhones and cars. I’d say that I took the sex in Mr. Ashwell a little further than in my other works as well. There’s something about two adorable men, figuring it all out in an age where the porn wasn’t as abundant or portable. Also, there’s some deep tension built in with the whole prohibition on gay sex. There’s so much more on the line when you could actually go to jail for being a homosexual. Coming out of the closet really wasn’t an option.

Waiting For Mr. Ashwell is super steamy but I love the story more than anything. This is Love.  It feels real and intense and it’s expressed better here than in my other works, I think. That said, I thought I’d share a small glimpse of Ned and Ash, doing what they do:

“Primitive and Elegant. How does he manage both? Ned wondered as he watched Ash striding toward the cottage. He had a rifle over his shoulder and was leading Sleipnir. A deer was tied to the saddle and something that might be a fox. Ned had woken early, missing Ash and thirsty. Naked and alone, Ned had started to regret not learning to make tea. It was a magical and suddenly vital skill. He passed the time rooting through the hamper that he’d found on the table. He’d foolishly hoped for a carefully wrapped pot of tea or coffee and had to settle for fresh biscuits and scotch. Ned chewed grumpily as he stared out the window until he saw Ash. Then, he watched impatiently as Ash dealt with Sleipnir and the dead things. Ned nearly opened the door and yelled for Ash to hurry as he went to the pump and washed his hands and face. As soon as Ash turned for the house, Ned rushed to the table and grabbed the news sheet. He reclined and threw his feet on the table just as Ash pushed the door open. Ned smiled casually over his shoulder.

“Good morning! How did it go?” He asked cheerfully as Ash tossed his greatcoat onto a chair. Ash’s brow raised as he took in Ned’s nakedness. He blinked several times before he shook his head softly.

“Fine.”Ash replied as he bent to kiss Ned’s cheek. Ned tilted his head and smiled. Ash’s lips lingered then drifted to Ned’s ear. Ned pulled his head away.

“I need tea.” He demanded. Ash stood and scowled down at Ned. Ned used his most rakish smile. “I’ll be really grateful.” He drawled. Ash cleared his throat as he went to the stove.

For some reason, Ned’s cock started to get really hard at the sound of the boiling water. A few minutes later, Ash set the pot on the table. Then, two cups, saucers, spoons, sugar and milk. Ash dropped into his seat and looked at Ned pointedly as he poured. Ash’s eyes never left Ned as he stirred his tea and then drank. Ned raised his cup in salute and sighed contentedly as he sipped. Ash’s fingers tapped against the top of the table as he watched Ned drink. Ned took his time.

“Are you hungry?” He asked over his cup. Ash nodded.

“Very.” He rumbled. Ned’s smile was coy.

“Would you like to have breakfast?” He asked innocently. Ash’s eyes flashed.

“No.” Ash’s eyes held his and Ned shrugged as he drained his cup.

“Very well.” Ned set his cup on the table.

“Ned.” Ash’s eyes narrowed. Ned grinned teasingly.

“Ash?” Ned raised his brows expectantly.

“Run.” Ash growled as his chair scraped and fell as he stood.

Ned laughed as he sprung from his seat and ran into the sitting room. He jumped over a chaise and slid into the hall. Ash had ducked into the hall from the kitchen and was on Ned’s heels as he sprinted for the bedroom. Ash tackled Ned in the doorway. Ned made a weak effort to break free as Ash crawled along his body. He shivered when he felt Ash’s lips brush his shoulder and he had to smother a shriek when Ash bit the back of his neck. Ash was ruthless, biting and licking his way down Ned’s body. Ned was panting and begging by the time Ash pushed Ned’s thighs apart and forced his knees up to his elbows. Ned had to bite his lip to keep from calling out as he realized how open he was as Ash’s face pressed against his ass. Ned hissed as Ash’s tongue slid down the cleft of his bottom, all the way to his sack. Then, it pressed against Ned’s soft, puckered hole and Ash became ravenous. His hands held Ned spread and opened as his tongue licked and laved and probed into Ned’s tight hole. Ash’s teeth pulled gently at Ned’s flesh before he pressed his lips against him and sucked.

“Ash! For Christ’s sake!” Ned gasped as he reached beneath him and grabbed his cock. He couldn’t stop his hand from stroking, he was in pain.

“You shouldn’t tease me when I’m hungry, Ned.” Ash growled…”

You can find them here:

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Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 6.45.29 AM

It’s Sexual Euphemism For The Middle Of The Week Day!

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