Building Heat is available on Amazon! Get it now!

These two… they’re so hot. And available. You can get them on Amazon and have them all to yourself. You’re welcome.

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Here’s an excerpt from Building Heat:

Mason nodded slowly and started to move toward the kitchen. He stopped and turned back to Avery, his eyes narrowed as he stepped close.

“You’re not a serial killer, are you?” He whispered. Avery couldn’t stop the smile that pulled at his lips as he shook his head.

“I’m not a serial killer. Though I probably wouldn’t admit it, if I were.” He winked as he took a step toward Mason. He saw Mason’s lips twitch and knew he was trying not to laugh. Avery felt warmth spreading in his chest and knew that he was in very serious danger of falling in love with Mason. Instead of giving in to the tension and discomfort, he’d attempted to lighten the mood with humor.

“Is there a dungeon? Are you into some extreme fetish?” Mason raised a brow expectantly. This time, Avery did laugh.

“I don’t have a dungeon and I’m not into anything extreme. I think…” He stepped forward until they were almost elevator close. Their chests were nearly touching and Mason’s breath tickled Avery’s cheek.

“Are you sure? I’m pretty openminded as long as car batteries and gags aren’t involved.” Mason teased, speaking the words against Avery’s lips. Avery could taste them and his eyes started to feel heavy as he brushed his lips against Mason’s.

“Mmm…” Avery moaned softly and was about to press his lips firmly against Mason’s when his words finally reached Avery’s brain. “Wait. What?” He pulled his head back. “Gags and batteries?” He started to feel panicked and Mason laughed as he gathered Avery’s face in his hands.

“Joking. I swear.” He said as his eyes poured into Avery’s. “I’ll try anything once as long as real pain isn’t involved. Or humiliation.” He admitted and Avery relaxed. “Now, show me your dungeon and if you give me the ‘My tastes are very singular’ line, I’ll punch you in the balls.” Mason whispered before he pressed a quick kiss on Avery’s lips. Avery rolled his eyes as he turned Mason and pushed him toward the kitchen. Once they were on the other side of the island, Avery gestured toward the fridge and cabinets.

“Just start looking. Open things and tell me what you see.” Avery insisted. Mason shrugged as he pulled open a drawer.

“Very neat.” He observed before he pushed it closed and pulled another open. You have no idea, Avery thought as he leaned against the wall and watched Mason move through the kitchen. He pulled the fridge open and frowned before he looked over at Avery. “I’m definitely not staying for breakfast.” He announced. Avery froze.

“What? I…” He pulled in a deep breath as his heart started to race again. Mason nudged Avery with his shoulder as he passed.

“Relax, I’m teasing. I love yogurt.” He said as he walked back into the living room. “What’s next?”

Building Heat is available on Amazon! Get it now!

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