Claimed By Chaos- Asperger’s, Poop Decks, Sex and Spies.

It’s done, Saucy Readers! Alastair’s story is told and I keep flip flopping, back and forth between relief and anxiety. There’s a little nausea and snot but that’s a whole different story… Claimed By Chaos is in review on Amazon and as soon as it’s live, I’ll be obnoxiously throwing links all over the place. Then, I’ll sleep. For dayz.

I’m keeping my lips sealed about the heroine. Giselle is supposed to be a bit of a secret. I’ll share that I listened to Elastic Heart by Sia a lot when I was writing her. And she could be a legit psychopath.

Alastair… Has there been a high functioning Asperger’s romantic hero with a sensory disorder before? Probably, nothing is new anymore. But, he was very new for me. I had so much fun with him. And he made me cry. And the tingles. Lots of tingles. His theme song: Demons by Imagine Dragons. In case you’re keeping track of my Character Playlist.

I also went back and re-edited Saved By A Siren and Wicked And Wild. Honestly, I was kind of sad when I reread Siren. I’ve definitely warmed up and have settled into a stronger voice. And I’ve had a technology upgrade. I wrote the first two on an iPad 2, Claimed By Chaos was written on a MacBook Pro. I decided to get serious, folks. Tip: NEVER write a book on an iPad, if you can avoid it. Needless to say, I’m geeked about the quality of all three books now.

When I sat down to write Alastair’s story, I didn’t think I’d be as into it. I already loved him but I had a lot of problems with her. She didn’t make sense to me until about half way through and I had to go back and fill her in. And I was still stuck on Mirabelle and Lucien. I think I could write a whole series just about those two. Why? Lucien is Mr. Bawdy Book Writer. Mr. Bawdy Book Writer thinks Mirabelle is me, but she’s not. Well, maybe a little… I’m kind of a pain in the ass. But she’s just so easy for me to write, and she’s so fun! Both play a big part in Alastair’s story.

In the end, Claimed By Chaos is much more personal for me. The Bawdy Book Writer’s oldest baby has severe autism. So, I get to share my voice with Maman for a moment. I also got to use some of the research I’ve done on developmental and sensory disorders. But just a little, this isn’t that sort of book. In the end, it’s still supposed to be a lot of fun and a lot of naughty. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but The Bawdy Book Writer used to be in Military Intelligence. God, that was a lifetime ago. Literally, I’ve made three people since then. There’s a hint of that in there as well. Again, it’s not a thriller/action novel, so I tried not to overdo the spy/investigation theme.

For those that complained that there’s too much sex in the first two books, suck it. This one’s even “worse”. At the end of the day, I started this for readers like me. Readers who don’t want characters that beat around the bush and hem and haw. I swore I’d keep the flowery euphemisms to a minimum and try to make my husband blush when he proofreads. I also wanted to write books that were smart and funny. For the pervs that have actually read Faust and Herodotus. And those with inner 12 year olds that giggle when they read the words “poop deck”. I went there, guys. Checked it off mah bucket list.

I’m anxious to see if the ending goes over well, I made some choices that I think will put some noses out of joint. But it’s done. I’m already working on Book 4 in my head and will probably start writing next week. Baby #3 has a sleepover this weekend and I have lots of Gin And Tonics to consume as soon as I ditch this flu/ebola thing.

I’m a little sad. I’ve closed the book on The Spencers. For now. I’m kicking around the idea of the boys in Burton Place, but that will have to wait. I’m pondering Eric Yardley, Lord Gasden. If Alastair thinks he’s “uptight and conservative”, he’s probably due for a bit of upheaval. As he’s an acquaintance of the Spencer’s, they may pop up now and then… Because, I can’t help myself.

Claimed By Chaos- Asperger’s, Poop Decks, Sex and Spies.

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