A new book and a new name!


I’ve been MIA lately, pretend you’ve noticed. I’ve been working hard, like an elf. If Santa had a saucy bodice ripper department and day drinking elves… Anyways, The Bawdy Book Writer’s little ones have Winter Break and she’s doing her best to get a lot done so she can build blanket tents, have Harry Potter marathons and gorge on cookies with them. Some of you saucy readers may recall that I planned to finish the second book (Wicked and Wild- FREE Thursday and Friday on Amazon!) and take a break from writing until after the holidays. Is there a really dark, hot male equivalent for a muse? There should be. But I’ve been gripped by one and am more than 25,000 words into the third book. It’s going to be hard to stop for two weeks but it’s probably healthy.

Some of you may also have noticed that I’ve given myself a nom de plume. Abigail Graves is my new super secret identity. It took a few very frustrating days to get both books listed correctly, it better be worth it. I was still stubborn about changing it but I figured I could always go back to being just The Bawdy Book Writer if I felt like the new name wasn’t helping. I’m not a fan of the name, if I’m honest. Mr. Bawdy Book Writer made an argument for a nom de guerre as we were having one of our middle of the night rambles and I decided to just do it. If he could think of a name, I’d do it. Let’s hope he’s right and that Abigail Graves isn’t the name of a girl he had a crush on in high school.

I’m having some serious challenges with this third book. How dark can I go? I’d like to think that I’m becoming known for witty, humorous characters. Alastair is witty but he’s not big on sarcasm or teasing. He’s seen and done a lot and he ain’t got time fo dat. I’ve built some dark moments into the story as well. I’ve scrapped some sections because I was afraid they were too much of a departure from the mood I’ve created in the first two books.

I’m also struggling with physics and ballistics. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it in the past, but The Bawdy Book Writer was a soldier before she became a mommy and a writer. I’ve also taken college courses on warfare and the French Revolution, so I’m painfully aware of the limitations of a flintlock pistol and the musket ball. How much reality can I suspend for the sake of entertainment? I never want a reader to think I am underestimating their intelligence or appear careless. I spend way too much time on research.

Finally, I’m still stuck on music. It may seem like a silly thing but I needs it! If I can find a song that fits the mood of a character, they flow easier. Or I need a song that suits my hero and heroine as a pair. If they were modern, what would the soundtrack of their sex be? “Chandelier” by Sia works well for Alastair’s love interest. I just haven’t found something for him or the two of them together. Lucien and Mirabelle were very much “Cosmic Love” by Florence and the Machine and he was “Holocene” by Bon Iver when he was alone in his self created hell. Elise’s anthem was “Be Still” by The Killers. It’s nerdy but it works for me. One day, I’ll make you a mix tape.

A new book and a new name!

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