This is happening, Saucy Readers!

I’ve finally finished my first manuscript and am getting it ready to publish through Amazon! It’s a little terrifying and a lot exciting. I haven’t made my life easier (I’m wired defectively and without a kill switch) by starting work on a second book while obsessively thinking about the third. In usual “Me” style, I don’t have a title yet. Everything sounds a little too cheesy. Which is nuts coming from an author of Historical Romance novels, right? Let’s move past that, please? I’ll have one soon. Promise.
It also shouldn’t surprise you that I’ve decided to kick all this off right before Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, by the way! I’ll be in manic mode, making everything from scratch and finalizing the format for epublishing. Just ridiculous.
You might be wondering why I’m not going the traditional route with publishing, or you might not… But, pretend you are. Aside from a heap of impatience on my behalf, I couldn’t cut enough away for some of the bigger publishing house’s submission requirements. Imagine: you give birth to a baby with twelve fingers. Could you pick which fingers to cut off? Could you wield the knife? No. You’re just going to put mittens on that sad little monster and send him to school. Maybe, it’s just me…
My first book will be the beginning of a three part series I’m tentatively calling “Spencers in Love”. This is where the title headaches start. It needs to be something that can work with the next two books. That’s more forward thinking than I’m generally equipped to do. If you’ve got any ideas or know some mathematical formula to solve this, do share!
While I don’t want to give away too much of the first book, I do want you to get a feel for it and maybe hang out a bit. So, imagine this tired, heroic, really hot guy returns from six years as a spy in France. Napoleon is defeated and all he wants is to return to his old life and put the war behind him. Unfortunately, he’s a bit damaged. He suffered a traumatic loss and blames himself. To make matters worse, he’s inherited a title and responsibilities that he just doesn’t need or want. He was already well off and thoroughly eligible. It’s just a bad situation all around. Deciding a little peace and quiet will do him some good, he heads to his new country estate to recuperate.
Residing in said estate is the beautiful young widow of our hero’s predecessor. She’s so very, very lovely and blind. She’s lived most of her life there, in seclusion, with no one but a very elderly husband and a loving staff for company. Despite being blind, she’s extremely independent and talented. And she’s had years to imagine what it would be like if she really had someone to pass the lonely hours with.
It only takes a moment for him to decide that she’s his. He’s determined to prove to her that she deserves to be loved and is the only woman he could ever marry. It only takes a moment for her to decide that she wants him. She’s determined to bypass his honor and explore all that is possible between a man and a woman, to experience all the passion that’s been denied to her until he came into her life.
I hope you’re as in to this as I am! I’m really pleased with how everything turned out and can’t wait to share it all with you! I’ll post little excerpts so you can get a peek at our characters and I’m hoping you’ll want to read the whole thing once it’s available. I’d love your feedback as well!

This is happening, Saucy Readers!

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