More Romantic “Tension” And My Favorite Author

I’ve been stuck lately. I think I handed myself a bit more of a challenge than I intended. Exploring whatever the opposite of “meant to be” love is, is difficult. Writing a character that is hard to like and making him lovable is kind of stupid. But, I’ll get there, I think…

Another excerpt of my current K. Sterling project:

“How was your ride?” Camden asked and Blake smiled brightly.

“Excellent.” He reclined and nodded at the book on the side table. “And your afternoon with the gentleman from Halicarnassus?” Blake winked at Camden and he shrugged again.

“Tolerable.” Camden grumbled as he sipped his brandy. Blake grinned as he tilted his head and read the spine of the book.

“The Histories. Which book are you on?” He asked and Camden’s eyes flicked to his.

“Three.” Camden said and looked content to leave it at that before Blake gestured for him to continue. “Psammetichus III met Cambyses II at Pelusium.” He mumbled before he became silent and studied the rug. Blake stared at Camden expectantly.

“And?” He asked. Camden frowned.

“He fell.” Camden muttered. Blake rolled his eyes. Why do I even bother? He asked himself.

“Of course. I believe he was executed in Susa.” Blake offered. Camden stared for several moments before he gestured toward the book.

“Feel free to read it, if you’re so interested.” Camden said dryly. Blake glared at Camden and forced himself to remember Thorpe’s comments and the revelations of the afternoon. He tilted his glass back and finished his brandy before he got up to pour another.

“I have read it, Camden. I was attempting to discuss it with you. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t include a chapter on the art of conversation and how to avoid acting like an ass.” Blake said as he filled his glass. “The end of an Egyptian dynasty and all you can say is ‘He fell.’” He complained as he went back to the sofa and sat. “We have the history of the ancient world in front of us and instead of participating in a decent conversation, you suggest I read it.” Blake shook his head in exasperation before he took a long drink. “Thank God, you’re beautiful.” He mumbled as he squeezed his temples. When he looked back at Camden, he was staring at Blake blandly.

“Do you truly believe I have any interest in having a conversation right now?” He asked. Blake groaned as he jumped to his feet and turned toward the door.

“Jeffers! I swear by all that is holy, if dinner isn’t ready to be served, I’ll finish cooking it and serve it myself!” Blake bellowed as he strode into the hall.

More Romantic “Tension” And My Favorite Author

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