A Perfect Way To Spend A Rainy Sunday…

Oh, it’s chilly and rainy here! I have a friend that swears I’m a vampire. I live for days like this. It’s a perfect nap day, except for the fact that Mr. Bawdy Book Writer has to work. Now that I think of it… He’s in the mountains, trying to teach, in the rain. That’s not very bueno. Poor guy. If I had my way, our day would be a little more like this excerpt from Building Heat (sans the bath soup hang-up):

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.57.44 PM


“How about a long bath?” Mason asked and was surprised when Avery shook his head firmly.

“No. No baths.” He said as he edged toward the shower. Mason’s head pulled back in confusion.

“Come on, it’ll be relaxing. I’ll put on some Etta James, light candles, grab a bottle of wine, bubbles…” He splayed his hand against Avery’s chest and let it slide down slowly but Avery’s eyes were wide and he shook his head.

“No, I can’t. Baths are like body soup.” He said and Mason’s brows pulled together in confusion.

“Body soup?” He raised a brow and Avery nodded. “I promise, the tub’s clean. I have a woman in here twice a week.” Mason said defensively. Avery kept shaking his head and his lips pulled tight.

“It’s not the tub. You want to sit in hot water while everything that’s on our bodies just mixes and sticks on us.” He explained. Mason’s mouth fell open as he tried to understand.

“You’re bothered about that after what you just did to me? You licked the sweat off of my body!” Mason was seriously struggling. Avery pointed at the shower.

“There, we wash and it goes down the drain. We’re clean.” His arm swung to the tub. “There, we sit in our sweat and God knows what else. When we get out, we’re still covered in everything we started with. When I lick the sweat off your body in bed, it’s fresh and it’s clean. When you get out of that tub, it’s mixed with feet and ass and lubricant and soap and it all just dries on you.” He was starting to get anxious. Mason’s hand scrubbed over his mouth and he clenched his teeth to keep from laughing.

“Jesus, you’ve really put a lot of thought into this.” Mason whispered as he turned and stared at the tub. He smiled and turned back to Avery. “What if we take a long bath and then a quick shower?” He offered. Avery rubbed his chin as he stared at the tub and then looked at the shower. He nodded faintly.

“Fine. But I better not get any bath water in my mouth.” He said and Mason rolled his eyes as he pressed a quick kiss to Avery’s lips.

“Deal. Wait here.” Mason said before he dashed out of the bathroom.

Mason programmed the music, grabbed a bottle of Riesling, glasses and matches. He set the wine and glasses on the teak bench by the tub and quickly lit the candles scattered around the bathroom. He turned the water on, making sure it was just the right temperature (almost too hot) and added a generous amount of citrine scented bath soak. He made sure he didn’t fill the tub too much, enjoying the fact that he was accounting for the displacement of water from two bodies in his tub. Mason turned off the water and found Avery eyeing the scene warily. Mason raised his hand and gestured for Avery to come closer. Avery looked like he was about to refuse. Mason pointed to the floor in front of him and Avery sighed in defeat as he trudged forward.

“You’ll love this.” Mason said as he leaned forward and kissed Avery. He stepped into the tub and eased himself into the hot, fragrant water and heaps of bubbles. Mason hadn’t really noticed the oversized tub when he bought the apartment, now he was sure he’d never get another place without one. “Sit.” He commanded as he pointed at the other end of the tub. Avery whimpered as he stepped in. “Don’t be a baby.” Mason teased as he watched Avery lower himself. “Scoot forward a bit.” Mason said once Avery was seated. Mason slid toward Avery and positioned Avery’s legs over his. He guided Avery closer until they were almost chest to chest then poured the wine and handed Avery a glass. “Well?” Mason asked as he watched Avery drink. Avery raised a bubble covered hand to his face and sniffed.

“It smells nice.” He admitted.

Avery brushed his hand against Mason’s nose, depositing a dollop of bubbles. Mason smiled and blew them off. Mason twined their fingers and leaned forward and kissed him. They kissed, drank wine, whispered words against each other’s lips and laughed until Mason slid back and turned his body.

“Scoot back.” Mason said as he poured more wine. Avery moved back and reclined. Mason slid closer and lowered his back until he rested against Avery’s chest. He interlocked his hand with Avery’s and draped it over his chest as he reached for his wine.

“This is nice.” Avery sighed as he raised his glass to his lips. Mason took a sip of his wine.

“Mmmhmm.” He hummed as he swallowed. “I told you.” Mason said drowsily.

They remained until the water started to get cool, murmuring and sighing as they caressed each other soothingly. Mason turned over and slid his body against Avery’s. He dipped his lips below the water and bit Avery’s nipple then let his tongue slide up Avery’s chest and neck toward his mouth. Mason nibbled Avery’s chin and then went in for a kiss. Avery swung his head away and Mason pulled his head back in confusion.

“Nope. You’re not kissing me.” He shook his head. Mason frowned.

“Why?” His brows rose as he waited.

“No bathwater in my mouth.” Avery repeated and Mason shook his head in disbelief.

“You can’t be serious.” He said. Avery nodded.

“Very.” He drained his wine glass. Mason narrowed his eyes as he settled onto his knees. He grabbed his wine and took a big gulp and swished it vigorously then swallowed.

“There. Wine’s stronger than mouthwash. Better?” He looked at Avery expectantly. Avery took a moment to consider before he shrugged.

“I’m not sure if the science supports it but I’ll let it go.” He said as he leaned forward.

“Thanks.” Mason said sarcastically as he stood up and got out of the tub. Avery stared up at him.

“Come on, don’t pout.” He teased as he rose. “Kiss me.” He demanded as he reached for Mason.

“You had your chance.” He said as he stepped away and reached into the shower and turned the water on…

A Perfect Way To Spend A Rainy Sunday…

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