Guess what day it is? Sexual Euphamish For The Middle Of The Week Day!

Gilles sighed her name as the meadow slipped away and he felt the bed beneath him. His arms were full of lush curves, soft flowing hair and pleading moans. The fog of sleep lifted and his brain registered that Elise was in fact in his arms. She wore a silk night gown and her hair was a riot between them. His lips rested against her throat and her breasts filled his hands. She writhed beneath him and her thighs cradled his. Dear God, he’d practically mounted her in his sleep.
“You’re here.” Gilles breathed against her skin, her evocative scent saturated his senses.
“I tried to stay away but you were in so much pain.” Her hands clasped his head against her.
Gilles let his lips glide down her neck and chest until he felt the swell of her breasts. He lightly bit the soft flesh.
“Careful.” Elise sighed. “Anna found a mark.”
“Did she? I must have been out of my mind to have been so careless. I forget everything when I’m touching you.”
Gilles’ hands glided up her thighs and she parted for him. His mouth found her nipple through the thin silk and he drew her in. He let his teeth graze the hardened peak through the fabric. Elise moaned and his cock throbbed painfully. It was going to be a trying night.
Gilles’ hands continued their path, pushing the fabric higher as he drew closer to the apex of her thighs. He used his teeth to pull her nightgown lower and groaned as her breast was bared to his lips. His lips seemed to act on their own, devouring the pebbled peak, suckling a bit too hard, forcing a shriek from Elise.
Gilles forced himself to slow down, gently suckling against her flesh as his thumbs glided upwards, finally encountering damp folds. Elise gasped and bucked against him. He flicked his tongue against her nipple as his thumbs divided her swollen flesh. The musky aroma of her drifted up to him and his mouth watered. Gilles lifted his head and dove for her other breast. He slipped a finger into her and hissed at the scalding tightness of her core. Elise threw her head back and cried out as he penetrated her. Her leg wrapped around his thigh and she tilted upwards, welcoming his probing finger.

Guess what day it is? Sexual Euphamish For The Middle Of The Week Day!

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