How about something new?

I’m cranking this one out, guys. It’s coming along really well and I’m excited to see how this works out. My heroes are all kinds of adorable. I overuse that word. Adorable. But I think that says a lot about my outlook. Everything is adorable. Try it. Anyways, Lane is a detective and very metro. His nickname is GQ. Aiden is a forensic psychologist, has Asperger’s and a lot of tattoos because he craves that moment of connection he has with his body when the needle scrapes his skin. The only other time he feels that is during sex. I think that’s stupid hot.

So, this is a chapter from my WIP. It doesn’t have a title yet. It’ll be something kind of cheesy, I’m sure. Something to do with protection and sex and hot guys… I hate coming up with titles. Whatever. Enjoy:

Lane sipped his coffee as he waited to flip the last batch of pancakes. The doorbell rang and he instinctively looked up toward Aiden’s room. He decided to let him sleep in after his remark about how long it had been since he’d slept in a bed. Aiden slept with the door open and Lane peeked in before he came downstairs. Aiden was sprawled out peacefully and he looked so boyish and beautiful, Lane hated the idea of anything disturbing that. He didn’t know who would be at his door at 8:00 on a Sunday morning but they better have a damn good reason. Lane pulled the door open and didn’t bother to stifle his glare.

“Fuck. What do you want, Clark?” Lane gave him a hard, expectant stare.

Clark stared back and waited. Lane sighed and stepped aside, letting Clark pass. Lane shut the door and watched as Clark’s eyes scanned. He’d only been to Lane’s house once before but Lane knew Clark wasn’t admiring the architecture. Lane pushed past Clark and went back to the kitchen before the pancakes burned. He pulled them off and added them to the pile and ignored Clark as he laid strips of bacon in the pan.

“Chief called last night and said that Sharp is staying here.” Clark said as he rested his hands on the counter and leaned. Lane shrugged as he turned to the fridge and pulled out a carafe of orange juice. He set it on the counter and took out two glasses. He could feel Clark’s irritation stretching and clenched his jaw to keep from smiling. “I swear, I didn’t know, Lane.” He said. Lane snorted as he took a pair of tongs and prodded the bacon.

“And I can trust you about as far as I can throw you.” Lane mumbled. He could feel Clark’s eyes sweeping over his body. Lane came down in a pair of pajama pants and a robe and had removed his robe before he started cooking.

“Did you fuck him?” It came out as an accusatory growl and Lane’s lip curled instinctively in response.

“I don’t see how that’s any of your business. We were never exclusive, were we?” Lane cast him a pointed look and raised a brow. Clark straightened and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Is this because Shelly’s pregnant again? Is that why you backed off?” Clark asked as his eyes slid hungrily down Lane’s chest and stomach. Lane’s stomach twisted in response. Had Clark always been this sleazy? His eyes were hard as they met Lane’s. “So… What? You decided to get back at me by screwing my expert witness?” He said. Lane laughed softly as he turned a piece of bacon.

“You should have thought about that before you pimped me out, Clark.” Lane gave him a knowing grin and Clark frowned.

“I promise you, I didn’t know he was gay. If I had, I wouldn’t have sent you. Why would I throw you at someone else when I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to get you to meet with me?” His eyes were insistent as they searched Lane’s. Lane shrugged.

“Fine. You didn’t know. But we both know you wanted to tie up my weekend. You didn’t want me to have enough time for anyone else.” Lane dared Clark to argue. Clark pushed his hands through his hair and sighed.

“Look, I just thought that if we could talk, everything would be fine but you won’t return my calls and…” Lane cut him off.

“You don’t have any control over me, Clark. And I’m just not interested anymore.” Lane said and Clark shook his head.

“This is just your conscience, because of the baby. If you just gave it a little time, you’d see that it’s not that big of a deal and things were good the way they were.” He argued. Lane couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

“Good? For who?” He asked incredulously as he stared at Clark. He’s in some serious denial, Lane realized. “I don’t need any time. I’m through, Clark.” He promised and he felt a swell of anger when Clark shook his head again.

“Just stop. We can talk about this later.” Clark said as he waved dismissively. “I came to make sure you don’t fuck things up with my star witness. If he doesn’t testify because you pissed him off, Jeffries may not get the death penalty.” Clark held Lane’s gaze.

“I promise you, Lane has been a very generous host.” Both Clark and Lane turned toward the stairs and watched as Aiden lazily tied the strings of his pajama pants and offered Clark a drowsy grin. He was still shirtless and had perfect bed hair. Despite his irritation with Clark, Lane was temporarily mesmerized by the way the muscles of Aiden’s stomach bunched and stretched as he offered Clark his hand.

“You must be Clark Cabbot.” He said brightly. Clark’s eyes were wide and his face had a pink tint when he eventually accepted Aiden’s hand.

“You’re Dr. Sharp?” His voice broke and Lane sucked his lips in to keep from laughing. Aiden nodded.

“Yes, but call me Aiden. I don’t like when people call me Dr. Sharp.” He said. Clark blinked stupidly at Aiden.

“Ok.” His eyes flicked to Lane’s and he frowned before he looked back at Aiden. “I just stopped by to make sure you got in all right.” Clark lied. Aiden offered him a wide smile.

“Yup. Had an uneventful trip and Lane has made me feel very welcomed.” Aiden winked jauntily at Clark as he walked past him and came around the counter. He slid behind Lane and looked over his shoulder into the pan. “Looks like he’s going to spoil me.” Aiden teased as his hand closed over Lane’s hip and he rubbed his cheek against Lane’s. Lane saw Clark’s eyes flare but he was more distracted by his now urgent erection and the wall of heat behind him. He cleared his throat.

“Did you sleep well?” Lane asked and tried to look competent as he pulled the bacon from the pan while Aiden was pressed against his back. He heard a soft chuckle and goosebumps spilled down his back.

“I slept like a rock. I was exhausted.” Aiden replied and Lane was sure he could hear Aiden winking at Clark. He felt Aiden’s hand slide around his waist and brush across his stomach. Lane couldn’t stop his eyes from closing but he successfully swallowed the soft moan that tickled his throat. Oh, that’s really nice, Lane decided and opened his eyes. Aiden’s head swung to Lane’s other shoulder and he pressed a quick kiss to Lane’s neck. “You smell really good.” Aiden whispered. Lane felt the words against his ear and heat rolled through him and his lips curved into a shy smile before Aiden stepped past him and reached for the juice. He poured a glass and took a long drink as his eyes darted between Clark and Lane. “Is he joining us for breakfast?” Aiden asked. Lane shook his head.

“No. He’s leaving.” He said as he looked at Clark. It was obvious that Clark didn’t enjoy the display of affection or what he was imagining. Or that they were both dismissing him. Lane gave him a sarcastic smile. “You don’t want to be late. Don’t you have to take the family to church, Clark?” He asked as he went around the counter and didn’t bother to hide the obvious tenting of the front of his pants as he guided Clark toward the door. Clark frowned over his shoulder at Aiden.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Cabbot.” Aiden said as he waved. Clark’s jaw twitched angrily as he looked at Lane.

“I’ll call you later.” He said under his breath as Lane pulled the front door open. Lane shook his head as Clark passed him.

“Don’t bother, I’ll be busy.” Lane winked as he slowly shut the door in Clark’s face. He laughed softly and scrubbed a hand over his face before he turned and went back to the kitchen. “What the hell was that?” Lane asked as he went back to the stove. Aiden shrugged as he leaned against the counter.

“He sounded like an asshole and he wasn’t getting the message. I thought I’d help you.” He offered before he finished his juice. “So, you and Clark Cabbot?” Aiden asked as he poured himself another glass. Lane raised a shoulder as he made their plates.

“It was just sex.” He said as he looked at Aiden. “Do you like pancakes and bacon?” Lane asked and Aiden laughed.

“I have Asperger’s. I’m not a member of Al Qaeda or a Communist.” He explained as he took his plate from Lane. “I love pancakes and bacon. And syrup. It’s one of the few condiments I like.” Aiden said as he went to the table. Lane smiled as he set down his plate.

“Do you want some coffee?” He asked as he went for the syrup and the juice.

“I can’t drink coffee. It makes me see sound.” Aiden said as he greedily munched through a piece of bacon. Lane’s eyes grew large.

“Of all the things you’ve said to me, that might be the most strange and offensive.” Lane said and Aiden’s eyes snapped to his and he looked worried. “I’m kidding. But how can you not like coffee?” He asked. Aiden shook his head.

“Caffeine makes my skin hurt.” He said as he reached for the syrup. Lane couldn’t stop his eyes from sliding over Aiden’s chest at the mention of skin. God, Lane was hurting. He tried to distract himself by watching Aiden pour a very thin, even layer of syrup over each pancake before he carefully cut them. Aiden took his first bite of pancake and his body rocked a few times before he stopped and sat up straight. Lane pretended not to notice and dug into his pancakes. When Lane looked up, about two minutes later, Aiden’s plate was empty.

“Jesus. You want more?” Lane asked and Aiden smiled sheepishly as he shook his head.

“I really like pancakes. But I’m full now.” He said as he sat back contentedly. Lane shook his head in disbelief as he took another bite. Aiden looked thoughtful. “Does Cabbot’s wife know that he has sex with men?” He asked and Lane choked. He shook his head as he pounded his chest and coughed. Lane washed it all down with coffee and cleared his throat.

“No one knows. He doesn’t think he’s gay. Says he’s just a little bi but mostly straight.” Lane explained. Aiden snorted dismissively.

“Are you openly gay?” He asked as he studied Lane.

“Part of the reason I moved up here from Oklahoma was so I wouldn’t have to hide it. Everyone at the department is pretty much ok with it. There are a few guys that don’t approve but they keep it to themselves. Chief has been really supportive. He has a son at Northwestern that’s gay. He came to me for a lot of advice when his son first came out.” He explained and Aiden smiled.

“That’s good. I didn’t want my staying with you to cause you any problems.” Aiden said. Lane’s brows pulled together as he considered Aiden.

“I looked up Asperger’s last night.” He said softly and Aiden’s head tilted as he watched Lane. “For the most part, you sound normal when you talk and you seem more empathetic than most people with your disorder.” Lane watched as a smile filled Aiden’s face. Lane felt it warming him as Aiden leaned close, as if he was going to share a secret.

“Characters.” He whispered and Lane frowned in confusion.

“Characters?” Lane repeated and Aiden nodded.

“I have characters that I use for different situations. If I pretend I’m someone else, I don’t have to worry that I’ll say or do the wrong thing. Its like acting. I got to use a new character while Cabbot was here. I call him Mr. Morning After. He’s flirty and affectionate because he had a great time last night and is hoping for a second round, maybe shower sex.” Aiden’s voice was low and smooth and he winked. Lane exhaled loudly as he felt heat wash over him.

“Shower sex.” He whispered for no good reason and Aiden nodded.

“Mr. Morning After is a big fan of shower sex.” His eyes were heavy as they met Lane’s.

“I should clean all of this up.” Lane said loudly as he jumped to his feet and collected their plates. He barely touched his food but his appetite was gone. For pancakes, at least.  He turned the water on and reached for the spray to rinse their plates and jumped when Aiden’s arms slid around his waist. Lane bit his lip and groaned when he felt Aiden’s lips brush his ear.

“We should take a shower so I can thank you for breakfast.” The words were hot and damp against Lane’s skin. He grabbed the edge of the counter when he felt Aiden’s teeth graze the corner of his neck, causing Lane’s knees to turn to water. Holy shit.

“No more Mr. Morning After, Aiden.” Lane ordered weakly. Aiden’s lips slid up Lane’s neck as he inhaled deeply.

“You smell so good. Are you sure?” Aiden growled softly as he nipped Lane’s ear. Lane nodded weakly.

“I’m sure.” He whispered.

“All right.” Aiden said as he released Lane and stepped away. “I’m going to get dressed.”

By the time Lane could take two deep breaths to steady himself, Aiden was gone.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Lane whispered to himself. Why wasn’t he in the shower with Aiden, running his hands all over Aiden’s hard, sleek body? Why wasn’t he begging Aiden to fuck his brains out right now? Lane looked at the sink and it was as if he could see his resolve going down the drain with water bloated bits of pancake. “Because you don’t know if a man like Aiden can do casual sex and if getting involved with him is going to have professional repercussions.” Lane argued. He frowned, only a small part of his brain and body believed him. “Coward.” He grumbled as he turned his attention to cleaning the kitchen.

How about something new?

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