An unpleasant surprise…


I’ve mentioned that I’m a slave to the unit and royalty charts, haven’t I? Not because I’m in it for the money. Ha! It’s just mind boggling that almost 5,000 people have words that I have written on their devices and many are reading them. Most of those 5,000 downloads were free, so I’m sure that helped. A lot. But, still! I’m in yo pocket and on yo iPad!

When you know that that many people are potentially reading your book, you check for reviews about every two minutes. Despite all the downloads, I’d only received nine reviews as of yesterday evening. It’s been kind of like torture. Fortunately, all the reviews were wonderful. I’ve read each a milliondy times and know the names of each person that wrote them. It was all just the loveliest love fest ever.

It all ended last night. Jean Lomax left a rather scaring review. I wish I hadn’t checked it right before I went to bed. I tossed and turned most of the night, arguing with Jean. Things started out bitter but eventually, I tried to reason with her. In the end, I decided that she just wasn’t a reasonable person. Mr. Bawdy Book Writer said all the standard words of encouragement and was very sweet. He tried to make me see that getting a bad review was actually a good thing. I’d like to say that I’m thankful for Jean and that she taught me a valuable lesson, but I won’t. She’s a twat. I’m moving on and getting back to work. I have like four solid fans and I’ll write just for them. And myself.


An unpleasant surprise…

4 thoughts on “An unpleasant surprise…

  1. C.P. Funaro says:

    Happy Holidays…. Is there any way to receive an e-mail announcing when your 3rd book is available? I can’t wait to read about Alastair’s story!!!! I have enjoyed your stories immensely and will leave the proper “glowing” reviews for each one.


  2. Thank you so much, C.P.! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday. I’ve been really busy on the third book and hiding out with the family but I’m so glad I checked in with the blog. I appreciate your encouragement and am so glad you’re enjoying the books. I’ll start researching an email list but I’ll definitely start posting samples of book 3 and updates about the release here on the blog and on Twitter. I’ve been taking a break to enjoy time with my Bawdy barbarians but I sneak back to the book now and then. I know I’ll have a lot to share next week and will get right back to writing “full time”. If you do find the time, leave reviews! I absolutely live for them and it helps other readers see my books. The support of readers like you has been a wonderful gift and I really think about you all when I’m writing. I hope this New Year brings you so much joy and good health!


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