If you don’t have plans for the evening… How about dancing?

For me, Friday nights are definitely for staying in. My weeks get looooong, yo. There’s no shame in staying in, having a few drinks and reading a book. You should read this one:


Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 7.57.44 PM

One of my favorite scenes takes place after a bit of a kerfluffle at a nightclub. Sometimes, its just better to stay home. Here’s an excerpt from Building Heat:

“See ya later.” Mason said as he shut the door. He locked it and toed off his shoes and tugged his socks off while Avery was distracted with Darcy. He started unbuttoning his shirt as he pulled his phone from his pocket and synced it to the stereo. He picked Locked Out Of Heaven followed by everything he had by Otis Redding and set the phone down.

The music began and Mason started bouncing on the balls of his feet and Avery looked up. Mason added a little dip in his hips as he finished unbuttoning his shirt, keeping his eyes locked on Avery’s. He let his shirt slide down his back as he rotated his hips. Avery set Darcy on the floor and tossed one of her babies on her bed and she went after it. Avery sat back and his eyes were wide as Mason pulled an arm free and used the other to throw his shirt at Avery. It hit Avery in the chest and he held it to him as he continued to stare.

Mason let his hips sway from side to side as he unbuckled his belt and started rotating them again as he slowly pulled the belt free before tossing it aside. Mason thrust his hips as he flicked the button of his jeans open then slowly unzipped as he kept his gaze locked with Avery’s. Mason pushed the halves wide and pressed his hands to his stomach as he slid them up his body as his hips continued to thrust with the beat.

“Shit.” Avery breathed as he tugged at the top button of his shirt.

Mason offered him a drowsy grin before he turned. He bounced and rocked his hips as he pushed his jeans down slowly. He let them fall just below his ass and raised his arms and rested them on his head as he rotated his hips in wide circles. The beat picked up and Mason started hopping and his jeans slid down his legs. He kicked them away swiftly and turned back to Avery and saw that his shirt was half unbuttoned. Mason winked as he hooked his thumbs in the waist of his boxer briefs and slid them down enough to give Avery a peek at his hip bones and he rolled his whole body as the beat slowed. Mason dropped to the floor, landing on the balls of his feet and his hands. He straightened his arms and arched his back as his hips rolled against the floor in time with the music. Mason stopped and let his hips bounce before he pulled his knees up and jumped to his feet and started hopping again as the music sped up. He turned again and tugged the elastic at his waist up and down with the beat, a little lower each time until Avery got just a peek at the crack of Mason’s ass.

“Holy Christ.” Avery panted and Mason bit his lip as he felt his own anticipation swell.

The music became fast and frenzied as Mason turned and bounced from foot to foot as he slid his hands up his body. He started gliding toward Avery as he let his hands slowly trail down his body until they reached his now throbbing erection. Mason stopped just before his knees touched Avery’s and he rolled his hips as he rubbed his rigid length slowly with the music. Avery leaned forward and reached for Mason. His hands grabbed the waist of Mason’s boxer briefs and he tugged as Mason dropped onto sofa, straddling Avery’s thighs. Mason pushed his hands into Avery’s hair as he rocked his hips and let the movement roll through his stomach and shoulders in a fluid, continuous wave as he tilted Avery’s head back.

Mason let his head fall and his lips lowered until they hovered over Avery’s. He felt Avery’s cock pressing, hard and urgent against his thigh and he ground against it with the beat. Avery stretched, trying to catch Mason’s lips and Mason pulled his head back and licked his lips as he winked. Avery growled in frustration and his hand locked around Mason’s ass, pulling him hard against him as his other hand fisted in Mason’s hair. Avery pulled Mason’s lips to his and his tongue surged into Mason’s mouth. Mason caught Avery’s tongue and sucked on it causing Avery’s hips to buck off the sofa and they began to writhe together with the music. Avery’s nails scraped down Mason’s back until his fingers slid beneath the elastic at Mason’s waist. Mason rose on his knees, letting Avery slide his boxer briefs down as far as they would go.

If you don’t have plans for the evening… How about dancing?

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