Claimed By Chaos is FREE!!! On Amazon!

Of the three in this series, this is my favorite. It’s been hit or miss with reviewers, mostly because of Alastair. God, I love him. Everyone loved him. So much so, some people might have been happier if I’d made him gay. Which was a thing for a while on Twitter. How does a socially awkward, non romantic genius with sensory issues translate to gay? It was baffling. Some people were REALLY upset with who he ended up with. This book has everything though; a hero that’s a high functioning Aspie, a heroine that’s kind of a psychopath, poop decks, chocolate, binge drinking… And naughty stuff.

But that “what if” with Alastair brought about K. Sterling. I couldn’t get away from the idea of a gay character kind of like Alastair and someone adorable for him. Ash ended up being very different and I love how that worked out. And I’m so happy with how Alastair’s story evolved but sad that The Spencers are over. For now.

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I’m only including a small excerpt here. I’ve already posted a bunch from Claimed By Chaos and I’m running out of “Safe” stuff! Anyways:

“You never take your clothes off!” Giselle pouted as she stretched across the bed on her stomach. “And I’m always naked.” Alastair let his head fall to the side as he appreciated her nakedness. He sat on the bed next to her and leaned down to remove his shoes and stockings. After, he rested on his elbow and ran his hand down her back from her shoulders to her derrière.

“Yes. But you enjoy being naked. I do not.” He twisted so that he was over her and pressed his lips to the small of her back. It was warm and smooth and his mouth glided, unbidden towards her bottom. Giselle moaned softly and Alastair felt his erection throb. He reached the cleft and let his tongue trace between the firm globes until his hair tickled the backs of her thighs and she giggled. He smiled as he made a mental note to remember how sensitive she was there. Alastair sat up and collected his shoes and stockings before he rose from the bed. He placed them by the chair and unbuttoned his coat and slipped it off. He hung it on the chair and then removed his waistcoat and cravat.

Giselle rolled onto her back and stretched her arms above her head and draped them over the pillows. For a moment, Alastair forgot to breath.

“You are indescribably beautiful.” He whispered as he approached the bed. Giselle licked her lips as her eyes drifted over him. Alastair felt his body tighten as he put his knee on the bed.

“You’re beautiful without your clothes too.” She purred as she extended her foot and pressed it against his stomach. She gracefully slid it up to his chest. Alastair watched as it started to slowly slide down his body.

Claimed By Chaos is FREE!!! On Amazon!

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