It was a dark and stormy night…

It wasn’t, unless you consider the climate inside my brain. Do you know what keeps me up at night? Probably not. Aside from Mr. Bawdy Book Writer being the human chainsaw, thrashing and snoring and grinding his teeth, it’s anachronisms and accuracy. I spent a day reading a publication from the 1900’s on coaches and carriages before I decided I was getting too wrapped around the axel (see what I did there?) and went with “Get the coach, Fred!”. How much is too much? When is it better to let the reader simply fill in the details with their imagination? I’ve never wanted to punch myself in the throat more than when I saw that I’d used “Are you ok?”. This is what comes from writing drunk and editing sober.

I had a very dark moment yesterday when I realized that I made a very stupid grammar error, multiple times, through the whole book. I love my book, but I hope I never have to read it again. I know I’ve made a lot of grammar and punctuation errors, but I can’t know about one and leave it. So, yesterday was devoted to scouring the book, line by line, looking for that error. If you don’t read this book, I’ll gnaw through my wrists. I swear.

Then, there’s the title conundrum. Is this something that every author deals with? I’m supposed to be working on cover art and I don’t have a title! Mr. Bawdy Book Writer thinks I’m ridiculous. “Just go with something like Tawny Lust Inferno and call it a day.” In that moment, he does not complete me.

It was a dark and stormy night…

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