It’s Monday… Let’s start at a good spot.

Elise let out a soft gasp as her hand touched the velvet.
“Oh, how soft!” She raised her other hand and to his chest and ran her palm downward. Gilles hissed and pulled her towards the nearest door.
“What? Where are we going?” Elise asked, confusion filling her voice. “What happened?”
“I have some questions about this room.” Gilles ground out as he tugged her through the door.
“What room is this?” Elise’s fingers snapped quickly as she pressed against him to keep from bumping into anything.
“I don’t care.” Gilles whispered as he backed her against a wall.
He took her face in his hands and claimed her mouth. Elise opened for him instantly and he growled in approval as she sent her hands sliding up his chest, under his coat. His fingers skated down her neck and traced her collarbone. She arched her back and thrust her chest forward, begging him to continue.
“Christ!” Gilles swore as he pulled away from her lips and watched his shaking fingers caress the swells of her breasts. Her skin felt like silk but as he traced along the edge of her bodice she shuddered and goosebumps spread along the creamy expanse. He’d never held a woman this responsive, this sensual in his arms. He’d never been so close to losing control. Gilles cupped Elise’s breasts and let his thumbs graze her nipples through the fabric. She moaned softly and her hips rocked against him. He took her mouth again and their tongues tangled wildly. Her hands clutched at his waistcoat as she tried to pull him closer. He set his lips to her neck and laved the spot under her ear and was about to lift her so that he could feast on her breasts when reality intruded. Gilles swore again and stepped back.
Elise whined and pulled him back to her. He took her lips briefly and as he withdrew hers clung.
“Don’t stop!” She begged, her lips pushed out to pout and he almost gave in.
“Dinner, love. We have to go.”
“I’m not hungry.” She whispered as she reached for his face.
Gilles let her pull him down and tasted her once more.
“Holderson will look for us if we don’t appear soon.” He groaned against her lips as she grazed the nape of his neck with her nails.
With that Elise released him. Gilles stepped back and looked her over. It was dark but her dress seemed in place and her hair wasn’t mussed. He tugged on his waistcoat and jacket. There was little he could do about the front of his breeches. He took her arm and led her from the room. In the light he could see that her lips were a touch swollen and she was slightly flushed. Otherwise, everything was in order. Gilles wanted desperately to have her in disorder. Starting with that dress. He wanted to untie the gold ribbon and let her breasts spill out. He thought of pushing the silk up along the length of her legs, revealing inch by delicious inch. Gilles had to think of something else before he made a scene. He could push Holderson only so far.

It’s Monday… Let’s start at a good spot.

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