It’s THAT day of the week!

The NEW BOOK is almost ready!I hope you’re ready. Like, gird your loins, y’all. In honor of it being Huuuuump Day, I thought I’d share an excerpt from Building Heat and a tiny peek of Aiden Sharp in action. The new book should be available on Amazon this weekend. Don’t hassle me about the title. I’m getting enough of that around here as it is.

Here’s a very Wednesday excerpt from Building Heat:

Avery saw something inside of Mason flare before his hands grabbed Avery’s face and his lips crashed into his. Mason’s lips and tongue were demanding and need exploded within Avery. He felt the searing heat Mason had described and Avery’s clothes started to burn against his skin. Mason groaned into Avery’s mouth and he slid from the couch, pulling Avery with him. He released Avery’s lips as he walked backward, guiding Avery toward the bedroom, his hands wrapped around Avery’s.

“I’m about to do something very wicked to you.” Mason warned silkily. Avery felt heat flood his groin and he raised a brow in question.

“Really?” He managed not to shiver when Mason raised Avery’s hand and tuned it so he could bite the inside of Avery’s wrist before he licked it.

“Really. I think you’re going to get very loud.” Mason predicted as he turned them into his room. Avery raised his arms as Mason pushed his shirt up his chest.

“That sounds like a challenge.” Avery said as he pulled Mason’s shirt off. Mason grinned and tilted his head so his lips could brush against Avery’s as he unbuttoned Avery’s jeans and pushed them over his hips.

“Choose your words wisely, sir. You don’t want to dare me.” Mason warned as he leaned back and let Avery make quick work of his jeans.

They both kicked their jeans and underwear away and fell onto the bed together. Avery tried to sigh in delight as the smell of Mason wafted from the bedding but Mason’s body and lips extinguished it as he pressed Avery onto the bed. Avery felt Mason’s arm stretch and heard the bedside drawer open. It took Mason a moment before he found what he was after and Avery saw the bottle of lube fall onto the bed before Mason’s hand slid into his hair. Avery felt his nerves pull tight as Mason’s lips slid down his chin and throat. Mason took his time again, torturing Avery with his mouth as he had the night before. Avery bit his lip and clenched his jaw to stifle his groans and moans as Mason nibbled, licked and laved his way down Avery’s body.

Any thoughts Avery had of stifling his cries fled when Mason’s tongue washed over his sack and Avery’s cock drooled as Mason lifted his balls and lashed at the skin beneath it. There might have been swearing…

Now, for Mr. Sharp. He doesn’t make apologies for his behavior and he’s never let his disability slow him down. Aiden may not understand how people work but he knows how the body works. He’s secret naughty. It’s hot:

“Isn’t it a bit late for Mr. Morning After?” Lane mumbled as he pressed his hands against the glass. Aiden bit Lane’s shoulder and hummed against his skin as he unbuttoned Lane’s jeans.

“You’re about meet Mr. Makes-Him-Scream-So-Loud-The-Angels-Hear-Him.” Aiden warned as he tugged Lane’s jeans down, over his hips. Lane groaned when Aiden’s hands slid beneath the elastic of his boxers and over his ass as they pushed them down.

“You’re very confident.” Lane whispered shakily. Aiden laughed softly as his tongue slid up the back of Lane’s neck.

“If you did some research, you’ll know that people like me can become intensely, obsessively interested in very specific things.” Aiden said as he brushed his lips down Lane’s spine.

“Right?” Lane panted. Aiden grinned wolfishly as he dropped to his knees and ran his hands down Lane’s legs, pulling his jeans and boxers off.

“This is one of my things.” Aiden whispered before he nipped at the cheek of Lane’s ass, causing him to jump. “And I’m not capable of exaggerating.” He slid his hands up the insides of Lane’s thighs as his tongue traced the cleft of Lane’s ass.

“Oh, Jesus.” Lane gasped and his body started to shake…

It’s THAT day of the week!

5 thoughts on “It’s THAT day of the week!

      1. Don’t get crazy, now… And I totally read that as “my loins have been girded for years”. Gird them, with toys and whatnot. Or not. Do you, booboo. I’m just warning folks. I did bad things with a cookie. And I liked it.


      2. too funny. I gave up all that stuff for sobriety, crazy as it sounds. I don’t dare even print some of the “crazy” but the cookie…now that’s provocative. Of course you did!


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