Alastair in Action

Alastair found a footpath and turned, towing her along. The path became narrow until it opened into a small clearing. In the shade of an ancient tree hung a swing. Giselle felt tears sting her eyes and her breath caught in her throat. Alastair released her hand and went to the swing. He stood behind it and held the ropes as he waited for her. “Mademoiselle.” His voice was low and sensual.

Giselle felt as if she was being pulled toward him, her feet carried her without any thought as his eyes held hers. She stopped before him and leaned between the ropes and brushed her lips against his. She let her lips cling to his for a moment before she turned and sat. Alastair gripped her waist and pulled her back until she rested against his chest. His arm slid around her and his lips pressed against the hollow beneath her ear. He was so solid behind her, his arm so strong as it wrapped around her, Giselle felt small and delicate. She let her head fall to the side so he could explore her neck with his mouth. His teeth grazed her skin and he laved the spot where her pulse beat. Goosebumps spilled down her arms and she moaned softly. Alastair stepped back, pulling her feet further from the ground and let go. Giselle floated through the air and his hand pushed gently against her bottom when she returned to him. She swung easily back and forth for a few minutes before he caught her against his chest again. This time, his teeth nipped the corner of her shoulder as his hand curved around her ribs and slid to cup her breast. Giselle shut her eyes and gasped as he squeezed. Alastair’s tongue traveled up her neck until it found her ear. His fingers closed around her nipple, through her gown and his teeth teased her ear lobe. She shivered and whispered his name as he rolled his fingers around the pebbled peak. She could feel his erection pressing against her bottom and heat exploded between her thighs. He lifted his head and released her and she glided though the air again.

Dizzy and panting, Giselle gripped the ropes and tried to breathe as his hand stroked her back and bottom every time he pushed her forward. Every time she swung back toward him, she held her breath, waiting for him to stop her. Alastair pushed her, teasing her backside as she swung higher and higher. After several minutes, his arms closed around her and she was suspended against him. He was so taut and hard behind her, heat and hunger poured from him. Giselle let her head fall back as his lips fell. She opened for him and his tongue danced against hers. One hand curved around her breast as the other slid around her hip and dipped between her legs. Alastair angled his head and took their kiss deeper. Giselle moaned softly as she parted her thighs. His hand cupped her through her gown before it slid away. She started to protest before she felt the fabric of her skirts sliding up her legs until his hand closed around her thigh and traveled upwards. Anticipation rushed through her as his tongue continued to thrust against hers. Giselle felt his fingers brush against her curls and she leaned back. Alastair groaned as his fingers parted her and slid into her slick entrance. The hand around her breast tightened and his thumb stroked her nipple. She pulled her lips from his and struggled for air as she felt his fingers stroking within her.

“You taste divine. You were still on my lips and tongue this morning. I couldn’t come down to breakfast. All I wanted was to lose myself between your thighs, to feast on your sweet juices.” Giselle felt his words against her ear and her nerves began to coil and tighten. She tensed and hung on to the ropes as his fingers pressed deeper and he squeezed her nipple. His thumb stroked the sensitive spot within her folds and she shook her head as the pressure within her built and her body began to shake. “Why do you do that, darling? Why do you fight off your release?” Giselle shut her eyes tight and saw lights and colors and felt lightheaded. “Breathe, my love. Let it happen.” He whispered. Giselle gasped for air and her nerves exploded. Alastair held her tight against him as she flew apart. He kissed her neck gently as she melted against him. She felt his heart pounding against her back as his erection pressed against her bottom. Giselle turned her face to his and saw that his jaw twitched and his eyes were closed.

Alastair in Action

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