Happy Valentines, Saucy Readers!

I’m so loved up! Mr. Bawdy Book Writer was very sweet to me. 10998413_10153603274971038_4432646362908632002_n 10993442_10153603310116038_7370064595482146577_n Needless to say, I’m feeling quite lovely. I can’t feel my face, y’all. But it’s good. Write drunk, edit sober. Normally, I would try to push one of my books on you. Not today, people. If you’ve got someone to love upon, do so now. If you don’t, I love you and would then encourage you to settle in with any book and the beverage of your choice. Then, I could definitely suggest a few… Wherever you are and however you’re spending this day, love yourself first. And try to love Love, in all it’s lovely forms. If you love boys loving girls: Saved By A Siren, Wicked And Wild and Claimed By Chaos are all naughty fun. If you love boys loving boys: Waiting For Mr. Ashwell is adorable. I’m working on TWO books right now! Well, not so much today. Mostly puttering about, giggling, drinking, cooking and the occasional tapping at the keys.

Oh, oh, oh! I got mah heerr did. It’s very pink but it makes everyone smile and I feel super Saucy! It’s very Valentine-ie… I think.


Happy Valentines, Saucy Readers!

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