Some Better News:

Dear Pervy Reader,

I was in such a bad place yesterday but I knew I just needed to give myself some time to think and find a solution. I believe that solution is Patreon. I’m just learning about it (shut up. I’m old) and I’m already excited. In my head, it’s going to be like Pottermore but for my Perverts. There will be so much extra content beyond my usual excerpts. I’ve always wanted to share more of my inspiration pics and playlists of songs that inspire each book. Every character has his own aesthetic and mood music. The folder for Ollie is so swoon-worthy! There are insane projects I’ve wanted to develop for you but couldn’t in the Kindle format. I’d like to share Lavender’s parenting guide, complete with illustrations and “recipes”. Like Pinterest for the suburban psychopath. Pretend tweets and Instagram posts from our favorite guys? I’d love to cook recipes from my books and share them with you, along with pictures and commentary. Then, we might look at an actual cookbook for supporters around the holidays. I’ve wanted to do a fun Clue parody featuring characters from past books but didn’t feel like it would work as a normal book. It would make a brilliant serial project though. There would also be fun K. Sterling and Lake Cliff swag and I’d like to offer some “care packages” for serious Perverts. Most importantly, for $3 a month supporters will get a FREE copy of each release and I’ll continue my almost a book a month publishing pace. So, for what you’d already pay for one of my books from Amazon, you’ll get access to loads of extras. I’ll also share those new books with my Patreon supporters much earlier than my Amazon and KU readers. I’m not punishing Amazon and KU readers, I’m merely attempting to offset what I’m losing to piracy when I release books on Amazon. If you’ve ever wanted to ask me questions, you can find answers there. Want to know what Lane’s house looked like? Awesome! I’ll share the real estate listing or inspiration pics! Wonder what kind of research I did on Lavender’s weapons? I’ll write a whole blog post for you! You can ask me just about anything. I want it to be fun and completely bananas. Look for updates here and let me know if there’s something you’re interest in seeing in our Pervy wonderland. I hope you’ll join me.




Speaking of! I’ve moved all my old content to the new K. Sterling blog (totally intentionally. I didn’t goof and lose everything on the old blog) and hope you’ll join me over there if you haven’t already.

I’m here: