Guess what day it is? Sexual Euphamish For The Middle Of The Week Day!

Sometimes, love is like an itch. It’s uncomfortable and you wish it would stop. Sometimes, it makes you do things you don’t want to do and you don’t always like the person you love. Mr. Ashwell was about the sort of love that’s meant to be, that’s just so right without even trying. It’s the love we all wish we had. This one is about the sort of love that creeps up on you and you just have to make the best of. Sometimes, you can want a person even if you don’t really like them. And in the end, that can be just as strong as the other kind of love.

**Warning! Gay Sex and general awesomeness!**

Thorpe bowed to Blake as he left and Camden picked up the ledger and went to put it away. Blake shut the door silently and crossed the room. Camden pulled another ledger and started flipping through the pages, unaware of Blake at his back. Blake leaned close, his lips hovered by Camden’s ear and he inhaled, drawing in Camden’s warmth and scent. Camden tensed and raised his head. He closed the ledger and set it back on the shelf.

“If you’re busy, I can go back to my book.” Blake breathed the words against Camden’s ear and he shook his head as he turned slowly to face Blake. Camden’s eyes searched his before they fell to Blake’s lips.

“I’m not busy.” He murmured.

His eyes flared briefly as Blake grinned and stepped closer, backing Camden against the bookshelf. Blake was surprised, he expected Camden to be a little more assertive if given an opening. Instead, he was still and passive. Blake wondered if it was because of what he’d said the night before, if Camden was showing him that he was willing to let Blake lead. He stepped closer and pressed his body against Camden’s as he slid his hand around Camden’s jaw. He felt Camden’s hand flutter against his back and heat flooded Blake. He found Camden’s restraint and caution incredibly arousing. Blake lowered his head and brushed his lips against Camden’s as he slid his hand under Camden’s coat. Blake groaned as he sucked gently at Camden’s lower lip. Camden’s body was taut, hard and hot beneath his clothes and Blake’s erection strained against his trousers. Blake thrust his hips gently against Camden as he slid his tongue between Camden’s lips. Blake’s eyes widened when he felt Camden’s cock pressing against his thigh. He was very hard and very large.

Desire rushed through Blake and he pushed Camden against the bookshelf as he angled his head and took their kiss deeper. His tongue swirled around Camden’s and explored the different tastes and textures urgently as his hand slid into Camden’s hair. The other hand splayed against his back as it slid down until it closed around Camden’s ass and Blake pulled him hard against him. Camden moaned into Blake’s mouth and his hand pressed firmly against his back. Blake growled in approval as he started to rock his hips steadily against Camden.

“Please, Blake.” Camden’s voice was hoarse and urgent. Blake shook his head, letting his lips slide against Camden’s.

“Not yet.” He breathed.

There was a soft knock at the door and Blake was across the room, reclining with his book a second later.

“Enter.” Camden barked as he pulled a ledger from the shelf. He kept his back to the door as Jeffers opened it, bearing a tray with coffee and pastries.

“I took the liberty, Your Grace. You skipped breakfast.” Jeffers said as he set the tray on the low table. “And the mail.” The butler said softly as he placed a pile of letters on Camden’s desk.

“Thank you, Jeffers. That will be all.” Camden mumbled as he turned a page in the ledger. The butler bowed and left the room.

When Camden turned, he was once again his usual aloof self as he crossed the room and took his seat by the sofa. Blake clenched his jaw to keep from smiling as he poured himself a cup of coffee. Camden ignored the pastries and sat back with his coffee. His eyes remained in his cup and Blake narrowed his eyes as he tried to read Camden.

“Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?” Blake asked casually. Camden took a sip of his coffee and shrugged.

“Aside from suffering a pointless erection?” Camden grumbled. He jerked his head toward his desk. “I suppose I’ll read those letters and then respond to them. After that, I’ll probably look through some crop reports. Maybe read a little. Herodotus, possibly.” He lifted his cup again and drank. Blake rolled his eyes as he stood.

“Very Greek and very appropriate.” He teased. “I’m going to change. I’m in the mood for a hard ride and I think my horse would be a more pleasant companion. He hasn’t bit me in ages.” Blake said as he strode from the room.

Guess what day it is? Sexual Euphamish For The Middle Of The Week Day!

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