I’ve been pondering passion. You’re all well aware of the fact that I have a passion for writing and bawdy, bawdy things. But I have other passions and depths as well.

1. As it’s Thanksgiving Part Dos in The Bawdy Household, my passion for stuffing is being expressed. So. Much. Stuffing. And I’m the only one that eats it, really. It’s kind of a habit/tradition. My dad always made an extra pan of stuffing because it was my favorite. I’m an Army brat that went into the Army and married an Army fellow, so I don’t get to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. I haven’t since Bawdy Offspring #2 was a wee bairn. When I began doing Thanksgiving for my Bawdy clan, I had to make extra stuffing. No matter what. The extra pans are in honor of my parents. But I still eat them, eventually.

2. I’m a bit of a lush. I could make you the sexiest Gin and Tonic you’ve ever had. When my daughter began middle school, one of her teachers sent home an essay assignment for parents. It was a very trite “Describe your child in a million words…” Nonsense. I began with directions for a Hendricks Gin and Tonic. Because that’s what she is to me. Crisp, simple and perfect. And always necessary. Also, I buy wine in bulk. While I appreciate good wine, I have to consider the volume of my habit. I haven’t sold any books yet, people. Help me afford better wine. Please.

3. Mr. Bawdy Book Writer. Every hero I write is a little bit of him.

4. More than anything, my little people are my passion. The Bawdy Book Writer has three of them. They are 8, 12 and 13. I left the grown up world approximately 12 years ago to be the full time Bawdy Mommy. Bawdy Offspring #1 has severe autism and I’ve spent the last three years homeschooling my little heartthrob. I’ve attempted a parenting book but it has yet to attract interest. Here’s the gist: Have a signature cocktail (again, Gin and Tonics. Mr. Bawdy Book Writer favors Old Fashioneds). Listen to a hell of a lot of Queen. Laugh at everything. Whatever. Ruin your children on your own.


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