8,000 Downloads and a little Fun for your Friday!

This whole thing started as a lark. Mostly, I wanted to make my husband blush like a little girl and just get into the habit of writing anything. But, it’s turned into something completely lovely and lots of fun. Last night I reached 8,000 Downloads. Seriously. I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face. I’m sure that’s a drop in the bucket for a lot of authors. To me, it’s staggering. I love every person that’s carrying my words with them for taking a chance on me.

For the sake of fun and Loooove, here’s a sample of what I’m working on right now. It always starts with a vignette. This is where Camden and Blake began:

**Warning: Gay Sex, Language, Alcohol Consumption, blah, blah, blah…**

“Is it just footmen, or do you like men of all ranks?” Camden asked as Blake leaned to make his shot. He missed. Blake cleared his throat as he stood and slowly turned.

“What are you talking about?” Blake’s voice was tight and low. Camden attempted his most rakish smile but his heart was out of control and in his ears.

“Don’t worry, I certainly won’t tell anyone.” Camden was relieved at how smooth that sounded. Blake’s eyes narrowed as he assessed Camden and his head tilted to the side.

“You’re not actually interested in fraudulent schemes, are you?” He asked as he came around the table. Camden shook his head.

“At the moment, no.” He lifted his glass to his lips as Blake drew closer.

“And the hunting?” Blake leaned against the table next to him. Camden snorted.

“I honestly couldn’t give a damn.” He drained his glass and set it aside as Blake crossed his arms over his chest and studied Camden.

“So, you invited me here for a dalliance?” He asked and Camden resisted the urge to tug at his cravat. This was the reason he had never dared to flirt. This moment. If he’d read everything wrong and Blake was just setting him up, this admission would be damning. But all of Camden’s instincts told him Blake wasn’t the sort of man that enjoyed ruining people, he wasn’t cruel or petty.

“Yes.” He held his breath and waited. Blake nodded his head.

“Good.” Blake’s hand reached and closed around Camden’s neck.

He pulled Camden to him as he angled his head. Their lips collided and slid against each other as Blake leaned into him. Heat spilled through Camden and his lips opened on a gasp. Blake’s tongue surged in and found his. Camden was lost, the feeling of another body, solid and warm pressed against his and fingers touching his skin… He felt dizzy, almost intoxicated. His brain had left him and everything in his body was screaming with need. His tongue twisted with Blake’s and searched his mouth. Blake tasted like scotch and mint and something that made Camden desperate, he needed to know what it was and where he could find more. The erection he’d been carrying for two days throbbed painfully, Camden felt it pulling him closer to Blake and he raised his head.

“Will you come to my room tonight?” He had to whisper the words against Blake’s lips, he was loath to leave them. Blake’s eyes flicked to the ceiling as he considered before he shook his head. Camden almost groaned in disappointment as Blake stepped back and leaned against the table again.

“No, I don’t think I will. I’d like to give it a few days.” He said as his eyes swept over Camden’s face. Camden’s brows pulled together as he frowned. Is he teasing me?

“Why?” Camden couldn’t stop his voice from sounding too deep and hard. Blake smiled as he pushed from the table and went around it. He picked up his drink and took a long sip as he watched Camden.

“Footmen are great for a quick fuck. I want more than that from you, Camden.” He said as he picked up the cue and leaned over the table again.

“More?” Camden gripped the table and waited for Blake to look at him, to explain. Once again, his heart was deafening. A quick fuck sounds delightful. Couldn’t we start there and see about “more” later? He wondered as Blake’s eyes finally met his.

“All I’d have to do is go outside and smoke a few times. That sweet, young footman would come to me as soon as he could slip away. We’d find some dark corner in the garden or the stables and he’d suck on my cock for a few minutes before he let me take him. It would last all of fifteen or twenty minutes before he had to sneak back into the house. Then, depending on how long I stayed, it would happen a few more times, whenever he could get away from his duties.” Blake’s voice was smooth and low and his eyes stayed on Camden’s until he took his shot. Camden could picture it all and it made him so hard, he was afraid he’s spill in his trousers if he bumped into the table.

“It sounds as if you’ve done that more than a few times.” Camden whispered. He wasn’t really capable of more. Blake grinned and shook his head.

“No, just a few. As satisfying as all of that sounds, it isn’t. I’ve never had the time or opportunity to do much beyond that.” Blake stood and looked at him expectantly. Camden remembered they were meant to be playing a game. He picked up his cue and circled the table as he tried to recall how to play.

“We have time tonight.” He said as he stopped next to Blake and bent to take the shot. Blake laughed softly.

“Yes, but I think you imagined that you’d tell me you knew my secret and I’d let you have your way with me because you’re unbearably handsome and powerful. That I’d just bend over and beg you to take me while we were playing billiards because you’re used to getting whatever you want.”  Blake’s eyes were teasing, and for a moment, Camden considered begging. Blake was completely wrong and had no idea what effect his words had. Camden couldn’t breathe as his entire body clenched with raw, furious desire. When it settled, he managed to pull off a nonchalant shrug.

“Perhaps.” He mumbled as he leaned on the table. Blake winked as he stepped close. Their chests nearly touched and he let his head tilt close.

“You would be right, if I were a footman.” He said softly as he let his cheek brush against Camden’s. “I’m not going to let you use me, Camden. Not at first. I want to take my time and try all of the things I’ve only been able to imagine doing. And I think I’d like to hear you beg.” Blake stepped past him, letting their shoulders brush. He set his cue down and left the room.

Camden stumbled back and fell into the nearest chair. His hand shook as he rubbed it across his mouth and he swore softly. He wasn’t sure what would happen next but something was going to happen soon. With Blake. Camden could only stare in shock. He’d done it. Somehow, he’d done it.

8,000 Downloads and a little Fun for your Friday!

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