It’s Effing Friday!

This has been an amazing week for The Bawdy Book Writer! Building Heat did awesome in the rankings on Amazon and got some lovely reviews. I got to “meet” a few wonderful readers and I’m so motivated to keep working. My WIP is falling into place and it’s looking really good. It’s a little darker than Mr. Ashwell and Building Heat but it’s still full of fun and steamy bits. Since it is a Friday and I’ve had so much love this week, I wanted to give a little back. This is a big excerpt from my still-without-a-schmoopy-title new project. It’s got a lot of “love” in it. Don’t read this if your coworkers are hovering. There’s dirty words and profanity. And fluids. But there’s a lot of twisty emotions as well. You know how I love a beautiful, broken boy… Aiden’s got so much going on in that quirky brain of his.

*Note- I’m still playing with Aiden’s perception of feelings (emotional and physical) and how I want to express that. I want to drop conventional punctuation more but I get into enough trouble with that as it is… I’d love your thoughts!

Warning! The following contains hot gay men, having hot gay sex. Be over 18 and not squeamish.

Enjoy, maybe while listening to Blood Bank by Bon Iver:

“As soon as Aiden opened the door, Lane pulled him into his arms and was backing them toward the bed. Need slammed into Aiden but it didn’t come from his groin, like he was used to. It was mostly in his chest and his fingers fumbled as they worked at the buttons of Lane’s shirt. Aiden was overwhelmingly aware of the desire to feel Lane’s skin against his. He wanted more than that. He wanted to open himself and fill his chest with Lane. He wanted Lane to be the inside of him. Aiden wanted to dump out everything he didn’t need and replace it with Lane.

Once Lane’s shirt and undershirt were peeled away, Aiden wrapped and rubbed his body around him. He imagined he looked like a very large, horny cat. As usual, Lane was patient, using his hands and lips to sooth Aiden’s body wherever he could reach. Somehow, they were able to remove the rest of Lane’s clothes with Aiden attached to him. They fell on the bed and writhed and pulled at each other urgently, reveling in the feel of hot flesh sliding against hot flesh and tangled limbs.

“I won’t let you give up, Aiden. I won’t let him take you.” Lane growled the words against Aiden’s collar bone before his tongue lapped at Aiden’s skin.

Aiden squeezed his eyes and lips shut, trying to hold onto the bright swirl of happy safe soft need that plumed through his chest and throat. He slid his hand into the silky warmth of Lane’s hair and pulled him close, silently begging Lane to burrow into him. He felt Lane’s fingernails scrape down his back and a different need erupted. The throbbing heavy urge thudded in his groin as his erection pulsed between them. Aiden felt the gnawing hungry empty tingling feeling in his ass and ached for Lane there. Aiden rolled them so he was on top of Lane and hugged Lane’s hips with his knees as he stretched for the bedside table and found the condoms and lube. Lane’s hands slid up Aiden’s back and he whispered Aiden’s name as he sat up and pressed his lips to Aiden’s chest and licked at the ouroboros tattoo over his left nipple.

A tortured moan spilled from Aiden’s throat as vibrant, desperate hunger streaked through him. No one had ever touched him the way Lane did. These weren’t the greedy careless aroused touches Aiden was used to. Lane pulled Aiden’s lust from his pores while he pushed his own heat and magic into Aiden’s body with his fingertips. Lane’s mouth on Aiden’s tattoos bonded the rush of sensation and wholeness Aiden felt from the tattoos with the feel of Lane in his arms. It was all too intense and overwhelming. This wasn’t sex, this was intimate and raw. A loud thing screamed for Aiden to get out, that it was going to crush him. This was making love and he couldn’t. Aiden grit his teeth as he leaned forward, pushing Lane back onto the bed as he buried his head in the corner of Lane’s shoulder and pushed the loud thing away. He needed Lane, he’d pay anything for this.

“I need you inside of me, Lane.” Aiden panted as he ripped the condom wrapper open with his teeth. He sat up and leaned back as he reached behind him and rolled and stretched the condom down Lane’s thick length with trembling fingers. He squeezed a generous amount of lube on Lane and quickly stroked, spreading it down his shaft. Aiden leaned forward on one hand and held Lane’s cock as he scooted his hips back. Lane gripped his waist, stopping him. Aiden’s brows pulled together as he looked down at Lane in confusion.

“You need to let me get you ready. I don’t want to hurt you.” He said as he reached for the lube. Aiden shook his head.

“I need it to hurt.” He gasped urgently as he pushed Lane’s shoulder back on the bed. Lane’s mouth opened in protest and Aiden quickly sat back. Aiden hissed as the head of Lane’s cock pierced the tight ring of his ass.

“Aiden!” Lane scolded as he grit his teeth. Aiden gasped as white searing angry pain shot through his body as he slowly forced Lane’s full length into his clenching passage.

“I have to have this.” Aiden whispered shakily. “Then I can feel all of it. Its like the pain wakes it all up and pulls everything together.” He gulped for air as he felt Lane’s balls press against his ass. The pain was already receding and Lane was everywhere, pushing against everything inside of Aiden. The pain forced the loud thing out but Aiden couldn’t tell Lane about it. He fell forward, letting his hands press into the bed on either side of Lane’s shoulders. He rocked forward and a current of golden heat shot through his body as Lane groaned.

“Oh, God, you’re so tight.” Lane said as he pulled Aiden down on top of him. Their chests became slick as Aiden slid down and Lane’s hands glided over Aiden’s back. Aiden rested his forehead on Lane’s, letting their eyes lock as he rode Lane’s thrust. “Fuck it.” Lane growled as he speared his hand into Aiden’s hair, forcing their lips to collide.

Aiden gasped in shock and Lane angled his head as his tongue surged into Aiden’s mouth. The feel of Lane’s tongue, hot and slippery, swirling around his stunned Aiden. Lane moaned into Aiden’s mouth as he probed and claimed. It happened. Aiden felt the hole rip open inside his chest and it pulled Lane in. Aiden sucked Lane’s tongue into his mouth as tidal waves of tears rushed from his eyes. Lane became the ouroboros, pouring into Aiden’s body from both ends, filling him with his strength and patience. Aiden closed his hands around Lane’s face and kissed him ravenously. Lane pulled his feet up, bracing them on the bed as he drove hard and fast into Aiden.

For so long, Aiden was the Master of sex. He understood the nuances and catalysts, he orchestrated and navigated every encounter. This time, with Lane, Aiden was in the middle of a raging storm, clinging in awe as everything within him was ripped from it’s foundations and tossed into the maelstrom. Aiden screamed and begged into Lane’s mouth as his tongue continued to thrust and slide around Lane’s. Aiden tasted clean blue sweet mint and salty tears. His tears.

Lane’s arms wrapped tight around Aiden, anchoring him in the chaos. Aiden felt the hard heat of Lane’s cock filling him relentlessly. His nerves sparked and burned as the head of Lane’s erection ground against his prostate. Aiden’s balls pulled tight as a warm heavy honey golden wave of pleasure rolled through his groin and up his shaft. He ripped his mouth free as he arched and sobbed Lane’s name. His body was gone and Aiden felt like he’d fallen weightless, into a void before his body slammed back into him with a shattering concussion as come burst from his cock and scorching wet flooded between their bodies.

As if from a distance, Aiden heard Lane gasp his name before he froze, his fingertips digging into Aiden’s back before he shuddered and undulated beneath Aiden. Their chests heaved and Aiden felt Lane’s heart pounding, driving through the barriers of Lane’s chest into Aiden’s and he welcomed it in as his body melted onto Lane’s. Aiden let his head fall and his lips covered Lane’s. There was a long, lazy sigh that began in Lane’s chest and ended in Aiden’s as their lips and tongues caressed and clung. Lane held Aiden’s limp, boneless body clasped to him, drinking from his mouth until Aiden raised his head and dropped it into the corner of Lane’s neck.

“You were wrong, Aiden.” Lane whispered. Aiden hummed in response as Lane’s fingers sifted through his hair and stroked the length of his spine. “You aren’t lacking the thing that makes a person a person. You have too much of it. You don’t always know what to do with it or you get clogged with it but it’s there. It’s there inside of you. I see it all shifting through you, in your eyes, and it’s all real. It’s all there, there’s just too much for you to deal with sometimes.” He breathed the words into Aiden’s ear and they swirled through his brain and drifted into his chest, unsettling everything again. Aiden couldn’t respond to Lane’s words, his brain and his mouth couldn’t form thoughts so he nodded and held on tighter to Lane. He breathed for several minutes, waiting for the contents of his chest to settle.

“Can I stay like this for a while longer?” Aiden murmured. Lane’s fingers continued their soothing and he hummed softly.

“You can stay for as long as you want.” Lane said. Aiden felt a laugh shake Lane’s chest. “We’re already stuck together. When you’re ready, we’ll take a shower.” He raised Aiden’s fingers to his lips and kissed them. Aiden felt a smile under his fingertips and his lips curved against Lane’s skin.”

I’m hoping this new book will be ready by next weekend. While you’re waiting, if you find yourself with time on your hands…

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.58.18 AM

Waiting for Mr. Ashwell has adorable period hotness.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.59.16 AM

Building Heat is steamy, witty fun.

It’s Effing Friday!

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